Fix the Broken

When God’s creation is broke He’s more than able to fix it!

This was a long day and a good day around here! A multitude of jobs got done and it more than satisfies a man when that happens. The day starts at around six AM and I don’t mean that’s when I wake up, that’s when I’m working. This morning there was frost, a soft frost on the windshields and roofs but it went away fairly fast as the sun rose. Then by this afternoon it was in the low seventies and a finer day couldn’t be had around here in my opinion. The day consisted of morning chores and then to start the cow/calf move off the calving pasture into real pastures. We separated, caught, loaded and trucked 16 pair to a pasture a bit over a mile and a half south of here. Got that done before noon and the moment we were done with that four cows decided to have calves in the calving pasture and all is well with those critters. Hauled manure this afternoon and early evening and finally decided to call it a day and come on in for the evening.Oh, and also ground two ton of feed right before supper! All in a day around here.

The countryside is really starting to green up, the rolling hills of hay turning a very healthy green that is a sight for sore winter eyes! And with the day the way it was its incredibly beautiful when a person is on a rise looking over the miles of farmscape! This past weekend was very good and we even had a chance to go loafing last evening with some very good friends and headed for a local Dairy Queen, what can I say, I like that stuff every once in a while! Plus this past weekend I watched the movie Faith Like Potatoes two times and it really struck a cord with me personally. Must be the farmer stuff! A very, very good movie in my eyes and I hope in more eyes than mine. We even have the movie borrowed out already and I pray it blesses many as time goes on! Here’s a couple of clips of the movie I found. For a short one click “here”. For the first few minutes of the movie click “here”. Funny, I’ve wrote about farmer/preachers on the Healing Waters blog for a couple of years and to see it all come true on a true story movie just swept me away! I get a funny feeling this one’s gonna stick!

So, readers of Healing Waters have read this for a couple years and I did mention it several times on Northern Farmer about farmer/preachers and I won’t beat it to death, but it is a passion for me that eats at a person and never, ever leaves. Its so very simple and I remember two years ago when I was called to go up front in church for a tithes and offering message. I was more nervous with that then the IRS tax audit a few years before although personally I will take standing in front of church any day of the week before another audit! Nervous was the word and after watching the movie I was floored because the message on the movie was the same one I spoke two years ago. About giving family and farm over to Jesus. And in that time its totally incredible what He has done. If it wasn’t for me screwing things up both in family and farm things would really be great, but a feller does have a knack for doing things his own way and paying for it afterwords. But the blessings are continuous, daily occurrences.

Sometimes a person feels like an uneducated outsider when doing what I do with the ministry end of things. Everywhere a person looks there’s preachers with years of schooling and I do feel intimidated by this. When around them I stay basically silent, figuring it’d be better for all involved. Unless of course the conversation turns to farming which it hardly ever does except for some polite chit chat. But put me in a group where there’s folks that know the land, that know farming and all its ups and down and then I can come alive! These are my people!  And of course it really gets good when there’s someone that’s just starting out, whether it being a farm or a small homestead and its almost an obligation to help them out with some safe advice!

It has all fallen together since starting this blog. It was pretty much together before hand and in fact it was on my heart to do this for the last three years but basically disobeyed the calling of doing it. Finally a few weeks ago I decided enough was enough and I’d obey the call.  The flesh side of a feller says that the number of readers would go down and that held me back for a while until I focused on the call. After two weeks of this blog being in operation I’m stunned, the count out numbers Northern Farmer and Healing Waters combined! Glory to God, I didn’t expect this! And I thank folks with all my heart for this too! And also to those that swiftly linked to this blog, I can’t thank you enough! I also did away with the ability of tracking who ever reads here because I’m sick of that ability. I just know the head count and the links is all. This has set me free to write anyways I like and to not worry about who’s there and what they think. Funny how that works!

So to sum it all up, this will be the official start of a farm ministry. Everything else is swept clean. I might not rant as much as I did years ago on Northern Farmer but the same message will still come across. I made allot of mistakes back then and am sure to do more in the future, but the focus is much clearer now. The message is about farming and ranching, (and it can all help out homesteaders too). About country folk learning more about Jesus and how to live a more abundant life in Him. To make farms and ranches and all else successful by following the Lord! Now this ain’t some modern day prosperity preaching, this is Word preaching!

The one thing I’m learning and its a rock to build up ones faith upon is the quote at the top of this post. When God’s creation is broke He’s more than able to fix it!

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  1. I’m under a bit of pressure to get more school’n. Don’t fret about the education thing. You have wisdom they don’t teach in seminaries.

  2. Thanks Dave,

    I sometimes need that, especially coming from someone like you! Means allot to me.

    God Bless!

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