Believe Him

“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.” Hebrews 13:8

 Glory to God this Sunday evening, a beautiful day in the northland, almost too beautiful, was in the 80s again and will be for one more day according to those that supposedly know. In for the evening now, was out in a pasture a little bit ago and following Sunday tradition there were some cattle out. They only get out on Sunday’s, that’s a rule around this place. But they’re in now and so am I. Went to church this morning and that’s the last time till a couple weeks from now, will be on the road next weekend preaching. Figure when I come home from that I’ll have plenty of time to get the escaped Sunday cows in again. But the season is changing, the grass is getting to the point where the cows ain’t all that happy with it anymore. Everything changes, constantly changing but the verse up above is one of those verses I hang on to when all else seems to be getting out of control. Jesus ain’t changing with man’s times, no He ain’t and that’s something a person can stand firmly on.

 Used to be years ago when a fella was just a life long church goer that there was no such thing as a Jesus that is the same as He was in the Bible. Seems like He was a “was” and someday He’d be a forever and ever, but for now it was just the same old, same old. Once heard a feller on the radio, some Christian expert, that said God doesn’t do things like in the Bible days cause nowadays we don’t need Him to do those things and instead He gave us the Bible to guide us through life nowadays. But he was persistent saying that God did not preform miracles or do things like when Jesus was in the flesh or the first apostles walked the earth. In other words, this man was preaching total unbelief in the verse up above. Yes he sure was. No wonder Christianity has fallen into such a humdrum religion.

 But one flaw in this unbeliever’s thinking. If the Bible is to guide us, how can we get guided in unbelief. If the Bible says Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever, why ain’t He now if that’s the case? In other words we are to read the Bible and be guided by it, but not to believe it. Well, that’s exactly what it boils down to! The unbelief is staggering in Christian circles today and I am so thankful that Jesus is the same today, and that He moves by faith in Him. And He always moves by faith in Him. Not just when a bored God figures He wants to make a move. Oh folks, without belief in what the Bible says the only thing a person has is dead letter religion. One might be saved, having accepted Christ, but after that leads a life almost totally apart from Him because of unbelief.

 Well, folks will say, “if its God’s will He’ll move”. That’s true, but God’s will is spelled out clearly in the bible and we are to stand on His Word. God said He will provide. How many believe that? No where does it say that maybe God will provide if He feels like it at the time or we’ve been good enough. Nope. A fella got to trust in Him. Gotta trust the “fact” that He’s the same today, in everything. He doesn’t change, His will doesn’t change, His response to our faith doesn’t change, not one bit.

 I tell you, its a whole new way of life when a person believes God, believes His Word, because that’s when heaven can invade earth, through belief, trust, faith. Believing that God is who He says He is and will do what He says He’ll do. Don’t get caught in mans fallen wisdom that says those days are over with. These are just folks that don’t hardly believe and want others to come down to their level. Believe God, only believe, and watch Him move!


Our King is Coming!

Malachi 1:11 (New International Version)

My name will be great among the nations, from the rising to the setting of the sun. In every place incense and pure offerings will be brought to my name, because my name will be great among the nations,” says the LORD Almighty.

I just sat down here this evening and looked at the calendar, a Christian one, and this was the verse that was on the picture for the month. I love that when all I have to do is look up and there’s a Bible verse right in front of my eyes. Things are settling down here the last couple of weeks with good weather returning these last few days.The snow that they hyped up last week never entered this part of the state and we’re getting to the point of everything returning to normal.The gravel roads are still hard packed with ice and a fella has to drive very careful on them but the state and county roads are really shaped up. The cow yard is in its super bumpy stage, the stage where a person almost gets thrown out of the skidsteer with all the frozen cow pies. Happens almost every year when there is absolutely no melting. Like driving through a pile of bowling balls!

Survived church yesterday, spoke there a bit, and last night had a house full of company that kept me going good! Today its back to normal, farming, and I’m happy with that! The farm is basically in cruise at the moment, nothing much being done other than chores and making some wood. Busy putting together the “Seed Sower” newsletter the last few evenings too. Coming along good as far as I’m concerned.

Boy, that verse is working into me as I write! My Name Will Be Great Among The Nations! Amen! At the risk of sounding like an American church basher I have to write what’s coming on my heart. I’m not bashing the church either, heaven forbid, I would never bash the Body of Christ, but I will sound a warning when it comes to luke warm faith, or religion without the power of God in it. I’ve really come to the conclusion that in America we think we’ve arrived when in fact we’ve barely gotten started, if that. We many times look at Christianity as an American thing, something we will teach the world. But it really isn’t working out that way at all. Not when God has anything to do with it. Now this sometimes strikes deep into a person that has been trained up thinking Christianity is something that is how the average American lives, and it can be mixed with patriotism and America can do no wrong. That God favors us more than others. I’ve heard it preached many times, that God favors us. But I ask, what god? This is not anti American, just straight fact, Biblical fact.

I won’t get into it, all that’s wrong in America. A person could say, “well if you don’t like it here, go someplace else”. That statement in itself is proof of the American religion because if a person is a Christian, a real Christian Christ is King, Amen? It doesn’t matter where in the world a person is, Christ is the believer’s King! There isn’t a convenient mixture, where a person can wink at all the corruption that goes on everywhere, and America has quickly become as corrupt as the most corrupt nations on earth the last several years. As time goes on a person is dumbed down, accepting it and working it into their man made religion and looking the other way most of the time. But if a person is a believer, it shouldn’t matter to that believer if they were one minute in America and the next minute poofed into China or some other country that is a little farther advanced then this country in outlawing Christianity.

Time is short, I believe much shorter than most think, before everything turns upside down. What should the response of the believer be. Depends what level the believer has placed themselves.It doesn’t matter if the person has been saved fifteen minutes or sixty years, in God’s eyes they are holy! Those who truly believe that Jesus Christ died and rose again, those that truly believe that Jesus Christ saved them from this world and eternal death. Those that truly believe that the things of this world are nothing compared to the Lamb that was slain for them.

Around the world God is moving, BIG! So much we don’t hear about in this country, so much. The last few weeks I’ve been researching many of the major moves of God around the world and I am amazed to say the least. I want what they are getting! From miracles that come by the thousands to huge segments of countries coming to Christ in short periods, God is on the move! I often hear that someday God is going to do something in America, I agree, but I believe with everything I have that it’ll come in a way that very few will suspect. It’ll come from the bottom, not the top. It’ll break so many rules of dead, powerless churches that many luke warm believers will be in shock when the movement picks up steam. In fact some of the most vocal enemies of God will come from dead churches.

We are quickly coming to the period in history that the witnesses in heaven wish they were born in! These will be the greatest days on earth for believers, even if they are the most perilous times. The finishing of the Book of Acts will be a time like there never was before in history! Wow Tom, what did a simple Bible verse do to you tonight? I don’t know, but this is coming out, coming out as something I believe and look forward to with all my heart. Perilous times but times that we were born for! Am I scared or nervous? Six months ago I might have been, six months ago it might have had me scared a little bit yet, wondering how to survive the times coming. Now I’m not, in fact all I can think about is proclaiming “Our King is Coming!”

In ending I just felt like putting a video on here.Its different, not from America. Its a video of the move of God in South Africa. Grassroots, farmers! And I just love the song after the first couple of minutes called “our King is Coming. Its not in English, its in Afrikaans.

I Will See the Goodness of the Lord

After a pretty cold week, this Saturday was a pleasant warm up! Sunny, not much of a breeze and in the twenties. Almost hot outside working! This past week was a real busy one for me, including today, but it looks like I can spend a couple minutes here on the old computer. Things are going very good on the farm, cattle are fat and happy, plenty of feed on hand, most of the firewood for this winter is cut, a good time to be had here for sure.

Tomorrow’s church and I have a little speaking to do in the service and will put that together a bit later this evening. No big deal, I know what I’ll be talking about already and even if I don’t get anything put together it will get done. I have many things on my heart these past couple of days but I don’t know what I’ll write about this evening. As a person can maybe tell, I’m doing what I call a warmup here. Just chatting about what’s happening lately.

Psalm 27:13-14 (New International Version)

13 I am still confident of this:
I will see the goodness of the LORD
in the land of the living.

14 Wait for the LORD;
be strong and take heart
and wait for the LORD.

Waiting for the Lord. I like those verses above, the kind that a person takes to heart. I’m not using those verses tomorrow, I just came up with them now. In Children’s Church we sometimes do an old fashioned preaching thing. Take the Bible and with a person’s eyes closed, not knowing of the Bible is right side up or upside down, open it, (still with the eyes closed), point a finger to a verse, open your eyes and see what you picked, then preach it. A pretty good exercise! I’ve read about old time farmer preachers who didn’t have much time to prepare sermons and stuff and that’s what they’d do from the pulpit. Point and preach.It might sound kinda crude but the whole Word of God is worthy of being preached at any time so I figure there ain’t nothing wrong with that. Now some high class folks might not like it but that’s their problem, not mine.

That wonderful Word of God! Better than anything else that there is. I could rephrase the above first line, “I am still confident of this; I will see the goodness of the Word in the land of the living”. Now that gets me excited! The Word, the very thing that holds the whole universe together! I know that nowadays it’s not that fashionable to declare the Word, to stand on the Word as absolute truth, to say either the Word or else the world, it’s a choice.  A choice everyone in this society has to make. The Word or the world.

These last few years I just can’t get enough of the Word. Its life itself, in a spiritually dead society the Word brings life. I almost cry when I realize how little regard folks have for the Word, and I’m talking church folk. The world doesn’t understand the Word, in fact the Bible says it’s as if though the world has scales on their eyes and the Word cannot penetrate their hearts. It sound foolish to most folks and that makes it hard sometimes trying to witness to folks. But one must understand that when we witness it isn’t for those folks, as strange as that sounds. It’s because Jesus Christ is worthy of having His Word spread. The world can take it or leave it, that’s not for the Christian to decide.

Witnessing takes on a whole new meaning when done Biblically. When spreading the Word is because Christ is worthy to have His Word spread. If we spread the Word for the folks receiving it we will burn out, and fast! For Christ alone! Then things move! This is interesting cause I just took some random Bible verses and its coming clear now. “Wait for the Lord, be strong and take heart, and wait for the Lord!” What we do today sometimes has no seeming effect on things. We wait for results and none seem to come, but the Lord is on the move when we are on the move doing His work. Be patient, keep going even when it seems like there’s nothing happening at all.

The thing I’ve learned, and I don’t know if this is just an unusual case, is that the Lord moves when we do. When the heart is willing the Lord supplies. The moment a person learns something, or has a deeper revelation in the Word, almost instantly the revelation can be applied to a situation. This I’ve seen over and over in our own case here. And it just happened a few minutes ago here. As I’m being “stretched” by the Lord almost daily there’s things He put in my heart for a while now that I have finally decided the time is right to do. To set up an evangelistic community event, something I didn’t have the know how to do until now is coming together. And to my surprise, (which it shouldn’t surprise me), things are falling right into place. All I gotta do is ask and bam! No problem!

I remember reading the book and watching the movie, “Faith Like Potatoes”, and Angus would just step out in faith when it came to ministry and the Lord provided every time. This I am seeing for myself here a half a world away! But the stepping out is never an easy thing, old self don’t like it one bit! I don’t have the foggiest idea where any of this will leed. But I’m confident that “I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living!”

What Did You Do With What I Gave You?

Its raining a little outside so I’m inside this evening with a few moments for the old computer. I tried out the silage chopper this afternoon and chopped six large loads and everything worked just fine. But I quit around four cause it was a little to wet with the rain and all. When it clears up a bit I’m ready to roll!

Last evening I was reading in my “farmer’s devotional”, a book I received back in spring written by Angus Buchan, that South African farmer/preacher who’s heart for the Lord is something I envy. A good envy too! The book is called, “A Farmer’s Year” and I mentioned it a few months back. And just because I haven’t mentioned it for a time doesn’t mean that it was thrown in my famous “pile” of books and other papers. I’ll write a quote from that book which is so special to me.

Perhaps we need to sit down today and take account of what we are actually doing and giving, not of our money, but of ourselves. God is going to ask us one question when we arrive in home in heaven: “What did you do with what I gave you?”

Yup, last evening as I was paging through the pages of that book, one of my favorites, this really spoke to me. This is the believer’s judgment that Angus is talking about. Many folks just believe that we are going to waltz into heaven being that we are saved, forgetting what the Bible repeatedly tells us about. There are parables that tell us this same thing. Many of them. God asking us, “What did you do with what I gave you?”  And face it, if a person is reading this, they are rich compared to most of the world.

But this isn’t about giving money as stated in the quote. It’s about ourselves. Its about giving our time, our very lives. Now that’s something for a farmer to chew on working all day in the field. Working in a bumper crop, worrying how I’ll get it all in. I shouldn’t be worrying and in fact I worry allot less than I did years ago. And I do hear the voice of the Holy Spirit telling me not to worry. Just do it!

OK, then let’s get on with it. The Bible says, and I’ve heard it a thousand times or more, And remember the words of the Lord Jesus, that He said, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” – Acts 20:35  But do we really believe it? Do we really live it? I know a couple of years ago I really wanted to climb the ladder in ministry, but looking back I was probably doing it for myself more than for the Lord. A while back I kinda got set free when I decided, yes, a person has to make their own decision, I decided I’m going to just follow the Lord and become a servant. In our church for example I don’t worry about if they do this or that. I have no desire to have my way of church being thee way. And a feller gets set free when that happens. When I speak in church I’m starting to understand that its to an audience of One.  I’m not worried so much what people think.Its more important to give the Word, even when a person is stumbling through it, than to worry about how this or that will make me look.

Church though is the smallest part of the whole equation. I love church, that’s for sure, but its the outside that calls me. The one thing I’ve learned in this whole process is that when one is not worried about this or that in church, God moves in ways that few church folk understand. You don’t have to look for opportunities, because they will literally pour out on you. And I mean bigtime. When folks, and that includes me, figure they’re going to make things happen in church, it very seldom happens. Why? Because it’s not in the proper order. The Bible talks allot about that too. Mainly in the gospels. To be the least is where a person wants to be, then if your called up to the head table its an honor, but trying to get a good seat at the head table can lead to some embarrassing moments when asked to step down and get where you belong.

To be a servant,not a master. Our Lord Jesus taught this over and over. Its so simple but we have such a hard time getting that into our heads. I pray that at the believer’s judgment that I can say that I gave and gave. That the seed that our Lord gave us was planted and reaped a huge harvest. And I know that God doesn’t want all the seed planted inside church. That seed He gave for us to plant and tend is for outside the walls. Farming presents a huge opportunity to spread the Gospel. To help people in many ways much of society can’t. It continues to amaze me how city folk just love the farm. I can only speak from the farming angle because that’s what I am, a farmer. But it really doesn’t matter who or what a person does. The opportunities are abundant to take what God has given us and use it for His Kingdom. And I’m not talking about selling everything a person has and giving it to the poor. I’m talking about using our over abundant resources and continually planting the Kingdom’s seeds.

Just dwelling tonight on a wet night. Getting back to the basics. Its so easy to get in a rut and not be operating in these simple basics.

The Key!

Glory to God this was a good day! Not to much work to do, the cattle were good and stayed n the fences, not a problem in the world that can’t wait till tomorrow! This evening is a time to reflect a bit at what has been done these last few months and what is to come. Things just take off when God is in command and a fella has a hard time keeping up especially when the flesh still wants to do things its own way. Last December I was reading a Christian magazine and it had a small article about the South African farmer/preacher Angus Buchan who’s character is portrayed on the movie “Faith Like Potatoes”. It caught my eye and I studied up a bit on his ministry but then had to pursue other things at the moment. This past spring I found out about the movie and rented it, then bought a copy and things have never been the same around here. After that I purchased three books written by Angus Buchan, one being a devotional written by a farmer for farmers. I love that book and plan on buying several more copies just to distribute to folks in need of such things. In his book “Faith Like Potatoes” which I purchased at the same time I learned things that settled my heart for a long time to come.

The biggest revelation I received from the book was on how they structure their ministry. Much differently than what we consider the norm in the American religion which I have some difficulty with. Now this ministry is not a church, its an evangelistic ministry. One thing stood out big to me that’s totally upside down from what we in America consider “normal”. They do not pass the collection plate. Also I looked on their ministry website, Shalom Ministries, which is near the bottom of the links on the sidebar. There is no plea for money, no paypal button, nothing. How radical can they get! Who ever heard of such a thing in America?? The ministry is supported by faith from the farm they farm! Now this is radical, very radical. But extremely biblical.

Also on the farm is a chapel for the immediate neighborhood. There are several other things the farm provides for the Lord’s work. They do receive donations here and there and doors are opened that normally would be impossible. But with 90% of all expenses paid by the farm this is still radically different than what is considered ministry in America. Now why does this strike me so? Why does this excite me so? Because they are relying on God to supply their needs to do His will! Simple and direct. Not relying on if the donations will be up for the month or year, but relying on Gods blessings and the sweat of their own brows. Is it only me or is this biblical? The freedom that this gives to do the Lord’s will is unmatched in anything the American religion has! The one thing that will send so many to hell is the fact that the American religion appears as a money hungry machine. And in many ways that’s all it has become, a far cry from the Book of Acts, a far cry from the letters of Paul.

Do we have faith to let God supply our needs, helping us with the work we do to make a living and further the Kingdom? This will take an extreme deprogramming from the American religion. I think the word that puts more fear in anyone is the word “work”. Heaven forbid that I should do something as demeaning as working a dirty job when I am serving the Lord. But work gives freedom, allot of freedom from the world’s structure that has infiltrated the church. Years ago in this country the denominations that exploded across America were ramrodded by preachers that hardly got payed at all. Evangelistic surges that changed the country’s landscape bigtime.

Evangelism therefore exploded when folks that weren’t afraid to get their hands dirty were released into the countryside, mostly at their own expense. What a concept! This should put me in the loony list even writing like this, trouble is that its true. Now when evangelism is mainly done with “paid” evangelists that travel from church to church for a set fee mostly, faith is on a severe decline. We call those folks evangelists but in all reality they are not because to put it bluntly what’s an evangelist doing in churches? Think about that for a moment. That’s the last place they should be! Was Phillip the evangelist preaching all the time in the church of Jerusalem? NO! He was out everywhere proclaiming the Word of God to the masses anywhere and everywhere! And its not that easy to convince the masses, the unsaved masses to give an offering.Its more important to proclaim the Word of God to them. Today the “evangelists” find it much more financially rewarding to “evangelize” in churches cause they do take up offerings. But the truth be told, very few people get saved in churches  in comparison to evangelizing out in the world.

So the question I ask myself is “is my faith strong enough to follow a vision like this?” Through the years I’ve seen people farming that supposedly had a call from God and they just let the farm go down the tubes. But what happens if the farm is the very bread and butter of the ministry? The farm thrives because its only purpose is to further the Kingdom of God. Its a family farm, not even a tax write off for some ministry belonging to the American religion. Instead of going down the tubes it expands to meet more needs. The cattle herds get bigger and better, the crops thrive more because of the extra care as they are being tended for the work of the Lord and supplying the needs of the Lord’s workers! Anybody getting this? As I type tonight I’m looking out the window on what looks like a fairly full moon rising over a field of 91 big round bales on the highest hill on the farm. A sight to behold! Blessings from God! This is not by any means modern prosperity preaching, this is biblical to the tee. I praise the Lord for finding these books that have confirmed so many things that were in my heart but so difficult to find in the modern day American religion based on money,money from others. I don’t believe I’m a heretic thinking this way and if I am, oh well. I’ve done worst in the past I guess! I believe I’ve found the key, the key to doing things as the Lord intends for us to do!

A Troubled Mind

A couple more days of being single and then life is back to normal!! Yee Haw! Getting quite a scrap iron pile in the kitchen with all the cans we went through this past week 🙂  Rain in the forecast and we can always use a good shot of that in this area. I was going to start cutting our beef hay today but didn’t get to it, but no worries. Besides once everyone is back home then I can just put in huge amounts of time in the field and know that there’s some good food waiting at the end if the day. Just have to worry about showering up and reading the Word before bed and that’s good enough for me! All is going great in Honduras and the calls and e-mails are coming regular now. This family, with the help and prayers of our church has opened the doors for future works in the back ways of the mountains of Honduras. I get a funny feeling this is just the beginning of life long adventures for all of us here.

I was working in the corn fields today and of course then I can dwell on things, which is something I should be able to do allot of these next few weeks in the fields, tending corn and making hay. Also I just finished up a rough outline for Sunday’s service at church and of course that was following the thoughts from out in the fields. And to no ones surprise the subject is faith, I said no surprises. A picture is worth a thousand words or so they say, well, I got three clips from the movie “Faith Like Potatoes” chosen for Sunday’s service. What can I say, if a feller has to be up there for an hour or more you gotta use everything you can! That’s me up there for an hour or more, not the length of the service which is a whole lot longer than that!

But the thing I’m thinking about along the lines of faith talk are really working on me. Now some say in the books I read you must build up your faith so there ain’t a shred of doubt. Easier said than done in my humble opinion. On the three movie clips I have chosen to help me out this Sunday I have noticed one big important thing in this true story. The main character’s mind doubted. But he obeyed God. Now I have a confession to make, my mind doubts all the time, in fact when I take a step of faith in obedience to God’s Word my mind roars at me. But when I look at the Bible as it talks about mountain moving faith it always talks about faith that’s in the heart. Cause if I’d listen to my mind I’d never get anywhere and I do believe that confuses allot of folks in their faith walk. The Bible says to believe with your heart.

In the last scene of Faith Like Potatoes, Angus is basically telling his foreman he’s sorry for probably bringing the farm down planting those potatoes in the drought, even though God told Him to in his heart. But even with that doubt in his mind he remained faithful and obedient putting in that impossible crop. I kinda knew that, even mentioning it a long time back in a tithing message at church. When I really dig into this all of a sudden having real faith is not an impossibility for me when I strip away the religion surrounding it. Yes religion, modern day religion that says you can’t ever second guess it. Well, our minds will go crazy second guessing it if your heart is still beating and your still breathing.  But as our heads are screaming at us that its all crazy a person just has to go on as crazy as it seems. As impossible as it seems. In reality, that’s faith.

Because if we believed it totally in our heads that would mean it isn’t impossible, and if it isn’t impossible where’s the faith come in? (Just some farmer theology here). When we break away from the doubts that are yelling at us up between the ears and do it anyhow, now there’s faith! And in the three scenes from the movie I have selected, this happens every time! In the Bible, looking back at some of the greatest heroes of the faith, the same thing happens. Look at Moses, look at Abraham, look at a whole lot more! They were troubled with doubt all the time. But they obeyed and Abraham is even called the father of faith! That’s because he obeyed even when his mind told him otherwise!

In the modern day religion in America I do believe we have sometimes missed it. Faith teachings are geared to make a person believe they have to get pretty well durn near perfect in their thoughts to have faith work. For myself I know that’s more than difficult, its pert near impossible. And I could feel the yoke of religious bondage starting to burden me with these teachings. For me now it boils down to “God loves those who obey Him”, even when their mind don’t want too, especially when their mind doesn’t want to, but they still go ahead and obey God even through the burden of a mind screaming at them not to. That is taking up your cross and following Jesus!

Following the Lord, even when our mind is screaming against it, sets us free from the world’s curses. And every step we take in doing so is a step up, one step higher! God wants to take care of us allot better than the job we are doing on our own! When we put that trust in Him, that trust to obey Him come thick or thin then God can move in our lives!

Finally Home

Back in the saddle here finally! This has been a busy week and as of tonight I’m home and things should get back to normal for a few days till next Wednesday evening when I again head to the Twin Cities to the airport. Since Sunday we’ve been in church every evening for special services, called end time services and I came out of that with allot more knowledge then when I went in! It’ll take a while for things like this to sink in all the way so I’ll leave it at that for now. Just had a call from my better half and my daughter also, a call coming from the country of Honduras. All is well down that way, except rumor has it that its a tad bit hot outside! Unlike here where it stays cool this year.

I now have three books by Angus Buchan, the South African evangelist, and I must say, they are great! These will remain in my personal library as long as I’m kicking on this old earth! In fact I’m going to order more for folks around this area and for who ever would benefit from them. And I do believe allot of folks could benefit from them!

I don’t know if I can get into a long post here tonight. Things to do around here after being away every evening for such a stretched out period of time. But the farm is doing well, I’m not behind with any jobs at the moment, but that’ll be changing as early as next week when I figure to start hay. Everything happens at once!

So as of tonight Bibles and other materials are being distributed in Central America by members of this family. This is not the common organized mission trip, its a private one. Just our family. An orphanage was visited yesterday too and my daughter has probably found her call in life! This is good, very good. I can only praise the Lord as I hold down the home fort. A rural campaign is forming in my heart for this area, time will tell. Every question I ever had about a farm ministry is being answered by the books I received this past week, every one. A common man can help make big changes in the world, this I’ve learned. After all these years writing about things like this its awesome to see things falling into place and God on the move!