Cast Our Cares On Him!

 For “Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.” Romans 10:13 New Living Translation

The one thing I’ve noticed, and I’ve noticed this allot traveling around to farms and ranches is the fact that most folks call themselves Christians. Fine and dandy. I’ll get the same response most of the time, “I was baptised as a baby, I’ve gone to church, I went through confirmation decades ago, so yes, I am a Christian. I ask if they think they are headin to heaven if they got hit by a car today, or gored by a herd bull, or just flat out fell dead on the spot for no apparent reason and the answer will be far less certain. Then there is some shuffling of feet, some looking down and not meeting a fella eye to eye. They don’t know.

Well, the Gospel says different than what many a church goer have been led to believe and that’s why the Gospel is called the Good News. Not the maybe news, or if you are good enough news, cause I don’t care what anyone says, the Bible says there ain’t one person on this planet right now who is good enough. Don’t matter whose family your in, what church you or some grandparent of yours attends or attended. Nothing matters except one thing, and that is if a person believes that Jesus Christ took the punishment that they, (we), deserve, and we call on Jesus to be our Lord, we are saved.

This little cowboy book tells it like it is!

My truck always has a good supply in it for handing out to folks that want one. And they can be ordered here for free by just e-mailing me. That info is on the sidebar page link called Need a Bible.

This little Bible called The Way For Cowboys is a wonder! The Good News is a wonder! Jesus said that His way is easy, His burden light. It ain’t some heavy load, its real life! He says to cast our cares on Him, not keep them for ourselves. Cast our cares on him and accept His offer for eternal life, it don’t get any better than that!


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