Calves are hitting the ground on this outfit and today was a beautiful sunny day for once and all I had to do was watch from a distance, which makes life much more enjoyable by the way. Yesterday was bull hauling day, panned up a couple old herd bulls and loaded them up in the cattle trailer, separate compartments by the way, and hauled em to the salesbarn. The trip went good, they were unloaded, the papers filled out for country of origin and away we went home again. Looks like the place has calmed down considerably since those couple of trouble making bulls went to town. No bull fights today, no bulls bellering, down right peaceful around here. Sometimes them bulls would be tempting me to go out there with the 30-30 and put an end to em but I’m glad I didn’t cause the pay wouldn’t be the same as the salesbarn check….

Just came in from a 14 hour day outside. Started the morning with frost covering everything and by afternoon there was no need for a jacket. Sure is comfortable being able to shed the arctic gear! Getting back outside working just shifts my mind into gear with some good old faith matter too! Sometimes a fella goes for hours and hours out there by himself and it really helps when the day is beautiful out! But I was thinking while loading and hauling manure, (well, when you got a few hundred head of cattle there is a side effect called hundreds of tons of manure), I was thinking about this verse from my Cowboy Bible which is always handy.

 “Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.” Romans 10:13

I kinda like that Cowboy Bible, small enough to carry around but I can still read it without reading glasses if I stretch my arms out far enough. Anyway, that verse says “anyone” and the old King James Version which I truly love says “whosoever”. Well, there’s allot of us whosoevers around and to tell the truth I always figured I would just go to hell where I belonged cause I truly couldn’t get anything out of church years ago. I’m talkin the dead letter church, all ceremony, all show. Where you first had to be good enough, which by the way, if they’d really follow that rule all the self appointed bigshots would have failed and the church could have been used for a salesbarn or a feed store or something important like that and useful.

I love the Gospel because its for someone like me. Just a country fella, with the smell of manure on him from the cattle, (especially in the wet weather we’ve had the last couple of weeks). I ain’t fancy, just love raising and running a cattle outfit. Perfectly happy in what I’m doing. I wear Wrangler jeans and shirts, both working or for anything remotely considered social. Although my social is probably a barbecue under an oak tree. Well, that’s high society, my regular social life is at the feed store or farm and ranch supply store. But Jesus didn’t hang around all that much with the bigshots of His day, He went to the feedstores, fish markets, and probably what would have been a salesbarn two thousand years ago and preached and taught the day workers amongst the noise and smells of the place. Now they say, those who know more than me, that we should be like Jesus. So then how come we get all snotty and dignified when we think we’ve arrived in the faith? Hmmm?

Would Jesus be preaching in a stiff, unloving church or would He be at the feedstores, at the co-ops, at the farms and ranches, at the rodeos and other places where the high and mighty do not hang around? My bet is that He’d be in the places that the regular folk are at. He’d be with the folks that are usually shunned by proper churches. He’d be hanging around a feller like me even! I love the Gospel, just love it. Where the regular folks can come to Jesus because He came to us first. Them Gospels in the Bible are chock full of Jesus hanging with the regular folks, the outcasts, the down and outers. And when we call on the Name of the Lord, He comes!


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  1. I shore do wish you’d get around ta writin’ somethin’ like this on Headin’ towards Home. Checkin’ the stats, folks are still a-readin’ yer story ’bout the Holy Ghost Cattle Sale…when ya gonna “Head on towards home?”

    Ok, ’nuff whinin’ this post really made me smile.

  2. I’m getting my wind back Arnie! Got knocked back pretty good these last couple of months. Hard writing cattle stuff and faith when a person is doing the work of a three year old 🙂 But every day I do things I couldn’t the week before and now that I’m getting outside I get inspired to say the least! Was checking daily to see if’n you cut me off Headin Towards Home and I see I’m still active there and I sure do thank you for it. Don’t take it the wrong way ever if I don’t write for a while cause I don’t want to write unless I know its something coming from deep inside on this blog and Headin Towards Home. I write some daily stuff on Farmer’s Journal but nothing too heavy. Dang, it sure does feel good to get back into the swing of things although I took a set back today sittin in Minneapolis most of the day. That can knock everything out of a feller for a bit 🙂
    Thanks my friend!!!

  3. Now, Tom I know you’ve been laid up, however if you think that I’d cut ya off, yer wrong, and yer not gettin’ off the hook that easy my friend. If you kin write somethin’ this good fer one blog, you kin do it fer two. I KNOW you know how to copy ‘n paste!

    And I know how ya felt sittin’ in Minneapolis, I hadda spend a week in Lima.

    Anyway, yer back on yer feet so get on the ball and post some good stuff like this at Home!

  4. You can copy and paste anything you like off of here anytime! But I’m a stewing on one of my favorite subjects, “The Gospel of Outcasts”. Glory! One of these evenings I’ll put it together and let you take a looks over. Figured I had better being you ain’t letting me off the hook 🙂

  5. Nah, like ya said, I ain’t lettin’ ya off the hook that easy, copy an’ paste is for either the owner ta do, a thief or a sissy, none of which you’ll find printed on my mailbox.

    And you can bet your new calf crop I wanna see that Gospel of Outcasts! Right up on page one of Headin’ Towards Home.

    In all seriousness (a rare state of mind fer ME!) I’m glad yer feelin’ good and yer up and about.

  6. Its lookin like a rainy spell coming the next few days and I’ll give er a shot! Guess I could’a tonight but while out disking down spread manure I got a craving for Dairy Queen and headed to town to satisfy the crave. Had to us the drive thru though, I wasn’t cleaned up yet…….

  7. Ya know, Tom, don’t know what it is about nice weather that does that, but the last few days I been craving an old fashioned A&W Root Beer float.

  8. Dang it! Those things are the best and there’s A&W places around here all over!!

  9. Long trip for me, I gotta find somethin’ close and make do…

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