Not A Normal Day

Spring is trying to appear in the north country although it has a snoot full knocking winter back in these parts. I’m still generally doing little or nothing of importance with the cattle operation here except trying to get myself laid up again. I wonder if city preachers have to dodge mad cows? I doubt it but that’s what I did today and tonight this old feller is feeling it a bit. One of them things where a person is just fooling around the place with every intention of staying out of trouble, follow the doctor’s orders like a good boy, but fate has different plans. A heifer calved today in the barn yard and a barn yard in the beginning of the melt isn’t the cleanest place in the world. The heifer was good with its calf but a little bewildered as is sometimes normal. Plus add allot of high strungness in the equation and a feller has the makins for a good wreck. With a couple inches of greasy manure on top of a foot of pack ice its the very place that old doc told me not to be. But as I said, fate was calling and I know the rules and all but there comes a time when every rule gets thrown out the window and a man has to do what has to be done. Had to get them separated from the rest of the crowd and it was a circus. That heifer could have out run a race horse but finally the calf was in a separate pen, I was at the gate and something told me to stand to the side away from the gate and that heifer came barreling through and just blew that heavy duty steel gate open. Thank the Lord I wasn’t in front of it! Tonight I’m a bit sore because of it all, all the dancing I had to do on the greasy ice, but that’ll pass in a day or two.

Yep, God is good! I look forward to getting back into the swing of things because one thing I have discovered, I ain’t good at sitting around the house. I thought I would write, get ministry things together, do all sorts of things but I soon discovered I operate best when I’m running this place at a full roar. That’s when I get inspired, that’s when I go full snort into anything. That’s when writing is easy. But even with me complaining and all that God has different plans and does keep me busy even when I don’t want to be. More and more opportunities develop daily with the future of this ministry, even when I figure there shouldn’t be anything happening because I’m cooped in the house so much. I reckon its time to get back on the road one of these days and start my rounds too. Then a fella comes alive! There’s the Word of God to spread and there’s nothing better than doing that for me!

So for tonight I’ll just take er easy, done enough rule breaking for one day.


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