Leaning On His Everlasting Arms

The week is coming to a close soon and what a week it has been. Unlike any other week I’ve ever had. Bedridden much of the time because of last Friday’s surgery. Durn, them folks almost split me in half now that I finally got a bird’s eye view of what they done did to me. No wonder I couldn’t do anything. Well, I’m progressing nicely and doing heavy duty jobs already like making coffee, (for myself), and cookin breakfast which has always been the one meal a day that I have cooked. Now when I talk breakfast I ain’t talkin about a little packet of instant oatmeal, no sir, I’m talkin bacon and hashbrowns, toast and eggs, maybe some sausage or a beef steak, and of course coffee. When I’m operating normally I need energy and this gives it to me.

But there are some advantages to sitting around all day, day after day, a fella can read some stuff he normally would never get around to. The bed is full of livestock papers and magazines, two different Bibles, a cowboy cookbook, an old Methodist hymnal, and various other items that make one wonder about my personality a bit. Amazing how nowadays I can look over the Livestock paper out of Montana, look at cattle sales results and know some of the people who did the buying, know them personally. Seen one friend who A.I.s our heifers every summer was a high buyer out in far western North Dakota a couple of weeks ago. I always like working with him, just as I do with just about anyone who loves cattle like I do. He just lives a half an  hour west of here.

And in this downtime God is working on me mightily. The last few years I’ve I’ve been focusing on just doing what ever I could to help build the Kingdom of God, some successful, some not. But the fire was always there, pushing me on to do the Lord’s work. My focus has always had a farm and ranch base, always. Sometimes when I get real busy doing to much church work it would lose the focus so a couple of months ago I put in my notice to quit Children’s Church which I taught every Wednesday evening for five years with the plan of being able to spend more time working on farm and ranch ministry. God must think a little different than I do because the moment I retired I ended up getting set back mightily with the gut problems that had been plaguing me since around Christmas. To make a long story short, here I am recovering from going under the knife last Friday. One of the most interesting things for me has been digging into some of the old time hymns. Now I know many folks only want “modern” music nowadays or else something different than many of the old one, but when yu get right down to it some of them old ones could literally shake you with the power of the Holy Ghost! Now I’m a cattleman, I like western music, I like some of the modern church songs too, but back around Christmas when the wife and I went to see the movie True Grit on a Monday evening I durn near shook with the way that movie was made. The Christian hymns in it were unreal and such a good movie to boot. This week I was self examining myself, you know, I like cowboy church and all of that, (I really do), but I wondered about myself, do I just want to go that direction. Well, I like that direction but the thoughts kept coming to me to have an old time hymn thrown in the every once in a while too. I mean if they could make one of the best westerns ever made and have them old hymns in there that literally added bunches to the movie why not farm and ranch ministry.

I’m hoping to hit the road by later next week, when I should be feeling a little more up and up. I am looking forward to it allot. Looking forward to man hunting again! No greater game can be found. I figure a cowboy parson is like an old time marshal or bounty hunter, going after those that Jesus wants! Getting on the trail and not letting up. It does take grit allot of the time I can tell you. This is going out where you don’t see any nice church building. This is going out to those that are shunned by normal church folks live. Kinda going out to no man’s land in a way. That’s where I come alive! Can consider it the same as heading out to outlaw territory. I know it might sound a little funny, but in reality this is exactly what it is!

So I’ll close tonight, don’t want to over do it and had better go and lay back down for a bit. Getting ready for what God has called me to do, arming myself more and more as God knocks me down for a bit to get me straightened out!

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