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They’re talking like the warm spell is ending for now, which is no surprise in the north country. But now even the lows are forecasted higher than the highs were a few short weeks ago. Time is marching on, winter might still put up a mighty fight but it will lose sooner or later and spring will take hold. Today the water was running all over the place but by tomorrow the water will be solid like a rock again. That’s fine with me because its easier for the cattle when the temps are mild, but its still not warm enough to get sloppy everywhere. Yesterday we sold some calves and the prices were the highest we have ever gotten in this lifetime I tell you, through the roof! Was getting more for a calf than a fat steer would have brought a few years ago. I’m praising God for this! And without this being a brag, with all the hundreds of calves coming through the ring, ours again topped the market! Them calves looked good and boy, did they have snap! The ring man had to head for cover fast! Funny how when the calves are so actioned packed, so is the bidding! So another year of keeping the sales slips for family historical purposes. I keep all these mementos through the years, just as I think I still have every cattle and ranching magazine I have ever received. Quite a pile! Now with those calves sold, that’s behind a person and now that the dust is clearing in my head I gotta start looking ahead a bit for the new year. In my terms this is the start of the new year being that the old year’s production is now sold.

There sometimes comes a time when a person looks around and sees that they are truly blessed. This was my afternoon today. In many ways it was kinda sad. Tomorrow I’m having an operation and I’ll be laid up a minimum of six weeks. I was finding extra work around the cattle just to be around them. I don’t know what I’d ever do if I couldn’t raise cattle. Just don’t know. Wanted to as a young man, and I held onto the dream for years and years. Then I bought my first 9 bred cows and I had a start. Through the years I saved every heifer that was worth saving and after a couple decades I’ve been in the top ten percent of beef producers in the United States. They’re a good herd, a reputation herd. I put allot of sweat into them, every day, year after year. I bought good bulls, I used A.I. to make my own top notch stock. Built miles of fence, built buildings and corrals. And now to have to step down for a few weeks is very hard for me.

There might be a blessing in all of this though. I’m the kind that only wants to be outdoors working with the cattle or the crops that feed them. I am terrible with business planning and heading to town to deal on supplies. After a couple of weeks I might not be able to do any labor but I can be a bigshot! Probably a good time to get the records straight around here too. Who knows, I might pick up some good habits!

“Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to your life?” Luke 12:25

I ain’t going to act like I’m some sort of a super person, no I ain’t. I find myself worrying here and there. I know its preached against. Some even say that its a sin, that we are supposed to have our faith so high that there is no such thing as worry. I’ll confess that I ain’t perfect cause I’m worrying a little bit. Sometimes there’s a thousand voices going through my head saying all sorts of things. Like recently, this week in fact when the doctors figured I had a good chance of having cancer, those voices were screaming in my head. But even as I worried I asked Jesus to take control. I said Lord I’m sorry for worrying but even with all this mess in my head I’m believing You! After the tests it was shown that I was all clear. I worry about this cattle operation when I’m down, but the Lord has given me ample help to make it through without much problem. Again, He took care of the worry that I had when I gave it to Him even with the thousand voices screaming in my head.

Our heads will always have those worries popping up. The answer is in the Bible though. And it can set a person at ease. It can take away the guilt a person has when those worries pop up and we think that we’re not supposed to ever be worrying, that we are failing because we are worrying. God put these feelings in us to draw us closer to Him. If we never worried, or had us any troubles, well we’d start feeling that we don’t need God for anything. The Bible says that we are to believe with our heart! When we have that speck of faith in our heart that knows who Jesus is and we act on that little speck, that little spark, it will over ride that whirled up mind every time. When we call on the Name of Jesus with that little spark, well, Jesus moves!

What a wonderful God we have! He doesn’t demand anything that we cannot do! When we start looking at Him for what He really is, instead of what man teaches us He is, we start to understand that no matter what we are going through He will see us through! Those worries in the head start to lose their volume, little by little till after a bit they are way in the back round. He shows us the good that will come out of what a person was previously worrying about. Yep, this outfits going to do alright! It’ll be better than before! I have faith in that!

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  1. Hi Tom! Didn’t realize you were still posting at this blog…some pretty powerful stuff, too! Sitting up early with a strong cup of coffee and the snow and wind swirling around the barn, reading your last few posts are a good start to the day. God bless…

    • Hi Cary!
      Yep, still write here too. I kinda like this blog and come back once in a while. must be the cattleman in me šŸ™‚ I’ll also be giving a hand on a great blog as soon as I can function a bit more. Here’s the address;
      I don’t hook up with many folks, but I sure am here!

  2. That is so funny, because just the other day I followed the link on your other blog to the Old Cowboys Home blog! Another great resource, on fire for our Lord!

    • I can see Old Cowboys home reaching quite a few people. The first time I seen it I connected with the way its presented so well. Once I get back feeling up to snuff I sure consider it a great privilage to help out there!

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