Lord, I Believe!

Here it is in the middle of February, haven’t written here in a while. But that can get changed tonight. God is Good all the time! The weather up here in the north country has been very pleasant this week with a melt starting and should continue for a couple more days. Was a bit worried if the truckers with the cattle trailers would be able to make it in this week to load calves but that went alright with the warm up coming about an hour after we loaded the calves for the salesbarn. Tomorrow its off to the barn and get em sold.

Lookin to join the local cattleman’s association one of these days. I used to belong to the state and national groups but for some reason lost interest over the years, maybe because they were so remote. But I was reading in the local farm and ranch paper that the local that started up is doing pretty good and I figure why not! Don’t plan on getting deeply involved but wouldn’t mind seeing what they are up to. Mostly though my interests are just raising cows and spreading the Gospel. Who knows, might be some connections with the cattleman’s association that could further the spread of the Gospel, you just never know what God opens up. I’ve seen amazing things happen in the past when a person just has their spiritual eyes open.

Jesus said to him, “If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes.”
Immediately the father of the child cried out and said with tears, “Lord, I believe; help my unbelief!” Mark 9:23-24

Lord, help my unbelief! This scripture is one that always hangs on to me. One of the top ten in my book. That desperation from a father that had no where else to turn. The drama that unfolded in the verses before and after the ones I posted is awesome to be sure. Now I don’t care who a person is, many times we think we are in control, but rest assured we are not. We can think we are all high and mighty but it only takes one little thing for all of that to come crashing down. Whether its a doctors report, an unexpected notification in the mail, an unexpected notification by the sheriff’s department of a family disaster or something along those line, we are not in control.

Many folks think its in God’s plan for us to have these disasters, maybe, maybe not. The god of this world is exactly that, satan is running fairly free in this world to destroy everything we have and its only by the grace of God we are even breathing. But when satan hits us, which he will by the way, there’s a God that will see us through and we will come out in victory if we “only believe”. That father in the verses cried out to God with tears running down his face for help. And what did Jesus do? He went into immediate action! There was no fooling around having the father wait, there was no fooling around in order to teach the father to wait on the Lord, no, the action taken was immediate! Now I don’t know about anyone else but I do believe that this is how God works. Jesus said if we have seen Him we have seen the Father and if Jesus did it that way then this is the Father’s will, simple. We tend to complicate matters allot in religion and churches, making excuses for unanswered prayers. But my Bible says that Jesus cares for them, and heals them all!

Now I’m a pretty simple guy, just out here where the northern plains meet the north woods and I keep my nose to the grindstone. My beliefs are simple, and even when I listen to Christian radio during haying season in the tractor I sometimes have to shut the radio off because of the shear unbelief being preached. I’m just a cattleman preacher and I figure if the Bible says it, that’s the way it is. No need to complicate it, no need to make it into a ceremony, no, just believe it, have faith in the Word of God and I must say, things do happen when a person does. Situations change fast, healings do occur, what was once a problem is somehow solved.

I’ll take the Jesus that’s in the Gospels any day! Now that’s someone to follow! He ain’t out to get a person like I read and read from many so called preachers. Nope, He gave it all on the Cross for everyone that looks to the Cross and to Jesus as their Saviour. Ever notice if your a Bible reader, and even if you only read a little of it or just had the Gospel stories told to you a long time ago how Jesus always helped out those misfits that were in need and the only time He ever got all angry was with the so called religious folks? My Jesus loves the down and out, He loves those that are struggling with terrible problems, those that have or are losing it all. Ever notice how He’d hang around the folks that in today’s world wouldn’t even be welcomed in a regular church. Ever notice how so many churches demand that one changes before your accepted into their little group. In other words religion demands that you change before God will accept you. That you have to clean up your act. I hate to say it, cause many folks will disagree with me but there ain’t one person on this earth that can clean up his or her act before coming to Christ, no, not one. And if you figure you did clean up good enough to come to Him my advice is to get on your knees and ask for forgiveness and ask to be born again because rest assured your not if you did it on your own power. Come to Jesus, because He’s the only one that can make you clean. Come as you are and let Him do the work.

The salesbarn is one of my favorite places to go, which I will be doing tomorrow. When I see the hustle and bustle, when I see the day workers, the different farmers and ranchers, I see the Gospels exploding in front of my eyes! The regular folk, and Jesus took the Cross for each and every one of them, and me. God loves them, and so do I. This is farm and ranch ministry!




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