For Nothing Is Impossible With God

“For nothing is impossible with God.”  Luke 1:37

I remember reading in the book, “Apostle Cowboy Style” how we tend to make ministry something of our own and set God aside in the process. These last couple of weeks I’ve been going through some soul searching and am finding out many things about which way I was heading. Also I know that I was relying on myself a bit to much. God puts dreams in a person. That’s what got me into the cattle business many years ago. And even before that I would buy some Holstein calves and raise em up just to have some cattle around. No matter if I was working out full time, I just had to have cattle, even if it was just a hand full. Then twenty years ago I remember on a snowy winter day, buying my first bred beef cows. And the blood still flows around here from those original cows in many cows today in the herd. This was always my dream, to build a good sized cowherd of reputation stock and kinda make a living at it.

My other dream was ministry. These last few years I’ve really worked hard at it and I have dreams associated with it for sure. Ambition and dreams are God given, if we didn’t have them we wouldn’t get very far, so there is nothing wrong with that. When the dream becomes an idol, well that’s when the problems appear. In the book mentioned above, Glenn Smith relates how he was trying to build up “his” ministry and it didn’t work all that great. In fact for three days after a year or two trying it on his own power he flat out quit. In the end though he realized that his job was to just tell the folks what God wanted him to tell and leave the rest up to God. And that’s when things took off. He released the ministry to God. The same thing happened here a few years ago when I released the cow herd to God, things took off!

A person looks around the area here and sees the church hardened people and it can seem depressing at first. I think and think what can I do to get to some. The last few months after remembering the story from the book above, I just gave up trying to debate with people , gave up trying to convince people, and just laid out Bible verses and let God do the work. And so far the results are like day and night. To see a person change fairly fast as God works inside of them is a site to behold!

This year as I am giving up some church duties and knew this would be a year of change. There’s many irons in the fire so to speak and I’m getting more and more excited every day. The main thing is to trust God to do the work in the hearts of the people. I just deliver the message.

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