Mud Runner!

November, the time has sure flown by! Harvest is done for us, although there’s plenty of action in the area and will be for at least a couple more weeks as the corn comes off the area fields. We were done more than a week ago, then it rained, and rained. Thank the Lord we got done because today we went out to one of the fields that we harvested and baled in order to bring home round bales of corn stalks and let me tell you, it was soft. In fact we promptly got the three quarter ton pickup stuck. Had to unhook the bale trailer, plus push four bales off of the truck bed, (those bales were literally sinking the truck down), figured we’d have to call home for help but God is good, and that three quarter ton, after a few back and forth spins, shot forward, mud flying, a sight to behold! Took the tow strap, hooked it to the rear of the bale trailer, pulled it back a hundred feet or so onto a bit safer ground, and home we went. All in a day with this life style!

Oh Lord, a lot got done today, kinda nice after last week’s miserable weather. Things are going well on the faith side of things too. Getting busier and busier, week after week. Doing a part in every Sunday church service too at our little country church. So as we progress towards winter things will balance out. Less work with the cattle, more time for ministry. I love it!

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