Where Heaven and Earth Meet

I tell you, I am happy tonight with this weather cooling down! Its been a stretch, hot and humid, the kind of weather where a person is soaking wet from morning till night. This evening in celebration I’m wearing a long sleeve denim shirt and it feels good! Had some pasture work today. This morning while making my rounds I discovered about 50 feet of barb wire fence ripped out, including posts from a bull fight. So, fix it all up this morning. Then for a little while this afternoon I checked the south pasture a couple of miles away and wasn’t satisfied with the electrical power in the electric fence there. So with the help of the Honda Rancher fourwheeler I checked out the whole works and wouldn’t you know it, two trees down on the farthest part of the pasture from yesterday’s storms. The electric wires were touching  the ground wires with those trees on top of em, so there I was without a saw so I just grunted and lifted and pulled those blowed down trees off the fence. After that the fence would fry a cow down if she touched it.

Now I’m on the home stretch. One more hay field to make and then get the silage pit cleaned up and start getting ready for corn silage chopping. The corn crop is about as good as it gets so no complaining here. The silage crop is what gets me through a long, long northern winter with all these cows, steers and young stock around the place. Those Angus and Herefords do like to eat, allot! So I figure a month from now things will be slowing down around here a bit. Full work days as always but the evenings will be much freer. I’m looking forward to it, those months of slower paced work. Starting the middle of September I gotta do a church service at our church and I already got the basics figured out for that one. This fall and winter will be a busy time beyond the church walls the way its looking to me though. And that’s where I love to be! The 3/4 ton pickup will be cleaned out somewhat for that duty once the last bales are hauled in. But then again if its doing some dirty work it can still get this feller around doing the work of the Lord in the countryside.

“Thus saith the Lord.” Yep, that’s all a feller really is asked to do by our Saviour. Lay it on the line to folks and don’t stray from the message of the Cross. If the accept it great, if not that’s their problem, not mine. A person is only a messenger, carrying the Gospel to any and all and its not up to us to demand results. We ain’t no better than our Master, and He didn’t convince everyone. In fact He was hated for the “Good News” by the religious.

Last evening I came across some song lyrics that spoke to me.

Tis at the cross of Christ
Where earth and heaven meet
Where sin is overcome
To God the victory!

At the Cross, Amen. I’ve been dwelling allot on the Cross lately and the more I read in my Bible the more and more important it is to us every single moment! Its not so popular to talk about it nowadays but that is the message that we are told to preach, the message of the Cross! And that message has a place on every farm and ranch in this country and beyond. Foolish to many, but powerful to those of us who are being saved! Where heaven and earth meet, durn I got struck by that!

That Cross which is so despised nowadays is where heaven and earth meet. Where God reaches to human kind in order to bring them back to Him! It doesn’t matter what a person is doing on this old earth, if we are doing it without the power of the Cross it is all for nothing, plain and simple. This is the message in a hurting rural America. This is the only hope that there is. There is absolutely no hope coming from this tailspin society, the bankrupt government, or any other human endeavor. There is only hope where heaven and earth meet, at the foot of the Cross!

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