Saturday Evening

Its Saturday evening and the week is winding down out here. Put in an honest day today, as usual, and this afternoon baled some second crop hay and also 57 big round straw bales for winter bedding in the loafing sheds. There’s allot more to go but the critical hay is baled and the remaining straw can wait until next week some time. It’s not as picky as hay is and it’ll bale up good. I had enough at seven this evening and decided to check a couple of pastures and head for home.

This is a year of plenty around here and I ain’t arguing the fact either. It sure beats drought, by allot, and this long winter when the winds howl off the northern plains we can be assured a feed supply for all those beef. This afternoon baling I was listening to a country station on the radio, good ol’ AM radio, and figuring about every third or fourth song is a Christian one anyhow I figured I’d spend the afternoon with that on. One song really stuck in my head for hours after hearing it, a Hank Williams Jr song, I forget the name but he sings, “I’m a country plowboy, not an urban cowboy”.  Over the years I’ve heard it hundreds of times and always liked it but today I thought about it and thought about it hard.

Reminds me of the book I’ve read about a dozen times through the years called, “The Time It Never Rained”, by the late Elmer Kelton.Now that book is easily my favorite novel of all time. One of the most factual books ever written about the lifestyle of ranching and also the thoughts and emotions that go with it. I’m talking the real thing, not urban cowboy stuff. The real thing isn’t for folks that want to live life like everyone else, with vacations, weekends, holidays, traveling and all that stuff. No, the real life is tough. I’ve thought about this allot lately, probably much more than I should, but I can’t help it,

And I thought about the ministry angle of it too. This isn’t something for sissies. There ain’t no show being put on. A person’s word is his word. I had that experience a week or two ago, when I found out that I needed a prescription for some animal medicines, I had sent a family member in and they couldn’t sell it. I got on the phone and said it was for my cattle and they stretched the state’s rules and handed it over, on my word. When I go to town I very seldom even carry a billfold or a check book. They know I pay, even when there’s abig sign at the business establishment saying to pay now. Plus I don’t have plastic.

I thought about all the “near death” experiences through the years on this outfit, and there are plenty. I also thought about some of the “saves”, that saved a person’s life at exactly the right moment. Bull attacks, run away machinery. Mad cows! There have been plenty! Nope, this ain’t no white handed, clean cut ministry. This is the real thing! There ain’t no going back to a job on Monday, back to another life. This is life! I know many times at church even, when they get talkin about all the usual stuff that folks talk about nowadays I feel like a different breed altogether. I don’t say anything, just let em go. But my mind is on other things. Hundreds of other things. A different point of view than most by a long shot. I can’t conform.

But there’s a place for folks like me. Those independent beef men, that make their living doing this. In many ways its probably the best thing, because the way I figure it, there’s a need for folks that don’t go by schedules, that can say no, and mean it. That can look a person right in the eye and tell if they are just plain lazy, or full of bull. There ain’t none of that suburban mush, that political correctness that is the way for much of the American church nowadays. Call a spade a spade.

Tomorrow’s Sunday, that means get up extra early in order to get things done here in order to even make it to church. It ain’t a day of sleeping in, its a day of hitting it earlier than normal, and normal is pretty early! But I wouldn’t trade it for the world!

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  1. I love it: “I’m a country plowboy not an urban cowboy…”

    Amen! 🙂

    God is good…all the time! All the time, God is good!

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