Cattle Company

Busy is the word out here! Things are moving along though, but there is no end in sight for another month and a half at least. The storms yesterday didn’t do much damage around here besides knocking down a tree here and there that needed knocking down, plus we got an inch and a half of rain out of the deal so considering firewood and welcome moister, all things are a plus! Cut a beautiful field of second crop hay this afternoon and this evening between times here on the computer its a heat detection time over in the heifer lot. They should explode into full heat by morning and all is set to A-I them tomorrow. I’ve done this a few times before with amazing results. Plus its a great way to get blood from a $50,ooo bull for pennies on the dollar. Tonight’s Wednesday, which means church night, but we’re taking an evening off for once. Its a rare time when we do that, but a much needed one for all. A fella can burn themselves out by chasing everything that’s going on, so we decided to step back for a bit. Out here we don’t really have a thing called a vacation, so just slowing down on some things definitely helps allot keeping a person going.

Was thinking today while cutting hay for hours during a day totally the opposite of yesterday. Today was much cooler, much more comfortable. Yesterday was stifling, the intense heat and unbearable humidity. Today was mostly blue skies and a nice breeze out of the NW, highs in the lower seventies. Just plain nice to be out in a lush hay field! But anyway, as I said, I was thinking. I was wondering what a person would classify me as, as far as making a living. I guess you could say I farm. But at the same time we run allot of cattle, beef cattle which requires allot of pastures and ranch style work. Now all the crops are for feeding the cattle herd through the long and tough upper midwest winters. When the winds rush across the northern plains and hit us head on. So I ain’t a cash crop farmer at all. Just bringing in feed for the herd for over winter. So if I’m a farmer, plus a cattle rancher, and having a hard time deciding what is really the case, I decided today that this can be called a “cattle company”. Simple! Because that is exactly what it is. For this area we raise allot of cattle, most folks are much, much smaller in size. Folks around the area know that I’m a beef man. That’s what I’m mostly known for.

One of my main interests is rodeo, although at this age about all I do is provide a shady spot for the spectator bleachers which is alright with me because I get enough thrills working the cattle around this place. Nice to just be a big fan and watch others do the duty! And the main thing to top all of this off is the fact that I’m saved by Jesus Christ, as is everyone in this household. Because without that things would not be the same. How thankful I am for that!

I am excited about all of this, especially the Jesus part combined with the cattle company part! Opportunities are huge, in all directions and starting this fall it will really take off, one way or another! Just follow Jesus!

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