Power in the Name!

Last evening was something else. My wife and I went to the county seat to the Mexican restaurant that we sometimes go to. Love the place, its a real one, run and owned by a Mexican family, ( a mighty big family if I might say so), and the food is great! Well, we had severe thunderstorms rolling through the area at the time and last evening while sitting in that restaurant the storm sirens were blowing and the sky got so dark a person would have sworn it was the middle of the night. There was a tornado north of town and I watched small hail come down during the torrential rain that was coming. Now I had me something different at the time in the restaurant, a T-Bone steak made Tex-Mex style and was I ever full. Plus it was about half the price of a regular restaurant, with some shrimp to boot with the deal. Told the wife, “if a tornado hits now at least I’ll go to the promised land with a full stomach”. But the tornado never came into town and the good news was that this storm didn’t hit the home place, we just received a good rain which is a blessing in the middle of July in these parts let me tell you! Now today is a beautiful day with lower humidity and clear skies and a NW breeze, a fella couldn’t ask for anything better!

This morning I was running pastures a little earlier than normal. Ain’t like city folk that take it easy on Sundays, nope, here a person gotta get the work done if there is any thoughts of attending church, which there always is. Chores went good, no cows up to mischief, and I happily drove from one pasture to the next. In fact I enjoy Sunday morning chores more than any other day because there’s a couple of great radio programs on while I drive around the countryside. The earlier one is with an Oklahoma rancher going through the Bible and its really interesting, and the later one which I catch the beginning of is more country gospel music with a word put in here and there. So chores got done without a hitch and I came in and ate a second breakfast cause those church services get mighty long sometimes and if its quieter in church around noon ol’ Tom’s stomach starts growling up a storm and I shift around and try to quiet it down to no avail. So a long time ago I learned that on Sundays its a four meal day for me!

After second breakfast I figured I had might as well get cleaned up, shower, shave and all of that. I commenced to shaving, (with a razor), and durn, wouldn’t you know, I cut myself deep. At least I wasn’t preaching today, so that was a relief! I bled like a stuck hog and just couldn’t get that blood to stop. I used more toilet paper and Kleenexes and even the wash rag but I couldn’t get that thing to stop for the life of me! Now this was getting serious cause I didn’t want to miss church! Besides the importance of worshiping the Lord in a group setting I also do look forward to fellowship before and after service, because in this life style there comes some weeks where there is very little human contact, depending on how busy we are at the moment. That bleeding would not stop for anything, musta hit a good vein, and I was getting more and more desperate. I remembered reading about a verse that the old time faith healers would use.

6And when I passed by thee, and saw thee polluted in thine own blood, I said unto thee when thou wast in thy blood, Live; yea, I said unto thee when thou wast in thy blood, Live.  Ezekiel 16

Cowboy preacher Glenn Smith used that verse too, on horses and humans and it always works to stop the flow of blood immediately. But darn it, at the time I was so busy just keeping blood from getting on stuff that I knew I couldn’t leisurely look the verse up. Time for desperate measures! I said, “in the Name of Jesus, blood stop”. And you know what? It stopped instantly! From full force bleeding to absolute stop! Well I tell you, I had said that in faith, but still a person goes into awe when it happens to you! I know that I know that for the bleeding to stop like that was naturally impossible, without any doubt! And I praise the mighty Name of Jesus here tonight! Now I know this was no big deal, a cut like that was not threatening at all, but it did stand to ruin the day somewhat. There’s power in that Name!

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