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Well, I gotta bug, a bug to write the only way I really know how. So I’m opening up a new blog, more down to earth and I truly don’t know how it’ll go or anything but its been on my heart for a while. This blog was opened about a year ago and I have enjoyed it, but I feel led to write more of a farming blog, one that’s easy to put pictures on that won’t slow down people’s computers. Blogger offers that and that’s why this final move. And I mean final. This is it, after this, no more.  Its under construction and it’ll take me some time to get this farmer/preacher site up and running smoothly with links and all, but it will come a little almost every day. I apologize to those that have linked here for any inconvenience changing links, but that’s how she bounces!

Click Here: A Farmer’s Journal

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  1. I for 1 will be glad you are coming to blogger 🙂

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