God Said It, That Settles It

The flooding is pretty well  done around here. The creek is going down rapidly and today was the first time this year I made it to the back forty to take a look around and see if it was still there. Yep, its still there! I drove around on the Honda four wheeler and just generally enjoyed myself for a while, looking at fences, looking for dead trees to cut up for some spring firewood and for next winter’s supply. The only wildlife I seen out there was an owl I spooked, oh, and a bunch of geese. There’s so many resident geese here in the river meadows that I almost forgot about them. Its getting so they don’t even count as wildlife, more like our herd! I reckon they’ll be laying eggs soon, those are the earliest reproducing birds around these parts with the young’uns swimming around before I even get to planting corn.

They say the big four lane bridge over the Mississippi at our county seat is closed. Anyway that’s what I heard last evening at church. Ice jams on the big river have those who know nervous about the integrity of that huge bridge. This is Minnesota and huge bridges falling into the Mississippi are not unheard of so all the highway traffic is rerouted right through town, just like years ago. It doesn’t affect us one bit out here, just some local news is all. Church went pretty well last evening, was out in Children’s Church doing my thing. Had a good sleep despite all the tar like coffee I downed last evening and today cleaned another barn, deep stuff, a whole winter’s worth of manure. I’m still not able to haul it into the fields so I just stockpile it but if this weather continues that manure spreader could be making tracks in the fields soon. I promised myself that I’d get stuff together for this Sunday’s church service, a whole one page of notes, extra large print, on the subject I want to talk about come Sunday morning. Now I do have a real bad habit of never getting hardly anything together for a service till its just an hour or so before we take off to church. I will try extra hard tonight to do something, trouble is I’m more of a pressure worker, get er done just before the deadline.

I figure the talk will be on the verse I’ve written about here a few times recently, Hebrews 13:8, “Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, and today and forever.” Been thinking in the mornings about it and now that I’ve been hauling manure in the afternoons that gives me even more time to think about it. I figure a person could preach a lifetime with that verse being the main verse. I think I could do nothing on this blog except start every post with that verse and never run out of things to say.The same today. I guess His name ain’t “I WAS”, He told Moses “I AM”. Or He didn’t say “I’m Gonna Be”, no, He said “I AM”! Now day after day dwelling on this is making a huge impact on my journey of faith. Its much easier to have faith in a now God then a once was God. A God that knows our every need, even if we don’t.

An amazing thing came to me, I was thinking about our youth at church. They don’t have that old religious dry rot that us older folks have.Most, if not all of the adults in church came from religion. But the youth didn’t. I was really dwelling on this the last few days. I’ve seen it time and time again,something that would clobber one of us adults right down to the ground basically glances off the youth. From disease to injuries. They can’t quite seem to take hold. Injuries that should have taken weeks, even months to heal, healed in a day. Recovery from emergency situations a matter of hours, not days or weeks. And I will stress this is not because they are young and healthy. This is because they aren’t spoiled, ain’t got that rot of religion in them to keep them down.

Oh Lord, thinking about this the last few days has really got me thinking. Thinking how things run on simple faith. Now,I know some folks that won’t believe nothing in the Bible if they can’t make human sense out of it. I must say that when this happens there is nothing but a life of total defeat heading their way. Why? Because of simple unbelief. What I’m about to say might actually shock some but I’ll say it anyhow. A person doesn’t have to figure out scripture. No they don’t! Because if a person is trying to figure it out from our tiny human level it’ll never get done, rest assured. Folks that supposedly know all about the scriptures after years and years of schooling aren’t hardly any closer than when they started. Amazing huh?

This is one reason I don’t have a study Bible. Because I don’t want someone’s opinion about every scripture in the Book. There’s a good chance that they are way off on some of them and I figure why go down with em. I go by what that preacher of old, Smith Wigglesworth said, “just believe it”. That’s it, just believe! Looking back at anyone that ever had a hand in the huge moves of God there is a very definite pattern. Some were educated, some weren’t. But the similar thing between them all was that they just believed. Our God is a faith God and our God will move mountains for those that just believe!

Smith Wigglesworth would read nothing else other than the Bible. I do believe it was just a plain Bible too. Just read it every chance a person gets, read it till it becomes a part of your very life. More than a part, how about life itself?! Just believe it. Not trying to figure it out, because when a person believes in faith the divine revelation comes. Revelation that studying with the mind could never accomplish. That’s what I see in the youth at church. That’s what I see more and more in my own life. Just believe it, don’t try and figure something out that no one on earth can figure out anyhow without God implanting the revelation in them through the Word.

Just thinking tonight, just dwelling. Just looking at the people that changed the world for Christ. They had simple belief.


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  1. Amen, brother! Just believe! John 6:29…they asked Him what they must do to “do the works of God” & Jesus told His disciples, “Just believe on the One He sent!” Amen! 🙂

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