Freely Given

Wet is the word around these parts today again. Even had thunder and lightning, the first time this year and it kinda caught me by surprise. Had strong rains at times, even some hail a few different times. What a mish mash of weather in March. At least it didn’t come down as snow, so the melting process doesn’t have to kick in gear. Its already heading down the creek for the Gulf of Mexico. Everything around here is mud and slop. There’s a lot of winter to get rid of and it ain’t happening over night I tell you. Good thing I don’t calve this time of the year, that would be the ultimate disaster.

Been reading in the evenings and for once they ain’t faith based books although they seem to be building my faith anyhow. Western novels, written by my favorite author Elmer Kelton from down Texas way. I hear Elmer passed away last summer but his novels are for me the best I have ever read. Have read them for years and years and have many hear in the house that I either purchased or had given to me. One thing I love about the two different novels that I’m reading is how he does mix real life into them. How he has a preacher or two in them and they usually are some pretty good folks. Some tough folks too!

But enough of that now that folks know what I read in my spare time. I was talking a moment in a conversation at church last evening, yup I was able to be in the church for once and it sure was a welcome relief. A person needs that once in a while cause its rough just giving and not receiving. We were talking about the nature of God. Nowadays  there’s a lot talked and written about the love side of God and sometimes its at the expense of not mentioning the truth side. A feller leans to heavily in either one and one thing is for sure, they will get out of balance and head for a ditch. Being to far in either side can cause problems, either liberalism or on the other side, legalism.

There’s plenty of either side on the internet also. Extreme liberalism where God loves you and it finally ends up that a person can just about live any way they want and still figure they have it made eternally, to oppressive legalism that believes that our own works are what justifies us. Many parts of both sides have truth behind them, but are never the less out of balance and could be stuck deep in the ditch. Ditches that are about like the ones we have around here now, impossible to get out of on your own power.

The Bible is perfectly balanced and I know when I read it I’m harsh about judging myself. The easiest trap to fall into is to read the Bible in order to justify my own opinions,my own beliefs. That always ends up becoming a disaster. The Bible is God’s Word to us, and God don’t change no matter what the high and mighty say. We had better change! He is a Holy God, a perfect God, we ain’t.

Tired tonight, but I’ll do a short post anyhow. God is love and truth. His love is limitless, His justice perfect. We  have the choice, to accept, or to reject. There ain’t anyone going to hell against their will. Don’t believe me, read the first chapter of Romans. I’ve taught about the quite extensively the last couple of months on Wednesday evenings. That’s usually a shocker for some, some want to argue it, but I stand on the Word of God and just ignore anything said to the contrary.

God is perfect, we ain’t. Simple! God has put in every persons heart an awareness of Him. He sent His Son to this world to save a dying humanity. The offer for eternal life is freely given and one can freely accept.


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  1. howdy NF & family!

  2. That old free will thing again, free to choose, free to reject. I’m 54 and I look back and see how much trouble my free will has gotten me into, choosing against the wisdom of my ancestors, choosing against the justice and mercy of God. I used to think that people got wiser as we aged, now I realize that’s not always true. I pray that my free will and pride doesn’t get in the way of recovering the faith of my fathers.

  3. Hey Jan and clan!

    Howdy Brent,

    Getting muddy over your way??
    The creek is at a roar here, heard a killdeer this afternoon and there was a dead possum on the county road across from the place today. Lookin like spring!

    John 6:28-29 (King James Version)

    28Then said they unto him, What shall we do, that we might work the works of God?

    29Jesus answered and said unto them, This is the work of God, that ye believe on him whom he hath sent.

    I like those verses that I wrote down a few posts back. That we believe in on Him whom He hath sent. The choice is ours, do we believe or not? To believe is to obey. Keeps a feller out of all sorts of self imposed trouble! Age doesn’t have a whole lot to do with getting wiser. Only getting the Word in a person gives a person wisdom. I’d rather have the wisdom of the God of the universe than man’s wisdom.

    Yep, we have free will. To believe or not to believe. The choice is totally ours, nobody else’s. Every time I use my will things go kaput! But when we believe in God’s will for us, we can never fail in His eyes, and I’m telling you, there ain’t nothing more important than pleasing Him!

    Hope all is well over your way! Heep your boots dry!

    God Bless!

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