Cattle, Horses and Faith

Its starting to get muddy around these parts and taking advantage of the situation I was able to clean the what was once hard pack, a combination of snow and manure, off of the corral in front of the calving barn where I have butcher steers wintering as of late. That corral pen was about the first to let loose and I know it wouldn’t have worked in the other corrals just yet. So if the weather isn’t to rainy out tomorrow I’ll try and stab into another corral and see what happens. I still can’t haul manure to the fields, the snow is a tad bit to deep for the tractor and manure spreader yet so I’m piling the stuff across the gravel road from the corrals. The ground over there sets up quick when the snow is gone so that’s a good place.

The other evening, Saturday, my wife and I decided to head to the county seat and revisit the Mexican restaurant that we first visited a few weeks ago. Now I know a little more what’s going on there so I ain’t as ignorant as the first time. Well, we sat down and I ordered my usual black coffee and we needed a few more minutes to figure out what we would like to order. Just about that time another couple came in that we knew, Mexicans, and after saying hi we asked em to sit on down with us being we didn’t even order yet, that way I knew we wouldn’t be out of sinc with each other eating and all that stuff. They did set on down and we had us a great time. Now my Spanish is barely survival Spanish but the amazing thing is I can almost follow most conversations in Spanish. But we talked English too.By the way, I had me a burrito and tamale meal, rice and beans included. I do recommend their tamales!

When the food arrived, which is usually pretty quick in a Mexican restaurant, we took off our hats and I said grace, (in English, no sense screwing up a prayer I figure), and we got down to eating and joshing. Cattle, horses and faith, the three subjects that are easy to talk about! I tell you, I got excited taking those subjects with them folks! Years ago I know I wrote somewhere on the old Northern Farmer blog about working and visiting with the local Mexicans and how I love those folks. It wained over the last few years somewhat,mostly because of the direction church stuff has been taking us, but I sure do want to get back to that. Besides when you visit them folks the feed for me is about the best it can get, plus they have a good laugh when this old gringo is in a dead sweat from eating some of their more potent food. Get you coming and get you going is the saying!

The one thing I learned years ago was that I have no barriers with those folks. It hurts me allot when I hear folks, even church folks, think that they are a lesser person than the regular white folk around here. My experience with the Mexican folks is that there’s allot higher percentage of them that I would trust than what’s considered the normal folks around here. Now the last couple of years there’s been several churches in the area that want to reach the Mexicans around here and there has been very little success any way you look at it. And I can peg the problem right to a tee, of course anyone in the world can disagree with me but who cares. The problem the way I see it is simply that the churches in this area have not even the slightest idea what they are doing. There! Nuff said about that eh! You take a displaced rural people and move em up into this area and try and make them comfortable with a suburban style church setting and about the only thing that’ll happen is a few of their women will come with their kids, sometimes dragging a reluctant husband with that has only one thing on his mind, to get out of there. Total discomfort if I ever seen it. Those Mexicans that I know are no different than me, they want the real thing, not the suburban style of religion that’s common across this land.

Talking the the restaurant showed me, it showed me big how folks can connect. No different than with so many country folk around here that will not go to church for anything. They want something real! They want God, even if it don’t look like it, they want the real thing. Talking horses, cattle and faith the other night blew this wide open for me! During the conversation I gave the man a Cowboy Bible that I always carry around in the coat pocket just looking for a new home, (the pocket has since been reloaded). I could tell that this was something special when he received it. A Bible that reflected their culture. He even said that they have cowboying in their blood, kinda like me, and loved this how the Bible was made for this cowboy culture.

Yep, talk to people at their own level, not trying to bring them down into the suburban church culture. No need for getting em luke warm, better to get em hot! Better to bring Jesus to them, not trying to make them into something they ain’t. Same as me, you want to make me sick, just make me churchy, that’ll do it ……fast! How easy it is to talk Jesus when we don’t drag religion into the equation! This country styleministry ain’tso bad, in fact I don’t think I could ever bring myself to do the regular church programs and all that stuff. I like it real!


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  1. Most mexicans consider themselves catholic…I was raised in So Calif. Good mexican food is a joy. Adios Hermano

  2. Evening Patti!

    It doesn’t make much difference what a person considers themselves, only one saves and that’s Jesus. No church, no denomination, no priest or preacher, just Jesus! Durn it, now I feel like writing tonight 🙂 And being that a person preaching Jesus works for Jesus and not man, a feller can’t let little things like religion get in the way!

    I’m with you, good Mexican food sure is a joy! I gotta figure out a reason to get back to that restaurant soon 🙂

    God Bless Sister!

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