Simple Words

A perfect day in these parts! Sunny, around forty, zero wind! Things are very slowly melting, the snow is collapsing a bit. As I sit here this evening I can feel the tiredness settling into this old body. A tiredness that feels rather good really! Today was the first time in months that I was able to spend the entire afternoon wearing my Wrangler denim work jacket and not freeze to death in the process. Gone were the heavy coveralls and the heavy duty Carhart jacket and hood. I figure I was at least ten pounds lighter if not more. First robin sighted on the place today too! Yep spring is around the corner, even if that corner is four to six weeks away! And the work today was so different! yesterday I dug out a road, one of our private roads leading into the middle of a section, dug it out with the skidsteer loader, took almost three hours in order to be able to expand my world a little bit from just the corral yards to different parts of the land around here. I felt freer than I have in months being able to get out a bit. Then this afternoon I headed north a few miles and helped load some lumber slabs for our outdoor wood boiler and had em brought home to tide us over a few weeks till I can get into the woods comfortably and make some deadfall. Different, a different day and one that was badly needed for a person suffering from cabin fever, or should I say barn yard fever. Its so good to get beyond those winter set boundaries!

Romans 6:23 (King James Version)

For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.

I kinda consider being able to get out a gift. Now, I ain’t exactly what you’d call a winter type of fella. In fact about the only thing I like about it is the fact that allot of the time a guy like me can relax a bit in the evenings compared to other times of the year. I always say if it was summer here year round I wouldn’t live to long because I’d work myself to death. But gradually the long winter wears at a guy and its not all that great being locked into just a small area that the snow is plowed out of. And after being set free today, oh what a feeling! And tomorrow do it again, get out of the yards after feeding and actually do something different!

Now I know this is amazingly simple but this reminds me of years ago being penned in by a life of sin. Just go through the motions, going through life day after day with not much hope of anything but the same old thing every day. Maybe that’s one of the big things in this life out in the countryside. The rebirth being brought by the change of seasons. Its a huge rebirth compared to if a person is hemmed into a city job year around. There its the same no matter what. But here, here a person sees the world changing around us. Slowly at first but there’s a change coming. Not all is really pleasant though in this process. Depending on the year there could be many, many weeks of deep cold mud to contend with. But that’s part of the process of getting winter out and late spring in. Rebirth sometimes goes through a process. Sometimes longer, sometimes short.

Rebirth into the Kingdom of God doesn’t happen that way although a fella can probably use the example above as an example of a person coming to Jesus. Being drawn to Jesus over time. Going through the slow melt and then the mud before life actually takes hold. Yep, I do believe this makes sense. A little corral fence wisdom I’d say. Maybe some would say its far from wisdom and I say to each their own, works for me. Some folks, (including me), have a long,long mud season in their lives. I sure as heck did. Man, I don’t know many that had longer! But when the day come and I excepted Jesus that was it, and I never looked back to the mud and have no desire to go back to the mud!

I’m just dwelling on these things tonight as I sit here tired. Rambling on. Dreaming of jobs around this place this year because there’s a rebirthed fire in me since the multi year drought seems to have been busted in these parts. More corrals to build, more of everything to build and rebuild. A renewing of this place after being hit so very hard for so many years in a row.The cattle herd is rebuilding fast and will be up to its once large size in a matter of a year or so from now. Dreams and visions are coming back, things that have been long put on hold or almost forgotten about.

Living this way of life can be so violently blunt. One can be smashed down when everything seems to be going good. But its real. How could I even imagine doing this, living this way of life without Jesus as my Lord and Saviour? Life is worth it now! Those dreams a fella has are God inspired because it seems that all those dreams have something big to do with giving God the Glory! Got a big cattle herd of reputation cattle and folks notice. Give the Glory to God because of it and folks have to listen, even if they don’t seem to be. Build up a nice place and folks notice, meanwhile we give all the Glory to God to who so ever listens. Kinda hard giving the Glory to God when a person has a dump of an outfit. Deal honest and nothing can be used against a person, ever.

I guess I kinda like writing when I’m tired because I never know what’ll come out. Dead honest though, I ain’t beating around the bush. I once had a mentor, a Christian mentor, giving me advice on how to live life when being in the five fold ministry. That advice was, have a tidy place, be dead honest, don’t gossip or talk behind anyone’s back, work hard, and love Jesus with everything you got! Simple words to live by and they fit.


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  1. Wow Tom,
    I like it when you post tired as well…
    /b That advice was, have a tidy place, be dead honest, don’t gossip or talk behind anyone’s back, work hard, and love Jesus with everything you got! Simple words to live by and they fit. /b

    Nuff Said!!!
    Blessings Brother.

  2. Hey Brian!

    Should be no problem getting me tired enough for posts then in the coming weeks 🙂

    Thank You and God Bless!!

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