The Same

Hebrews 13:8 (King James Version)

Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever.

Windy day today so I laid a bit lower than normal around here. They’re talking a little cool down and then it looks like it’ll get better again in a couple days. All is well here and its a little different with the calves being gone, not all of them by any means, but a nice chunk of em! This afternoon I dug out some old steel wagon wheels that I got from a junk man a couple of years ago and brought them into the shop to thaw the snow off of them. Later I’ll spruce em up a bit and paint them. Talked to the neighbor today about getting a few tamarack trees from him.We don’t have any large ones on our land but a ways to the north there’s a thick grove of them trees. On one driveway, the driveway going to the home corrals I’d like to put up a large ranch entrance with the tamarack used as the upright poles. Tamarack lasts a long, long time and I believe they’d be some good’uns. It would have to be large enough for semis and large farm equipment to drive under and wider than the gate that it’ll be set over. Also looking with at some of the local longhorn cattle breeders to see if a fella can pick up a skull with some good long horns to be in the center of the top cross beam. Just one of those minor projects to spruce up this outfit.

Tomorrow evening is church but I won’t be in the main building, I’ll be teaching the younger ones out in the double wide along side of our country church. Always good practice teaching them kids cause if you can handle that ministry job everything else is simple! Then do a couple of visits in the next few days to farms and such to spread the love of Christ. Always an adventure, believe me, and plus spread the word around here and there that Jesus saves just as He did when He was walking on this earth.

I’ve been watching a video of a Glenn Smith sermon from Texas. Glenn was that pioneer of faith that spread the Word of God to rodeos, farms and ranches. Kind of a ground breaker is what he was. He passed away a couple weeks ago. Good sermon, had me laughing so hard I can still feel it! But the truth was preached with power even with all the simple country humor. Being that I’m linking the video I had better thank the church that supplied it, Round Pen Cowboy Church, out of Texas! If you have a higher speed connection you can watch it here.

The title to his sermon is the same verse on top of this post. Jesus, the same yesterday, today and forever. Simple as that! Hey, the Word of God says it, not just old Tom. It does seem to me that nowadays most folks don’t really believe that. Either its all about the Jesus that was, or about the Jesus that’s coming again. And somehow we’re left in a big empty spot where either we’re looking back or else looking forward and not acknowledging the fact that He is the same today, at this moment as He was back then or will be when He comes again.  Now if a fella isn’t all screwed up by religion and just believes what the Bible says things just seem to fall into place right easy. Used to be I always wondered, that was back when I was a church goer but not a Bible believing, born again to the bone Christian, I always wondered about the Gospels. Always wondered why the heck all that good stuff could happen back then but not now. Anybody know what I mean by this?

Why were there such miracles, so many signs and wonders and now it was just go to church, never knowing if your going to heaven or going to hell, just what ever mood God would be in the day that a feller gave up the ghost. In other words, no assurance of eternity in heaven, no power here on earth. Just dry religion. I remember folks talking in church,after a service and that’s kinda funny cause I would high tail it home so fast that there had better not be anyone in my way cause there would be a high chance of them being run over, either by me or by my truck. But they were talking about if heaven is just sitting on a cloud all day, playing a harp, that they weren’t looking forward to it all that much. Hmm, I had to agree. I didn’t look forward to Sunday service and heaven sure didn’t have all that much appeal in all do respect. Just that the alternative wasn’t all that great either!

But something happened over these last few years. Like stumbling into a simple Bible believing church, at the end of my rope and getting huge doses of nothing but the Word. A hunger spawned.Now I really don’t think its all that typical where a person at the end of their rope seeks out a church. But I did, I remember looking through the phone book at all the area churches listed in the yellow pages of our small country phone books and for some reason we decided to try a little church in a forgotten town of trailer houses and doublewides. Probably one of the poorest towns in the region. But that don’t mean anything to God! Looking back and looking at it now I do believe that God is more than likely at a place where the high and the mighty ain’t!

And the most amazing thing, in an out of the way, poor little country town, Jesus is the same today as He was yesterday in the Bible! Healings that are absolutely impossible have happened so many times that I lost count! People delivered for addictions, the addictions that the world and most churches say that you have to be in a program the rest of your life wallowing in misery every day in order to stay out of the addiction. Bam, delivered, delivered for good, no desire what so ever to get back into what ever addiction a person was in.Only the Word, only Jesus can do that. Injuries that should’a kept a person down for weeks, even months healed up in a day, I seen it! I believe it. Youth that are being brought up to believe, not like us old fogies, but to really believe that Jesus is the same today as He was when He walked this earth. Simple faith! And things happen that would have me classified as a complete stark raving nut when I relate them to luke warm believers.

Jesus is the same today! That is one of the greatest things any person could ever hang onto in this day and age of humanism and a religious church that just wants to go through the man made motions. Jesus is the same, Now!


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  1. Brother Tom, you are a breath of fresh air! I was feeling rather blue lately (need to give a friend an answer & I need GOD’S wisdom on this…she wants me to move in as a boarder in her suburban Chicago home; I do desire to be in the Midwest, but not exactly if it means going from my affluent, materialistic big city to a different one!) so, anyways, just need’n the Good Lord’s wisdom & I stopped by your blog & my whole soul is already feel’n refreshed! Thanks for the fellowship! 🙂

  2. Anytime Nina Ruth! I’m glad to hear that these simple writings can refresh someone!

    God Bless!

  3. Amen

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