Loaded Out

Tomorrow’s the big day, heading for the salesbarn. A beautiful drive ranging from rich farm country to thick northwoods and lakes, all within a 45 mile drive. Salesbarn food, jokingly referred to as as fresh as it gets! Today was sunny out with a west breeze and the temps were slightly above freezing during mid afternoon. The calves left around noon, and afterwards we moved around fifty steers to different pens to fit the operation better. Work should slack down a hair now which is alright with me. Seems like I spend allot of time feeding in the dead of winter. I’ll notice a few hungry calves missing tomorrow morning!

Had a good time with the cattle truckers as usual, I get along with them folks just fine. My kinda people! Some hard working folks for sure. One said he was delivering cattle till three in the morning and was already trucking at  7 AM. I was his second major pickup of the day. No wonder they have them huge coffee makers at the salesbarn with all the free coffee a fella can handle. In fact they have two huge ones side by side! Plus when we head up there there’s always a chance I’ll meet up with ranchers from that area that I know. Funny how over the years a person can sure get quite a list of folks that you know!

I jokingly refer to this week as ulcer week, plus nail biting week! But it always turns out just fine. By this time tomorrow evening I should be calming down to my normal high strung self.


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  1. going to have one of them salebarn burgres,

    mmmmmm good! anit had one of them in a long time 😉

    hope ya get a good price for them!

  2. Maybe more than one of those things :)I love the greasy buns they’re served in! Well, get to doing some morning feeding and then before noon head to the barn!

    Thanks and God Bless!

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