Thou Shalt

I’m just setting down with a cup of coffee here this late afternoon and figure I could write something. Between plowing snow and chores today that just about filled the entire day here. Things are fairly caught up with the snow plowed all around the corrals, barns, silage pit, round bales of hay rows along side of the silage pit, and a dozen other places. Our township road is plowed out nice and the county road is in pretty good shape. Then to make me busier a cow had a calf today, first noticed the thing walking around with its mother while I was almost ready to feed those cows this morning. The cows are the last thing on my feeding list, with the steers fed first, then the backrounding calves,then finally the cows. Great I thought, now I gotta dig out gates, and dig out the side sliding door on the calving barn and with all this new snow and drifts all over the place this just makes my day. I hate when I get these “unwed” mothers, durn! Calving is supposed to start in late April around here but to stretch feed the last couple of years I had the bulls with the cow herd till they started calving in spring. So now I have 7 calves with their mothers in another pen, but I’ll take em! After this year things should be back to normal and I won’t be getting a few of these strays in the wintertime. I’m not set up for winter calving but I reckon I can handle up to ten cow calf pairs without any damage being done. Then when the main calving comes in late April I’m not depending on a barn or any other kind of shelter when that main run hits. More my style and a fella doesn’t even have to worry about the weather so much, they make it just fine unless there’s a late April/early May snowstorm, which does happen by the way, just to keep this beef guy on his toes. Now with feed supplies being abundant this will be history when next year rolls around.

Listed three more fat steers to be butchered next week this afternoon and also have to call the salesbarn later this week to sell the calves I’m backrounding. That’ll sure be nice when they’re gone, plus a help to the pocket book also. Nice batch this year and they’re plenty big too with the higher quality feed that a person gets when that most important fertilizer is abundant, water! What a difference some July rains can make to a guy like me. Praise the Lord for em!

7And thou shalt speak my words unto them, whether they will hear, or whether they will forbear: for they are most rebellious.

That verse is from Ezekiel chapter 2 and I’ve been dwelling on it a bit. It kind of hits home in allot of ways. “Speak My words unto them”, something that simple, that direct. Not Tom’s words but the Word. Its not my business if people listen or ignore it. Keep it simple, and heaven forbid, never speak my opinion, (which is usually wrong anyhow), just stick to the Word. Here’s what I’m talking about, when faced with a question, never, ever give my opinion as far as faith matters are concerned,just stick to what it says in the Bible, simple. Its when we come up with our idea on what it means that we get in trouble. Basics is all, just stick to the basics.

Once in a while I visit farmers, ranchers, even a logger and I have a good time with them. Funny how easy it is for me to just josh with them. In fact there’s at least two places I visit that probably wouldn’t allow a clean cut preacher to visit them. But they have no problem with me stopping by, even when they know that somehow,someway, I got licensed  and even have the title reverend when I get mail from the church outfit that does the covering. I tell you, I sometimes go weeks forgetting that I really got that title. In other words I must not dwell on it all too much. Really doesn’t matter either, but doing God’s work is what matters.

Sometimes I wonder about this kind of ministry. It sure ain’t a glorified one. Once earlier this winter I was visiting with a small time beef guy who’s wife had left him years ago and bad luck follows him closer that a over tamed house cat. Sat there a couple hours in his rather messy house just visiting him. Plus he was well on his way to being drunk when I arrived. Did that bother me? No. In fact we had a rather good talk, mostly about beef, but I got more than enough of the Word in there to pay for the gas. This is the kind of folks that I visit once in a while, and I must say that a compassion rises up in a person that I could never get doing something in church. This is reality, this is where the misery is, this is where the unbearable hurts are. And this is where much to often there is no hope. Just day to day survival with not one thing to look forward to.

This is where some folks such as myself are called. To the very low ministry that has no glamor, no recognition, and no pay either. The towns folk don’t recognize a person as a church pastor, there’s no special invites into respectable peoples homes. But its real! I stay away from writing this more often than not, but this is real here. Armed with one of my little Cowboy pocket Bibles which fit into the blue jean jacket pocket ever so well, I have all I need physically. And God provides the rest, well, in fact most of it.

I guess I won’t ever be one of them big time glamorous preachers that get all tuned up and take pictures with fancy poses. Nope, just some dirty Wranglers that could very possibly have some cow manure on the cuffs, spreading the Word of God. Speaking it and if they listen or not is not my concern. God said, “Thou Shalt”, so I will.


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  1. Well said Brother, well said. Jesus didn’t get alot of invites to fancy houses either. He spoke to the ‘everyday man’. Keep walkin’ in the Word, and may the Lord bless you!

  2. Thanks Lee Ann!

    Sorry for taking so long getting back,busier than heck here,plus more church stuff tonight. Can’t even catch up with e-mails, Oh well, it’ll get done sooner or later!

    This post really says it for me,what love to do. Never boring I can tell you that. Plus no committee meetings either 🙂

    God Bless!

  3. Amen !~!

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