Paying Tribute

Snowing out most of yesterday and all of today. A north east wind blowing it into drifts all over the place. I spent much of the day just plowing snow around the place. Those that know say it should taper off tonight and hopefully tomorrow I can catch up around here a bit. But its warm outside so that means allot of things go good compared to if it was 30 below zero! Cars and trucks start, cattle waterers don’t have the slightest problem, generally just plain good. Taking allot of bedding for the weaned calves though, that’s much easier to keep clean when its colder outside and everything freezes dry. I have the Bobcat parked in the attached garage to our house tonight, as I did last night too, that way even if it drifts up tonight I just hop in after a big breakfast and plow er out as I go. Kinda lazy I must admit, or maybe I’m just getting smarter as time goes on, one of the two I guess.

I was saddened a little while ago to find out that a man that I really respected went home with the Lord today. Glenn Smith, cowboy preacher, in fact one of those that truly blazed the trail in bringing the Gospel to farmers, ranchers, rodeo folks, just about anyone rural. I’ve mentioned him a few times in posts months back, the influence his life was having on mine. I preached about him at least twice in full length sermons months ago in church and also brought up much of his stuff in the shorter tithes and offering talks that I have been giving these last 6 months in church.

A couple of things stick to me from Glenn’s life and preachings. One is to always preach Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today and forever. To never veer from that. makes allot of sense too. Just stay with the Word, don’t try to tickle ears that want some tickling. I also loved his humor. I was listening to some of his sermons, in fact there’s a link on this blog’s sidebar that I use to listen to him. The down home talking is about as good as it gets for a fella like me. Nothing at all fancy, just the plain facts.

I wrote several times months back about his book that I purchased last spring, “Apostle Cowboy Style”, and besides the Bible in this past year that little book about how he started in his ministry is the most read book that I have. Practically every day I read some of it. I was even reading some at mid day today, before I found out that he went home to be with the Lord.

So tonight as its still snowing and blowing out here where the northern plains meet the north woods I pay tribute to this man that helped me in more ways than I can imagine.


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