Bulls, Tamales, and Just Believe

Ah, mid winter, now rumor has it that we’re in for a snow storm of sorts tomorrow and Monday. That’s what happens when it warms up in this area. Just got home after a double chores day. Went to the county seat 20 miles away and checked out a Mexican restaurant that we’ve been hearing about for some time. I am pleased to report that it gets five stars from me. Good food, plenty of it, and cheap!  My kind of place! Tomorrow being Sunday means in a little bit I had better get some things gathered together for tomorrow’s church service. Gotta do some minor preaching which means get a couple of verses prepared and away we go! Now this time of year besides seed catalogs to page through guys like me get bull buyer guides.What that consists of is a magazine type of thing with articles on bulls and bull buying and the publication is chuck full of ads from various ranches in the upper Midwest announcing their sales and such.  I’ve been around long enough to know who hypes the best, who grain feeds their bulls where they create a bull that will “melt down” in real world conditions out in pastures, and who sells just some good doing proven bulls. The cattle business isn’t for the weak hearted let me tell you cause you can lose a bundle fast following some fad and hype. Well, I was going through the bull buyers guide and I just rest easy when I see the ranch advertisement where I like buying bulls. The “Old Reliable Sale” and I tell you, they are. Never a problem, tough bulls, bulls that don’t melt down in real world conditions, plus durn good folks to do business with. This is a real bull sale, with the sales reps from the upper Midwest working the crowds.the sale is at the ranch, in a building they built a long while back for just such an event every year. There’s cowboy hats galore and these ain’t drug store cowboys neither! These are folks that make a good share or all of their living raising beef cattle. A long ways back I figured out how to buy a top notch bull at a much lower price than the high selling ones and still end up with durn near the same quality. Bump up the birth weight just a bit and you can knock a thousand dollars off the price tag. And still have the same quality if not sometimes even better than the high sellers. A long while back I discovered not to go overboard on low birth weights. The reason is that our Black Angus cows don’t have the slightest problem with moderate weight bulls. The money savings are huge, plus another problem is avoided too. That is the problem that many are discovering with repeated breedings of low birth weight cattle, these low birth weight cattle start having birthing problems after a few generations. Moderate ones never really do. Just an old cattleman’s trick and I ain’t even charging for the advice, can’t beat that deal eh!

Well, with all that free advice given and the Mexican food settling in finally I figure I had better tend to some faith things in a bit for tomorrow. Simple faith, simply believing, that’s what I like to talk about the most. There ain’t nothing moving from heaven to earth without faith being the thing that jump started it all. Where does a person begin,how does a person build up faith? Start simple, just believe.Now allot of folks just can’t get it, they say that they can’t get any faith moving and such.So I ask, (as always), do you read the Bible regular? The answer is always no. Well, that’s it then. How can you believe the Word if you don’t know the Word? You ain’t going to get fed watching TBN or something similar. Oh, it might keep you alive but sickly, but a person needs the Word, not stuff like that to move the mountain that needs moving. I liken it to the difference between a good beef cow’s milk and milk replacer. You take a good old cow and let her take care of the calf and that beef calf will grow and grow. It will flourish on that rich milk and then start nibbling the green grass in the pastures. It’ll grow strong and healthy. You take that same calf and take it away from its mother, buy some milk replacer and have it live on that and it’ll never even come near what that cow raised calf has become.

Its really simple, this modern day cattleman’s parable. Go for the rich mama’s milk and it will flourish. Get some imitation stuff and rely on that and the calf will end up a few hundred pounds lighter come fall. The milk replacer calf will never have the beautiful coat that its mama raised counterpart has and its frame won’t develop near as well as the calf’s that has been feeding on the real thing.

The Word of God is the real thing. Not some imitation to keep us going. As the Apostle Paul would say, “barely saved”. There’s allot said in that. Barely saved, living a defeated life, not living in victory as we were intended to. And always its from lack of knowledge as the Bible says. The only way to get that knowledge in a good dose is to get into the Word! It sure would save pastors an incredible amount of time if they wouldn’t have to be counciling defeated Christians all the time.

So this will probably be the theme of tomorrow’s talk in church, believing the Word, not trying to figure out what it means to us because rest assured a fella ain’t going to figure it out. Not until one just simply believes it. A preacher from years gone by named Smith Wigglesworth, a powerful, powerful preacher said, don’t try and understand the Bible,  just believe what it says and nothing will be able to shut the windows of heaven from pouring out blessings on the believer, (Tom’s paraphrase). Just believe!

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  1. howdy NF,
    we are post to get at storm too, hwo about y’all keeping it up there 😉 we got our seed cat too !

    take care

  2. Howdy Jan!

    How bout you folks keeping it down there 🙂 It wouldn’t bother me none if you all keep it to yourselves.

    I just hope it doesn’t make too much extra work around here, but at least the temps won’t be brutal or anything like that!

    God Bless!

  3. sorry about that , I thought it was coming down from there !

    well since its going up that way, ya know what they say , It’s nice to share 😉

    just kidding ,

  4. All the farm publications tell you not to raise your dairy calves on cows milk but the ones we do sure are healthier and bigger. Have you ever bought from Kit Pharro?

    • I’m thinking of A-Iing the heifers this year using bulls from Kit. I can’t afford the average price that those bulls usually bring but going this route will make it affordable. I’m really impressed with his cattle and his faith also.

      God Bless!

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