Against the Flow

Pretty good day in these parts. Started out with around a couple inches of new clean snow on the ground, not enough to slow anything down around here. No wind so everything just stayed put where it fell. It was in the twenties today with sunshine much of the day and as I cut some firewood this afternoon I worked up a good sweat. Water was dripping off the roofs, even though it was below freezing, the sunshine gaining more and more power every day. This is paperwork season and to tell the truth I don’t like it all that much. I guess I was never cut out for that kinda stuff, its more a chore than anything else. Makes my eyes sore after a couple of hours. My regular days are pretty much always outdoors, just doing what I do all the time. In the fresh air, no matter what the weather, farming and doing what needs to be done.

Once I get done with this paperwork I gotta get into the seed catalogs and get some seeds rustled up for the family garden. Plus look around a bit for some seed for the farm. Alfalfa, clovers, grass seeds and the like. Amazing the price differences when a person looks around a little bit on the farm supplies. In my experience,which is considerable, I have found that the forage seeds that I buy at the local farmer friendly co-op and at a local Fleet Store can run circles around the big named seed company’s high price seed.

This year I have no idea what will all happen around here on the farm and I guess I ain’t worried about it very much. We take it as it comes, there’s not much else a person can do. Just like the oldtimers of faith, which I respect s very much. Not really the big named preachers of yesteryear, although I have allot of respect for them, just the old time people of simple faith that used to farm, used to raise families, used to trust God in every part of their lives. Funny, I read a book a long while back, a couple in fact, written a hundred or more years ago. And it was well documented how people when prosperous would stray away from the God that took them there in to prosperous living. I see it all the time, how folks can put together a new religion where living for materialism and calling ourselves Christian become respectable.

Are these new fangled gadgets evil? The answer is no. In fact the other evening when in the hospital waiting room I literally ran the farm and parts of the family from a cell phone. That was basically my first time ever truly using one, normally I never touch it cause the little thing is so small I figure I’ll drop it down my collar on my shirt or something. I need a phone with a receiver a person can grip with his hand, not fingertips. That’s just me though and I sure don’t judge anyone that prefers them. Its when the gadgets, the stuff, starts to rule us that we stray from the Lord.

Lately though this has been on my heart more than normal. About how we think society has the answers to man’s problems. How some figure certain political parties make a person more Christian and so on. I believe that there isn’t much difference in the parties, both run on corruption so I stay away from setting my hopes on them at all. I still vote, I still stay informed, but never give them any hope for changing anything because their system is the world system and that is going to burn away soon. No, I’ll put my trust in Jesus Christ, our King!

Here it is early February and I’m getting more and more stricken with spring fever. Dreaming about getting out there, working the fields, fixing fences, doing cow checks in the pastures everyday. Working in the yard and garden in the evenings to wind down the days. Going down to the creek and see what a person can spot lingering down there. Visiting some neighbors or visiting some friends from church. Heading off to church on Sunday mornings without having to warm up the car in order to keep from freezing down. All these years of writing have shown me that I still value what I did a few years ago. The good life out here. Its what you make it, it can be a disaster or a dream come true, its up to the person.

Wow, did I stray writing, I was trying to talk about the oldtimers of faith. Those farm families of yesteryear. Hard working folks! But they also knew how to stop working and talk with the Lord. Whether at meals, or reading the Bible by lamp light or candle light. About taking every Sunday off after chores were done and fellowshipping with the saints. Not worrying about some football game on the hellivision, not overwhelmed with the deafening noise of a society bent on self destruction through unbridled materialism and worship of self. Just getting together, talking the talk, enjoying each other, eating good!

We’ve lost allot. More than we can imagine. But this is one area where a person can change it themselves. And it might be harder than a person thinks depending on how addicted they are to the world. I know I have addictions in this world, but I also know I’d rather live the life God intended for us to live. To really live, not just go with the flow. I read somewhere that only dead fish go with the flow and by golly they are right. I have never seen a fish pointed down stream except to reposition themselves, live fish are always pointed against the flow!

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  1. Sorry I haven’t commented lately. How’s your daughter doing? She should be back in school here shorty. I think I missed a week of school when I had mine. You’re not the only one wanting spring to come. Well we’ll be moving here in 2 weeks. No major move. Just a few miles from this place. A little bigger place. Life is going great. We’ll have to take a trip your way when spring comes. Have a great one.

  2. Hey RJ!

    Rachel’s doing fine, she taught Children’s Church last evening so the “old man” could sit on his butt in the main church πŸ™‚

    Been wondering about you lately, talk about silent, well, I know your on Facebook,(I ain’t), and family members keep me informed of all the good stuff I guess πŸ™‚

    Yep, can’t wait till spring. Gloomy day as I write this morning.Can’t wait till the spring birds are tweeting outside instead of just hearing crows out there. You all are welcome anytime up this way! Just get up here!

    God Bless!

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