Seek First The Kingdom

Matthew 6 (New King James Version)

33 But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.

Sunday evening around these parts and the weekend is almost over with.Was a rather adventurous weekend to say the least starting Friday morning while I was having a cup of coffee before going out to work before dawn. Our older daughter woke up and complained about a gut ache and I had to go outside then.Later I came in and checked and it was bad. So around eleven AM my wife took her into the hospital at the county seat to the ER. It was agreed upon that I’d stay home a few hours and then come to town for the yearly tax appointment  and then after that if they were still in the hospital I’d come directly there. I got there at 4:20 in the afternoon and still no word exactly what was wrong. Five minutes later they came into the room and said it was appendicitis. I give credit where credit is due, those hospital people didn’t waste any time and things were flying fast! I was calling home and making sure the two outdoor wood boilers would be fired up before 6 PM so we didn’t loose the fires.  To make a long story short, everything went about as perfect as it could get, Praise the Lord, and recovery is well on the way!

Later we thought it over how God had His hand in the whole day, from start to finish. If anything would have varied from how the day went it could have been a disaster, but even as the day seemed as crazy as it could get we look back now and see God’s hand in it all! Right to the smallest details. That’s what I’m starting to recognize daily here on the farm also. And last evening while sitting down and opening up the Bible the verse above jumped right out at me! “First seek the Kingdom of God and His righteousness”. I see it more and more, in daily life, even in crazy days like we just had, God takes care of us because we seek Him first. I believe with all my heart that God will do what He says and He says that He will take care of those who seek Him and trust Him.

I know that in situations like we just had that I can get overwhelmed,make mistakes and all, but trusting God, going by those unctions He places in us, things go the right way. Farming is no different when we trust Him. Farming and ranching are some tough ways to make a living, very tough indeed! A person is at the mercy of everything and without trusting in God to take care of it I don’t know how or why a person would even attempt to take on this way of life. Because I can sure say that it can and will overwhelm a person, the weather,markets, the government, you just about name it, all have a hand in making farming and ranching very risky.

But seek God first, put Him as the number one thing, before family, before farm, heck, before church even and you will see Him move! Put Him before retirement accounts, bank savings, stocks and bonds and most importantly, put Him before the most dangerous idol of all, second to none, self. I’ve always said, when the letters in the Bible are in red a person had better take notice and the words written on the top of the post were in red in my Bibles. Seek Him, trust Him, even when there isn’t hardly an ounce of strength left in a person to do so. I think God loves it when we just hand it all over to Him in trust, in love, for the one who created us.

And God will tax the furthest star for those who simply do that! I can just imagine the chain of events unfold when a person seeks God, trusts Him and puts God first in everything they do. Heaven moves! And nothing can get in the way of God on the move, nothing. When God moves for someone who is putting their trust in Him, nothing can stand in the way!

Farming, ranching, raising a family, all are so blessed when we seek the Kingdom and His righteousness! There is no problem ever that is to big for God, in fact the bigger the better! He doesn’t get the glory when its simple, that’s when we take over so many times, claiming the victory for ourselves. I’ve learned these past few years that I never want to claim the victory, claiming that it was my own power that did it, because it sure wasn’t. No matter what the situation,whether raising cattle, crops, or family affairs, I can only praise God and no one else. He is in charge.In charge when we let Him. He wants to be in total charge, to keep us from harm, but how we push Him to the side,giving lip service and then just doing what we want to do. We screw it up and wonder how could God let this happen?

Seek, seek, seek! Jesus tells us to seek. To get into the Word, get into it daily. To get into the most precious thing that there is, His Word. His Word where there is life, Where there is peace. Where there is love and all the answers to anything a person would ever need to live. To live abundantly, to live for God! To live seeking the Kingdom! Seeking the Kingdom always results in the Kingdom coming! Always! It might not come in the way our simple minds were hoping for or expecting, no, it comes much better than anything we had figured.


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  1. Amen! Just keep seeking Him! So glad your daughter is doing ok & God intervened & protected!!!

  2. Morning Nina Ruth!

    Yep! I can see God’s foot prints everywhere in the last few days!

    By the way, appendix free daughter is recovering fast. Last evening she wanted to go to Wal-Mart and have me come with. I declined 🙂 So starting today she’s fully back to normal activities!

    God Bless!

  3. hehehe, Wal-Mart, eh? She must be doing well, then! Glad for the recovery!

    Well, I was laid off of my office job (thank GOD!) this week…and I am seeing God’s hand in the whole thing!

    He’s been faithful to give miracles of provision thus far & I trust He will lead me specifically & provide for me till I’m Home with Jesus!

    I can’t wait to see what He has up His sleeve next!!! 🙂

  4. Yep,the best way to check the vital signs on an 18 year old girl is as simple as that 🙂 You know they are pretty well over the hump when shopping becomes a priority again!

    Wow! Someone who thinks like me! I remember when I’d be laid off years ago, I’d be the happiest guy in the world! I always figured that’s when there was opportunity! Who knows what would of happened if I’da been a Christian back then??!!

    Thanks Nina Ruth!

    God Bless!

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