Farming With Hope!

An extremely beautiful day today in this farm country in the Northland. A little above freezing, sunny and the wind wasn’t to strong. The cattle have it made, relaxing out in the field, no need of any sort of shelter at all. This was my double day, where I spend the morning doing today’s chores and then start all over agin all afternoon doing Sunday’s feeding.I’m glad the week is done with and if there’s no surprises tomorrow morning should be a breeze getting through a bare minimum of chores. Then head off for church till early afternoon. I always look forward to Sundays and tomorrow is an off day at church so there was nothing to prepare these last couple of days.

This time of year, especially when the weather is nice, I really start dreaming of summer! As I look around the farm its almost hard to imagine summer when everything is under about a foot of white snow. The snow looks so clean this year too. Just brilliant white! Yesterday I drove the skid steer out to the backwoods just to take a look around, never even got out of the machine. It was about at its limit driving through the snow but I made it there and back without having to dig my way out once. Looked at all the different animal  tracks out there to see what’s going on this winter. And today our little country road was rather busy in the afternoon with the wolf hunters making a sweep through a few sections out here. They hunt with hound dogs and most of the hunters never really leave the roads, they just stay parked at strategic spots watching with binoculars, rifles ready. Don’t know if they got any today but I did hear several shots at different times through the later afternoon. Those hunters are welcome in this neck of the woods because it doesn’t take long to get an over abundance of predators which can raise allot of havoc with small stock on a farm. Plus when predators start to over populate they get mange and die miserable deaths from it. Much better thinning them out.

But as I said, summer is on my mind! Instead of heavy coveralls and hooded carhart jacket its just jeans and short sleeve work shirts, wide brim hat much of the time and in the long evenings when the farm work is all done either head for the garden or else sit my butt down on the riding lawnmower and relax outdoors. I have so many projects going on in my mind that I do know that its impossible to get most of them done but I still dream anyhow. And pasture checks in summer are really relaxing unless the calves have decided to become escape artists!

This summer will be a hair bit different, not even noticable to many, but we will be farming for Jesus more and more around here. The work will be the same basically, farming as usual, but the reason for farming is more and more to glorify God. It takes a bit of time, things don’t always happen overnight. Many times folks that have been in church for years and years figure when someone gets saved that they should be a perfect Christian from that day forward. Same here when farming for Jesus, folks might think its an over night thing, but the change sometimes comes slowly. The thing is though, its mostly going forward, never really backwards, sometimes almost standing still, but still moving ahead. Like a fresh saved baby Christian much of what they have always done is still a hanging on them. Its kinda like a dog shedding their coat in summer. It don’t fall off all at once, its a process. Some gets rubbed off, some gets pulled off, and the rest just falls off over time.

Farming for Jesus is like that too. It takes time, a constant learning experience. Step by step our faith level grows! I remember going to church years ago and to tell you the truth I never thought about faith ever. It was barely mentioned, a fella just went through the churchy motions and then get out of that building as fast as a person could when it was over with, always at the exact same time every single week. Reminded me of working in a factory which I did years ago. When the quitting buzzer went off the dead came back to life and those were the fastest walkers a person could ever imagine. I was pretty good at that too! Church was something a person went to, not even really knowing why, and then get out and live like the world the entire rest of the week.

Nowadays its a different story. Gradually our faith is becoming the all important center of life. And that’s why as time goes on the farming changes with it. The methods get tweaked, the days look different. There’s a new life here,much different than before. And we have not arrived by any means and I highly doubt if we will in this lifetime. But what an adventure! A person is set on fire for Jesus in every aspect of their lives. Some areas growing more rapidly than others but all growing never the less! This to me is what makes the Christian experience so wonderful. It only gets better and better! What once were problems that seemed impossible to handle are not viewed as that any more. Because our Lord can handle any problem that we face. Give it to Him and just watch the results! Years ago I never believed any of this, thought it was just some nutcases talking if I ever even heard it mentioned at all. But this is real! It gets to the point where a person can see God moving in our lives pert near every day. I believe He does, but I’m talking about us noticing it. The more faith is used the more God moves. Its a fact that no Bible believing person can dispute. Notice I said Bible believing, not church going person. Its not traditions, its not humdrum religion that pleases God, its faith! Because the Bible says that without faith its impossible to please Him! The Bible says it, its not something Tom dreamt up and is all excited about!

I could never, ever farm without faith again. Faith in our Lord Jesus Christ! How did I even do it years ago, the walking dead? No hope, just self, and what good was self with no hope? Thank You Jesus!

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  1. Wow huntin with dogs while sittin in your there’s sport…I’m not anti-hunting I’m against not giving the aminal an even chance. If the population needs thinning birth-control in bait can be used.( yes there is birth control for wolves)

    • Well, I ain’t a hunter of brush wolves so I ain’t no expert. The one thing I do know is that most of the brush wolves do get away. But like I say, I’m not the hunter 🙂

      God Bless!

  2. thanks for sharing about FAITH, Tom! I really need that sweet simple faith, when circumstances seem not to change…simple trust in His Word!

    Thanks for the encouragement!

    • Thanks Nina Ruth!

      I don’t know,I’m driven to share about faith! It never stops, even if I want it to! I’ve mentioned before that the internet part is becoming the lesser of the ways to get the message out for me. But I’ll keep at it till no one ever reads it any more or the Lord takes me home 🙂

      I thank you always for the encouragement too!

      God Bless!

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