Return to Me

“Return to Me,” says the LORD of hosts, “and I will return to you,” says the LORD of hosts. Zechariah 1:3

The winter is moving along and the weather has been non eventful around here. Cool outside, but it has warmed up above zero the past couple of days. Chores take almost all morning and after a nice noon nap there isn’t all that much day left. But spring is approaching and a farmer looks forward to that with anticipation, not even caring about the huge work load that it requires.Every year I’d look forward to spring with a bit of nervousness because of the huge amount of work that it requires but I’ve learned that no matter how much a fella worries the work all gets done one way or another.

Nowadays its much more exciting looking forward to spring when a person is farming for Jesus! Farming with that simple faith that brings joy to a life. I came across the above verse a few minutes ago and it struck me deep. “Return to me and I will return to you”, says the Lord! A strange thing is happening with our own family and several other folks I know closely. It seems that some of the folks I know are really going deeper with God. I know we are and its exciting to say the least. To shed the world more and more. Now the first thing folks think when I say something like this is legalism, but its a far cry from that I assure you. The Bible say that in the New Covenant we should live by the Spirit, not the letter of the Law. Often this is misinterpreted by folks and its thought that being that we shouldn’t be living by the letter of the Law we can just live like anyone else in the world because we are covered by grace. But the Bible clearly says that path will lead to death.

Living by the Spirit, knowing that a person has been saved by the sacrifice of Jesus, not by anything that we did, reminding ourselves of this daily, every moment of the day, reminding ourselves that He loved us first even as fallen as we were, knowing that the Father has adopted us as sons and daughters to be joint heirs with Jesus Christ is an awesome thing to dwell on every moment! Knowing that we are His feet, His mouth piece, His helping hands in this world staggers me! So often we forget these simple truths and get mixed up in religion. Into self works, into trying to be good enough in order to gain points in heaven.

Our God says, “Return to me”. He is always ready to take us back after we have walked away and got caught up in the cares of the world, forgetting who He really is as we are stuck in the mud of this world. We must return back to Him, even if its a hundred times a day! To tap the inexhaustible source of forgiveness and grace that God has for those that turn back to Him.

If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.

Lord how I love that verse, in fact I put it on this blog quite often and never tire of it! As I’ve written in the past, I’m mainly using this verse in the simplest sense, not for the nation, state or anything like that, but for our families, farms, whatever! It starts at the bottom. Without it starting at the bottom there won’t be anything going to the top. I truly wonder how to get this point across. How having that simple child like faith in God will turn a family, a farm, around. If there is anything I have seen with my own eyes its this fact. Not to mention that it changes everything in life itself! If I had to go back to living like the world, with the only hope I had being in the government or society I would give up so fast heads would be spinning. But farming for Jesus has turned life totally upside down compared to the way it used to be.Or should I say, turned it right side up, turned it to the direction that its supposed to be!

God has a plan for each and every person out there. The plan is perfect, the plan is for us to be great in God’s Kingdom. There are no losers when it comes to God’s plan for our lives. All He asks us is to return to Him, to give it all to Him. Our worries, our cares, our troubles. To love others because He loves them as much as He loves us and heaven forbid that we should hate someone that God loves! Return to Him and He will heal your land, that’s a promise. Now I myself have seen with my own eyes what happens when God is left free to run the farm. It flourishes to say the least. I’da never believed that a few years ago, but its true! We still do the work, but God does the blessing!

When a person starts to live in this direction, starts to see the direct hand of God on all the things surrounding us, it comes to the point where no man can tell me otherwise, no man! My God is more powerful than any man, any nation, any world! The fear of man gets less and less.There is much less fear of any person now than even a couple of years ago because how could I deny my God, especially after seeing what He does around here! This is real, hard to write because I have so much to say and hardly know how to say it. A person becomes a fool for Christ!

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  1. Amen

  2. This blessed me! “Return to Me!” Not to religion, to trying harder, to a faithless mix of Christian pop culture, worldly philosophies & psychology, but return to Me!

    Thank you for the powerful Word!

  3. Patti,

    Thanks! And God Bless!

    Nina Ruth,

    Amen! Return to the King before He returns!Spend eternity with the One that gave it all for us when we were without hope!

    God Bless!

  4. Yes, and the King is soon returning! thanks for the encouragement & fellowship!

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