Joint Heirs

1 Thessalonians 2:4 (New King James Version)

But as we have been approved by God to be entrusted with the gospel, even so we speak, not as pleasing men, but God who tests our hearts.

The weather has been pretty good these last couple of days, in the twenties and not much of a breeze. After morning chores I sawed up and split and stacked about a cord of oak firewood and this evening I can still feel it a bit in the bones! Every once in a while I think about the work I do daily, about working for one’s self. No one telling me what has to get done, no one even knowing half the time what I’m doing as far as that goes. No time clock, no bosses or anything like that. Just get up early seven days a week and get outside to work, no matter what the weather. The days are short now and wearing all those heavy clothes a person tires out by the time the sun is deciding to set. Years ago I worked out on a regular job and I do know how that works. I do know about being a hired person, verses a self employed person.

The last few years have been quite an experience for me, the reason, farming for God instead of myself. Now folks might wonder what that even means. Well, years ago I just did what I did for me, or should I say, us. But since turning over the ownership of our lives to God things are a tad bit different to say the least. Now to clear things up here I don’t mean I gave the farm to a church or something, no, just entrusting our lives and farm to God is what I’m saying. To have faith that He will see us through no matter what. Simple faith, but necessary faith to live by. Going from field to field in the springtime and pleading the Blood over them, blessing the cow herd and trusting God that they will do good.

And the blessing show. Now some folks might figure that a person has to live in disaster all the time to show that they are a “good” Christian. But nothing could be farther from the truth. Tough times come and tough times go but our God is there for us and wants us to live to our highest God given potential! The only way to do that is to give it all to Him, trusting Him and having our every thought focused on Him. Sounds really complicated but in all reality it is not. As the days go by I’m understanding this more and more.Talking with God from morning till night. Going to sleep with prayer flowing constant. The tough part is still waking up and having Godly thoughts and trust right away in the morning but it takes practice. One has to literally make time even when it doesn’t seem convenient. In reality it’s no different than being self-employed farming. One has to literally get up and do what has to be done.Even if it isn’t easy, even if the weather is miserable, a person still has to do what has to be done no matter what seven days a week.

In ministry a person has to get things straight in between the ears. Are we a hireling, or are we a joint owner, by being an adopted son of the Father? There is a huge difference. A hireling works for wages, a joint owner works for their inheritance. A hireling works set amount of hours for a set amount of pay, and when the work hours are done the hireling walks away from the job at a given time and sets it aside. A joint owner works till the job is done, sometimes for little if any pay. This is the same as farming. On the family farm we work to accomplish the job entirely, not going by the clock but by the job. When a person thinks they are done for the day and is heading inside its really common to see something that has to be done yet, that can’t wait till tomorrow, and a person picks up and goes and does it.

Are we willing to go and tell someone what Christ has done for us when we’d rather go and sit down and take it easy for a bit? The more I look at it the more I see why ministry is so close to farming. That’s the reason the Bible can be called the farmer’s handbook. Its the greatest agricultural manual that there ever was or will be. Farm God’s way and things will move! Use the farm for God’s purpose and it will be blessed. Claim the farm as a sancuary where God is everywhere as Lord! This is different than the norm, but this is the greatest thing anyone could ever do with their farms or homesteads or anything for that matter. Give it to the Lord!

It just excites me writing about this because I do see the results! The days are far from boring and there’s always anticipation in every step. And a natural reaction is to tell people about what Jesus Christ has done for them! Not as a hireling but as a joint heir! That’s what the Bible says, a believer is a joint heir with Christ! I’m standing on that promise and will never forget it! How God can take a lost sinner and through His Grace make him or her a joint heir with God’s only Son. This is the Gospel.Its not something where a person is barely scratching to get through life, waiting to die so things will be better someday. No matter what the circumstances a believer is a joint heir with Christ and in this whole of creation there is not much higher than that!

Just hang on to that fact, to that wonderful truth. The angels watch in awe and wonder at these people that are the joint heirs with the Son of God. This is incredible, the thought of who a believer really is, not someday, but NOW! And how could a joint heir not shout from the rooftops and let the world know this incredible Gospel??!!


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  1. Amen

  2. The simple faith of the farmer, the faith that trusting our work in the fields, with our livestock can be blessed by God, that maybe having the work to do is itself a blessing. I think most farmers (or Ag Professionals as they call themselves today) don’t feel the need for that ‘simple’ faith, indeed I doubt it is even preached in many places anymore. I know that, in the struggle to keep my farm, I’ve lost sight of that simple faith. Tom, more, please, on the simple faith.

  3. Patti,

    Thanks for the Amen!

    God Bless!


    Great to hear from you again! Thanks for the suggestion and I will write about simple faith as it pertains to a farmer. Durn,I’m glad you spurred me on with this! If I can get on the computer within the next thirty hours I will write about it, and if I can’t get on the computer I will write about it when I can get on.There’s a tad bit of competition in this house for the computer lately 🙂

    But being that I’m here for a couple of minutes I’ll just say that simple faith is really simple. Man sure can screw up anything simple and it sometimes drives me nuts the way things get screwed up. And I’m a master at screwing it up myself! But faith grows and grows when we exercise it.

    And being a farmer I have to rely on faith because there are so many things totally out of my control. Those Ag Professionals sometimes think they have it all together, but something goes wrong and the first thing they’re looking for is a bailout. Their faith is in the system, not in the Creator.

    But I’ll save all of this for future posts. Glad to hear from you again!

    God Bless!

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