Feeling Alone

A Monday evening and its the last day of November. This past October was nothing but wet and cloudy, but it looks like November made up for it. As I write there’s harvesting going on in every direction from this place. As I have written several times before, we are done with all of ours except for around eight acres of picking corn. That stuff can wait till April or so before it gets picked cause if I picked it now it’d just rot in the cribs. Much to high of moister yet to consider cribbing so I figure let nature do its job instead of me worrying about it. The deer move out of that area in winter so there shouldn’t be much damage by them four hoofed critters, plus the fact there’s going to be corn here and there left standing by folks with the same mindset as mine.

Well, with the big holiday weekend over with I can say that there ain’t much to complain about around here. I don’t get sucked up into much of the stuff that regular society says we should get sucked up into. In other words, I didn’t go shopping or anything like that. Although I did attend a horse auction this past Friday evening for a while. Then again I don’t know if attending a horse auction is exactly what the big money folks figure I should be doing with my holiday weekend.  I kinda enjoyed that, didn’t spend anything so that was a successful evening if there ever was one. Yesterday at church was very good. I even talked a tad and it came out fairly smooth, only two major mistakes that I know of and I don’t know if anyone else caught them. Talked about faith, and that’s one of my favorite subjects because its impossible to please Him without it!

Ephesians 2:8 (New King James Version)

8 For by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God,

How many years and years of church attendance I spent without ever really hearing that. In fact, never hearing that! Just follow the “church”, just do all your duties. Don’t think, just follow. No wonder I was totally turned off from organized religion for so long. Dead religion, no hope, just what seemed like misery. But like countless folks through over the last couple hundred years the Word of God got to me, despite religion’s attempts to hide the facts. The feeling of being set free is almost indescribable!

Now, life is totally different. Oh, there’s still allot of ups and downs, but for the most part, its more than blessed! Anything that ain’t blessed is where I probably am still holding on with my fleshly ways. But as time goes on those fleshly ways start to weaken and gradually disappear. The Spirit Filled life takes over more and more!

I think the biggest problem, and I mean this, that modern American church goers have is that we want to have one foot in the world and one foot in the heavenly kingdom. Trouble is it don’t work out that well. Now this should alienate me from some but then again I won’t be judged by some, I’ll be judged by Him. This past Thanksgiving I go through my annual repulsion. This is where the Holy Ghost literally repulses the body from something. No, I ain’t talking about food or stuff like that. The Spirit knows I don’t over eat, (not too much anyhow). Besides, I need my calories to work around this outfit. I’m talking about something that many folks don’t even think of. On TV, and it sure seems like folks have enough of them big ones nowadays, this past Thanksgiving I was “exposed” to them. We don’t have TV except for DVDs and videos, no network or satellite or anything like that. Its been that way for the last few years around here.And those few years are like centuries when a person hasn’t had TV and is exposed to it now. It has changed drastically! And this is only over a short period of years. Football was on the TV, which I have no interest in what so ever. But I ain’t against football either. Don’t bother me either way.

The repulsion, and its truly physical, is from the commercials. How far we’ve fallen and don’t even realize it! Being daily brought down into hells gates. The most bothersome thing in my heart is the fact that so many ministers of the Lord are totally immersed into this snare from the pits of hell. Oh, I sound like some wacko here I know, but the sad fact is that its true! We invite hell right into our homes and wonder why life is so bad at times. We wonder why our faith never seems to produce any powerful results.Its easier to go to a non Spirit Filled church, go through the motions and come home and set our fat butts down and let hell right into our living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, and heck, probably they have those flat screened hellevisions in the bathrooms too!

Do we really want to snub the Cross? Do we really want to crucify Christ over and over again in the name of leisure, an American pastime? One of the saddest things for me to see is seeing God’s anointed ministers falling, falling slowly but surely as they allow the gates of hell opened into their living rooms. Then to take it a step further they will even have Super Bowl parties in church. Now if it was just the game, I can see nothing wrong with it. But they’ve given the keys of the churches to the devil, and the deeds too, by allowing the world to pour out its filth in what was once thought of as a house of worship.

See what holidays do to me? Living a Spirit Filled life a person takes no interest in these worldly things, especially not when its the open gates of hell pouring out its filth into supposedly Christian homes. Sometimes I feel lonely on this old ball called earth. The acceptable thing is to go to church, to act the act, and think nothing of living in sin when a person gets home.I want to just cry when I think about it. Church, church, there is a God that is the God of the universe. There is a God that is holy and wants for His children to be holy. Why do we throw it all away? Why?

We praise God on Sundays and after that give Him the boot and live like the devil the rest of the week. This is not a game, this is reality! We cannot invite the fleshly lusts of the world into our homes and expect to someday reach our heavenly home. It doesn’t work that way, not at all. And especially for pastors who have been entrusted to deliver the Gospel, to be having an allegiance with hell right in there own homes is totally unacceptable. Some “tough guy” pastors might think it makes them macho, but they’re nothing more than wimps of hell, inviting the world into their homes like that.

I ask myself, where are the Christians? Where are those that would stand up to the gates of hell and truly declare the Gospel? There’s a form of religion, as the Bible say, in these last days. I’ll take a faith that might make me look like some sort of back country hick, but I’ll stand on that faith! This is one of the many reasons for a powerless church in America today. Powerless in almost every way. Society marching on, spreading death at every doorstep, and the church, the so called church, well they’re sitting in their homes watching hell’s review. Enjoying the false promise they have in their heads where they think they can have God and have the world too. Sorry, but it doesn’t work that way.

How could anyone that truly gave their hearts to Christ do such things? How can they justify it. I feel like Jeremiah, alone in this. I say things like this probably to be ridiculed, laughed at. But the tragic thing is, what I say is true.




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  1. Morning NF,

    have a good day!

  2. Morning Jan!

    You too! 🙂

    God Bless!

  3. Ahhhh Dearest brother,
    And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.” Galatians 6:9

    Well Done!! I was actually ‘saved’ in a demonination (NO, thats not a spelling error) that enforced rules about no tv, no make up, no cutting of womens hair etc. And even through all that legalism there was multitudes of blessings and growth due to the tv being out of the house. Sadly I have allowed it to worm its way back into out house…
    There are many shows I do not watch and commercials that I turn away from yet I am still defiled daily it seems.

    There is a glaring reason Father is leading me and teaching me many of the deeper things of HIS cross…(sigh)

    Keep the faith! Faint Not! They that endure…

    Mat 25:23 His lord said unto him, Well done, good and faithful servant; thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things: enter thou into the joy of thy lord.

    I would love to be there when you hear those words from Jesus…

    Love and peace,

    • Hello Brother Brian!

      I know you were brought up in legalism and the affects of legalism aren’t very good to say the least. A person can’t, or should I say a church, can’t impose rules like that on people and expect to live in the Spirit. Especially when the ministry itself is made up of sinners, pardoned of course.

      To live in the Spirit is to chase God with all we have. Day by day peeling off the world’s influence and running the race to the goal! We live in this world but aren’t a part of it, well anyway that’s what God says about it, not Tom. A person can’t serve two masters and one way to ignite a flame of anger is to call sin a sin. The world don’t want to hear that, no, not one bit.

      Thank you my friend from the land where its allot warmer than here, you always set me on the right path and I truly appreciate it.

      God Bless!

  4. Are you saying that if we don’t live like you do we can’t possibly be born again? Sometime the Lord tells us to do or not to do something and we feel the need to impose this on others.

    • Evening Patti,

      No where did I say that and that’s that for that. In this journey that we call life I’m learning an incredibly important thing. That every day is a day when we need salvation, its not a one time event. Salvation daily from the influence of the world that is set to destroy us eternally. That’s not me talking,that’s what the Bible says. I’m about as unlegalistic as a person could ever be, just saddened by the acceptance of sin by the church today in so many areas. This cannot be denied one bit. The Bible has many instances of the church folks getting turned away by God at the Judgment. Again, not Tom’s view, but the Word’s. And the Word is true and we will be judged by the Word.

      Every person has the right to accept sin. No question about that. But God doesn’t change and sin cannot be tolerated by a Holy God. Will a person go to hell for doing what I was writing about? A born again Christian? More than likely not, but to spurn the blessings of God for the sake of self has to sadden God who before this world was formed had a glorious plan for each and every one of His children. Paul addressed the carnal Christian ways and stated that they were barely saved. To give up so much for the sake of self is definitely not leading a Spirit Filled life.

      Again, sin is sin. Its not imposing when stating that allowing sex and other worldly things into your home is sin. Simple. Would Jesus wink and say that it’ll get overlooked and you can just be blessed and never worry about a thing? Ah, the devil loves it when folks allow sin into their homes. To have an open invitation is to good to be true to that old snake. One thing, if someone who calls themselves a Christina can openly defend allowing sin into their homes, then I would question if that person is born again or just putting on a show.

      God bless!

  5. All I can say is Amen brother! The scriptures tell how the church leadership is held to a higher standard. I read that as setting the example. As you have stated, what kind of example is it when the TV is allowed to bring sin into a pastor’s home and it is considered acceptable? Also The scriptures are clear on putting a stumbling block in front of another. Yet we see both church leadership and proffessed Christians living no different than the lost world. It’s all in the heart. Is Jesus truly our Lord? Or just fire insurance? If he is Lord than we are to serve Him. Service would seem to include a little self sacrifice in wordly pleasures I would think. I have had no tv in my home for the past two years. Sitting at the home of my parents Thanksgiving evening and the tv was on, I couldn’t believe how much worse it had gotten in just two years. Women parading in front of you might as well be naked. How can we as servants of Jesus allow ourselves to be assaulted with these images untill we are numb to what it is doing to our minds? The devil loves numb Christians I’m sure, as they are the easy to convince we must go along to get along.
    Keep preaching it brother! you are not alone.
    Mountain Home Vt.

  6. Morning Ray!

    Thanks for the comment, for sure! Last evening I was at church. A rare night, when I wasn’t scheduled for any job there or anything. Didn’t have to come early for once. Sat down before church while there was prayers going on and when prayers ended and church was about to begin, our pastor came to me and asked if I’d do the service because a church member was said to have been taken to the hospital at that time. Of course I got a mike and did it. Halfway through the service the pastor came back, all was well, and I was back to a comfortable evening in my seat. One must be ready at any given moment!

    Got home last night kinda late, but read both books of Timothy because of this thread. The ministry must live at a higher standard, without a doubt! When called to do things at a snap of a finger one must be ready, not immersed in the world. A lesson I learned last night!

    At least I know there’s another person around that can see the horrific changes as just a few years go by on TV. Those that continue to watch are sadly being memorized by satan’s most powerful tool in this age.

    Thanks and God Bless!

  7. Amen Brother Tom!!! You don’t stand alone. I’ve been preaching this sermon for quite a while now …. just not as eloquently as you. 🙂 As a matter of fact, I stopped into my favorite 2ed hand store a couple of days ago and the worker had a little TV going behind the counter. There was some trashy talk show on. I glaced at it, looked at the lady and said something like “you know,(motioning toward the TV set) that is alot of the reason we don’t have TV service anymore. There’s too much trash on, and I can’t see paying good money for that.” Her look was priceless. She stammered and went on to tell me that she only watches the discovery channel at home, etc. I really resisted the urge to wink at her and say something about her viewing habits at work, but thought I’d better behave myself.

    Speaking of behaving myself, I’d better get busy. Keep spreading the Word! Have a good night and may the Lord bless you!

  8. Evening Lee Ann!

    If I had a dollar for every time someone told me they just have TV for the Discovery Channel and maybe the History Channel I think I’d have enough money to drive way out your way and take you and Ray out for a high class T-Bone supper! 🙂 In other words, that’s what they all say 🙂

    So lets look at this a moment. When watching those “good channels”, there’s still the carnal commercials from the world coming into a person’s home, making way for the enemy to occupy your very home. Then there’s show after show that’s bringing the religion of evolution into your home, in front of your eyes and speaking it into our ears. I don’t have time at the moment to look up appropriate Bible verses but this is a really easy one to back up.

    This afternoon while hauling freezing up mud out of the cow lot, (by the way it sure is easy to work with when its freezing compared to trying to load up swill), I had Christian radio on in the heated tractor and they had a thing on there about TV, (of all things, eh). They went on to show how much time is wasted on it and it staggers the imagination!! Also, its an addiction and also a person really can’t sit there day after day taking in all that hellevision without what a person is watching becoming a part of them. Of course when one is addicted there is denial, often violent, but that’s the way it is.

    No a person could counter this saying, “well Tom, your on the computer!” Yes, that cannot be denied, but its 100% selective. Very little if anything comes on here that I don’t “select”. IN reality I spend very little time on the computer, just come here and a few select Christian sites. Any searching is selective and that’s for rural ministry stuff and that’s about it. In other words, the computer is a tool, no different than our skidsteer loader.

    Ah, so much to say here tonight. But I gotta cut this short for now 🙂

    Thanks and God Bless!

  9. “No a person could counter this saying, “well Tom, your on the computer!” Yes, that cannot be denied, but its 100% selective. Very little if anything comes on here that I don’t “select”. IN reality I spend very little time on the computer, just come here and a few select Christian sites. Any searching is selective and that’s for rural ministry stuff and that’s about it. In other words, the computer is a tool, no different than our skidsteer loader.”

    The computer is NOT 100% selective if your connected to the internet.There are “comercials” on just about EVERY site .Most just as bad as what is on tv. I’m not defending T.V. I’m against blanket judgements based on the “us vs them” concept. Reminds me of the “Christian agrairan(sp)” movement which to me screamed” Be like us or you can’t possibly be saved”.. This will be my last 2 cents on this. Nothing like a good rant to bring people out of the woodwork eh?

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