Colossians 3:17

“And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.”

Tonight on the eve of  Thanksgiving its cooling down outside and there’s a brisk northwest wind blowing. All is well though around here and I’m looking forward to the morning because allot of the mud might be froze and make for some easier walking. Late this afternoon I smoothened the ruts in the mud that the skidsteer loader has made the last few days feeding cattle so if it freezes the mud hard it won’t be so durn bumpy feeding in the morning. Today not allot got done,just brought some equipment home from across the county road now that the cow herd is home from there.The equipment consisted of a power generator that gives me electricity out there in a remote pasture setting. Its allot cheaper running a generator than having power put in.I don’t think I use ten gallons of gas a season out there pumping water for the cows. Another thing brought home was the electric fencer and a large solar panel we have rigged up with that set up out there. The electric fencer is our high powered on that almost equals a top of the line plug in fencer, but it is a tad bit hungry for electricity.The solar panel extends the battery life about a day this time of the year to a total of two days before the battery goes dead. But I tell you, its worth it cause that fencer isn’t some little tickler! It’ll knock em on their butts!

This Thanksgiving I am kinda settling in for a good one the way I figure it. The first time in a few years where there’s plenty of feed around here, a surplus as a matter of fact. The cows are rolling fat, just the way a feller wants em to be when the north winds blow and its thirty below zero. All is well with the family as the girls keep getting older and the days of having a full nest around here are coming to a close. The next few months this cattleman will be working on getting the oldest into Bible College and that’s all new to me. I never dreamt years ago that I’d be having children going into ministry, heck I never dreamt that I’d be in ministry as far as that goes. But the Lord works in mysterious ways! Was thinking about that today, about leaving a legacy where the family works for the Lord. That sure would have never happened if this crusty beef cow guy wouldn’t have wandered into a little Bible believing church in a very small rural town a few years ago.

Thankful? Yes,very! Life has its ups and downs, its good times and rough times but our Lord is worthy to be praised through them all. Blessed is the word. Very blessed, no matter what happens, this family is blessed! I was praising the Lord when I brought home the hams and bacon that just got done today in town three miles away. Award winning bacon, they say its the best in the state. Add that to home raised pigs that were raised heavily on garden scraps and every time I have some bacon sizzling in the stove top I can be praising the Lord in thanksgiving. Tomorrow for thanksgiving I’ll be having a new treat, besides the traditional I get to eat some buffalo ribs. Now we ain’t making them, but where we’re going about an hour from here they say they do em up right. Well, I sometimes rant about to many traditions so now I get to eat like I write, non traditional! If they’re really good I’ll probably write about them!

This coming weekend I plan on going to a livestock event, just to be there. A feller never knows what will come up, but I figure that a person representing Jesus is needed sometimes at things like that. The Lord put it on my heart to just show up. So that’s what I’ll do. Don’t know where that’ll lead, but a fella just has to be obedient, let the Lord take care of the details. As I sit here writing I’m listening to the northwest wind howling here where the northern plains meet the northwoods. A land of allot of livestock. Everywhere you turn there’s cattle or horses. By the thousands when you add up the area. Rolling hills with fields and woods, rivers and lakes. A nice area. And its a privilege to be able to do the Lord’s work here. There’s so much coming I wonder how a person can even attempt to do any of it, but these are the days of the harvest and the workers are needed.

One thing set me at ease a while back. That’s the fact that it’s the Lord’s ministry, not mine. In America,or this society we tend to think by the numbers. God don’t look at it that way. He thinks by our obedience. He wants obedience. When He says go, then go. If not a single thing happens that would put a feather in our hats, the fact that we went is what the Lord is looking at. It took me a while to get that through my skull! Its His ministry, not ours! This frees a person up to do the Lord’s will! So when the Lord says go, then go! In reading the book, Apostle Cowboy Style, this was a huge fact that got imparted in me. And in another book about how Jesus evangelized the thing that stuck out was the fact that Jesus did spontaneous evangelism. Where ever there was a need, there was Jesus. Nothing planned, just walking along and there was an opportunity. An opportunity to set someone free. He took the time with the people that society and religion shunned. He helped the losers that were outcasts. He gave them life. This is what it’s all about as I read the Bible, to help the helpless, to free the captives!

Thankful, yes I am. There’s everything to be thankful about. A new life in Christ that was given freely to someone so undeserving. The impossible made possible! There is nothing bigger than that, nothing!

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  1. good morning,
    So haow were the Ribs? 😉

  2. Not Bad! In reality, nothing special,just like beef ribs done up right. I think I’m still full almost two days later 🙂

  3. I pray you had a wonderful Thanksgiving day but we are thankful every day eh? A grateful thankful heart is precious before the Lord !~!

  4. HI Patti!

    Yep, every day, we sure gotta be. That’s why I loved putting up the Bible verse on top of this post, “And whatever you do”, that pretty well covers it,…… “giving thanks to God”……..

    The devil just hates a Christian like that 🙂

    Thanks and God Bless!

  5. I love it that you emphasize OBEDIENCE! God is really hitting home w/my heart with that subject…it isn’t about my glory, about immediate visible results or “success” it’s about OBEDIENCE…did I do what He asked, when He asked, how He asked, for as long as He asked & leave the consequences/results to Him?!?! That’s all that matters…oh, that He’d get that into my thick skull…! 😀

  6. Hi Nina Ruth!

    OBEDIENCE is almost a swear word in most circles nowadays. But its the command of Christ that we should obey Him. It ain’t a suggestion, its a command! To love the Lord is to obey the Lord!

    God Bless!

  7. And lately, obedience to God’s Word has brought me shunning &/or verbal assault from a few “friends” & one family member…it’s heartbreaking & SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO tempting to just cave in to their cynicism & “serve two masters” but I cannot go back to that…

    Need lotsa prayer for peace in the midst of this storm & courage/child-like Faith!!!!

    • Hi Nina Ruth!

      Your not alone. Any time a person talks or writes about obedience to God, people will come out of the woodwork to try and tear you down. The Bible promises that and the Bible is true!

      More and more I really don’t care what folks think of me cause in the end I’m not going to be judged by people, I’ll be judged by God and heaven forbid that I ever back down to satisfy people’s own love for sin that they want overlooked. Never do I look for trouble, never, but trouble will come, again its a promise from Jesus. The world hated Him and He says the world will hate us. So if a person is wanting to be popular with the world at the same time serving God it ain’t going to work. Again, I didn’t say that, Jesus did.

      Keep up the faith Nina! Our prayers are with you always. I know its the internet but I consider you a friend and a sister in Christ even from this old computer 🙂

      God Bless!!

  8. thank you to Tom & family & my internet family of FAITH here on this wonderful website! I just read the following encouragement (written by a pastor re: a 21 day fast that his church does) to NOT give up…it’s usually just before the breakthrough that we’re tempted to give up (that may be what’s going on w/me right now)!

    I believe there are many of you who have probably surprised yourself by hanging in there this long. I’m sure there are some, especially those that this is the first time that you have fasted, didn’t think you were going to make it this far, but you have. Congratulations! But then I thought about those who are probably battling the temptation just to go ahead and stop, or your thoughts are “what’s one day going to hurt, besides I have already completed 20 days?” when I began to think about this, immediately my mind begin to think about several situations in the Bible that I would like to reflect on.

    In 2 Kings 5:10 when Naaman was commanded to dip seven times in the Jordan River so that his body would be restored from leprosy, what if he stopped dipping on the 6th time?

    In Joshua 3:13 God told Joshua that when all the soles of the priests bearing the ark of the covenant stepped into the Jordan river, then waters would part and they could pass over on dry ground, but what if one foot for one of the priest did not step all the way into the river?

    In Joshua 6:4 when Joshua and the children of Israel were commanded to march around the walls of Jericho 7 times and the walls would come down, what if they would have stopped on the 6th lap?

    I often wonder how many people are only “one step”, “one lap”, “one dip”, or “one day” from their breakthrough. I believe that many of you are at that place right now. But at the same time I often wonder how many people have blown it because they stopped one lap, one step, one dip, or one day too early?

    I know it may be tempting now and we all can find ways to justify why it will be ok if we stop now, but I want to encourage you on this 20th day, to hang on a little while longer, you just might be on the verge of your breakthrough! Don’t stop now!

    Remember this powerful Word from the Lord and be encouraged.

    Galatians 6:9 “And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not”.

  9. Morning Nina Ruth!

    Thanks! I really like that when folks cut and paste some really good stuff on faith, and especially something like this, about hanging in there! Run the race, the race ain’t an easy thing, its hard work like any race, but don’t give up! When each lap of the race is completed a person moves to a higher level by God’s abundant grace!

    Thanks and God Bless!

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