Gathered Em In

It sure was a murky day in these parts again. That’s a few in a row. But I wanted to get a cow herd home that was south of here before the weather starts to think like winter and even in the murky wet conditions we brought em home with the cattle trailer, load after load and were done around ten this morning.I tell you, it sure does feel good having them cows home because now the chores are all in one place, not scattered all over the countryside. That’ll cut out much of my afternoon work so I can go on to better things instead of being saddled down with here and there chores. I was thinking today that since October 1st we’ve had about nothing but mud around here. Even when you get a few sunny days in a row it doesn’t dry much up because of the sun being so durn low. There isn’t much that’s going to get rid of that mud except for the weather to get cooler and solidify the stuff. In spring it can dry out faster with the sun being so much higher and the days so much longer.

I learned today that I ain’t exactly a spring chicken no more too. Man, running in that mud with knee high rubbers on loading load after load of cows had me nearly doubled up a few times during the festivities. Nope, I ain’t getting much younger, that I can tell you. But then again I’d bet there’s quite a few folk my age that would have a tough time keeping up with me on jobs like that. There is an adrenalin rush for sure, especially when a feller figures he’s about to get crushed by a few huge cows in a narrow spot. Come noon I took a good long nap today, I was durn near done in, but got a good second wind after all of that!

This is my life though, what can I say. I can’t hardly imagine doing anything else. In fact after all of these years what else could I do? It’d be rather difficult having to just follow orders and put in a day, difficult in the mind maybe, but probably easier on the body. That is unless I had a ranch job so I’d have to do allot of the stuff I do now.This is a strange life though.When I think about it and the years keep rolling along, I wonder sometimes how come I was blessed to live like this, that is if you’d call it a blessing! Some I know would call it a curse. But it all depends on how you look at it I guess.Every day, seven days a week a fella works. There’s no days off.  Just some days with less work that others. There is never a day when things go as a feller planned. There’s always something coming up to throw any schedule a person could foolishly come up with right out the window.

That’s the way it is though, every day. There’s no guarantee that I’ll be home at any given moment, ever. A person gets a different attitude in life than what people would figure as normal. No well regimented days, ever! I figure even though the days are totally unpredictable that a person is fairly free living like this. Take for example after the cow moving morning a feller was free to take a little rest, get recharged and get on back out there. When a weekend rolls around there ain’t any desperate longings to go do something for a couple of days cause a person is out in the land where the city folk come to get away from it all. They battle the traffic every weekend coming up from the Twin Cities and battle it back on Sunday afternoon and evenings going back to their home in what they once thought was the place of promise. Only to find out that it ain’t all that hot living like that. I’m glad most live down there though otherwise it would be a tad bit crowded out here!

I got a few good friends that when we talk about this subject we always agree, we’re country and its pretty tough to take us out of the country! Now we might not have them high paying careers like so many have but I know we have something that their money can never buy em, we’re happy! Most of us avoid debt like the plague cause we know that debt will put us into a slavery that a person can never hardly get out of.Wake up in the morning knowing that there ain’t a huge multitude of bills to pay because we just had to have some “stuff” and a feller can walk outdoors, free! I know society figures in order to be a good citizen that we’re supposed to be in debt so that allot of folks can make a living off of us,but I never was one for job creation along those lines.

Nope, just give me this freedom we have, work hard and not only believe the Word of God but act on it too! In ministry a person is free too out here! Not saddled down with trying to act like society wants a person to act. Now I know this gets to some folks that figure you got to dress a certain way and act a certain way if a person is in ministry, but such is not the case with yours truly. The other day I was talking with a pastor’s wife from the big city and I think she mighta thought I was half nuts, which is certainly not out of the question. The way I talk don’t sound like a well groomed preacher and I hope I never figure I’m so special that I gotta talk high faluting! I can’t remember what decade it was when I last wore a suit and a tie, no kidding. I figure if it takes a suit and a tie to stay in a place I’d rather get the boot!

Going formal to me is a pair of black jeans I bought at the co-op and a shirt that I probably bought there too. Add a bolo tie and the black pair of cowboy boots I have for special occasions and I’m set to go. Its no gimmick, that’s life to me, nothing less. I was looking on the web researching all I can about rural churches and particularly cowboy churches and allot of them are alright.But once in a while I hit a denominational church trying to do that.Then I see pictures of the pastor in his western garb, but then I come across when he’s with some other church bigshots and he’s all spiffed up wearing a suit and tie and looking big city. I don’t do that, no not at all. I figure the bigshots can accept me the way I am or else forget it. I ain’t putting on a show. Luckily, and its a blessing, our church and the covering our church has takes no notice of the outward appearance of your’s truly. I guess they look to the inner man, not the outward appearance. Now I ain’t saying I’m a slob, far from it, just country. I mentioned black jeans, Wrangler to be exact, but that’s for very, very special occasions, normally its regular Wranglers, blue and half faded.

Boy, I’m just a rambling on tonight. Must be the mud. But better times are coming and I ain’t complaining one bit. God is good!

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  1. morning all,

    hope y’all a blessed Thanksgiving!

  2. Morning Jan!

    Same to you, a blessed Thanksgiving to you and yours!

    By the way, I found out that at our Thanksgiving meal this year, besides the traditional stuff like turkey and the like, we’re going to be chowing down some buffalo 🙂 Ribs to be exact. Now Thanksgiving ain’t here, I gotta travel, an hour, but I’ll travel an hour to try that out:)

    God Bless!


    let me know how the ribs are! 😉

  4. Will Do! 🙂

  5. Amen!

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