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Thus ends a beautiful week in these parts. It looks like the weather is going to head south for a while,probably till June, but its that time of year. The time this week was used wisely, bringing in the firewood while the going was good and easy. Working in the woods was like working in a nice park. Didn’t need a jacket most of the time, nor mud rubbers either. So a person was working without a heavy load on the shoulders and feet. Made life pretty nice if you ask me. And with the calendar moving on and the weather getting more and more fickle I figure early this next week I want to bring the cow herd from across the county road home safe and sound.There’s plenty to eat out there yet but I get a bit nervous having them out there this time of year with the possibility of blizzards and all.Its not a simple thing getting them home and it really can get rough with them across the tar road towards the middle of the next section if we get a couple feet of snow and wind. Better to be safe and sound at home where there’s more than enough feed to last right through next summer of need be.

Just got back from the county seat a few minutes ago, figured we could go out to eat in a restaurant once in a great while. Now you may wonder what a beef guy eats when he goes to town on rare occasions like this.Well, I eat steak! Sure I eat steak all the time at home, (and never get tired of it either), and when I go to town I figure on having a cattleman’s meal too. Never was a chicken man, what can I say, although I sometimes eat it on Sundays just for tradition’s sake. Just give me beef and I’m happy! But we’re back home now, resting up for early chores tomorrow morning so I can get to church. Ah, a Sunday with nothing to do in church and this Wednesday there ain’t no Wednesday evening services either so I can relax when it comes to church work for a few days. I never really tire of it, in fact I feed on it. But this will be a welcome break for a few days. Gotta travel an hour this year for Thanksgiving and I’m really looking forward to that! Nice to get away for a few hours and like I said, I hope all the cows are home by that time cause my daily workload will drastically cut back when them cows are home.

This coming year will be a year of new things for me in ministry. My passion for a long time has been to have some country type of services, with music and the whole ball of wax. This on top of what we normally do. But for several years now its been a dream of mine to have some country services, and I mean country! This along with the possibility of having services at different farm and ranch events in the area has me pretty excited! This is my kind of stuff, something I’m at home with. I never was one for regular suburban religion, just a country boy is all. Surrounded by country folk. You give me a band with a fiddle or a banjo and I’m at home. Now I like allot of different kinds of worship music,but it all boils down that I’m still country and that’s who I am.

Through the past few years I’ve blogged about Gospel Barns and such and no matter what I get into with ministry somehow I return to that dream. As for me, all roads seem to lead to a Gospel Barn type of event. And this could be the year that it all starts to come together. It don’t hurt when your church backs you up on this either, let me tell you! So over the next few weeks I’ll see what the Lord whips up and shoves in front of my face. (Hey, it does work like that sometimes!) I know when I start thinking about who should I stop by and visit, about who would be responsive to things like this, it don’t take long to come up with folks.

And now that the fieldwork is getting accomplished in this neck of the woods that also means farm visits will start to pick up.The local farmers will gradually be wrapping up their harvests, some are done already, and then there’s a bit more free time in the evenings to just stop by. I’m excited about it all this winter and for good reason. There’s a King of kings, a Lord of lords that a feller works for that is worthy of everything we can possibly do for Him. He suffered and died for us, and we sure aren’t worthy of that, but He did anyhow, to bring us back to Him. I know one of the most common things many folks say is ” why does God allow suffering in this world, if He were a loving God He wouldn’t allow that.” I used to be perplexed on that one. But now the answer is simple, “if” a person believes the Bible and not having it changed through man made tradition. Here’s where many church folk miss it and miss it big. The train of though that God has everything under total control, where anything that happens is the will of God. That is unbiblical and wrong. And that’s where confusion sets in, thus unbelief and lets just throw in a little misery to give us a total package of misbelief.

Think, if God has everything under complete control, if everything is according to His will, then most folks will be going to hell without a chance or a choice because they are in God’s will to do so. NO, no, no! Its not God’s will that this earth is in sin, its not God’s will that folks live in sin and deny Him. Its His will that we come to Jesus, to be reconciled back to the Father. When bad things happen its not because its God’s will, its because its our will, man’s will, shaking his fist at a powerful and loving God that loves us so much He gave His only Son as a way out of this insanity called the world. A dying world.

I’ll have to touch on that subject. Its a subject that can set people free, releasing them from the lies and bondage of religion that teaches that everything that happens is God’s will. Oh, I can just see some collars getting steamed up over this. But its the most easily proven thing that there is, the truth about the creation of man, the fall of man, and the answer which is Jesus Christ. The reason I like to write about this, and will write about it shortly, is that this is one of the most common things a person hears when bringing the Gospel to folks. The brainwashing that they have received through the years that sends them into despair, that hardens them. I ask, why are people rejecting Jesus around here? The answer is that they were and are being taught something other than the Gospel, (the Good News), of Jesus Christ.

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