Some Beautiful Days

This week has been far above normal as far as temperatures go. A sharp contrast to the month of October which was way below normal in that department. Its down right pleasant working outside this week with very little if any wind. The last couple of days I figured I’d better get some firewood made for this house. The wood pile was looking rather small out beside the outdoor wood boiler and I had visions of digging through snow in mid winter trying to scrounge up some firewood to keep from freezing to death here. That’s all we burn for this house is firewood and a fella had better have enough to stay comfy through the winter and well into spring. In this area the elms are dying off, again, like they did about thirty years ago and most of them are standing yet and losing their bark. When they die like that the wood really gets good and dry and makes an excellent firewood in the outdoor boiler. I’d hesitate if I had to burn it in an inside stove because it sometimes ain’t perfectly dry, but out there, who cares! No worries about chimney fires with that rig.

Today I had some help around the place and to speed up the making of that kind of firewood we went out in the woods with the skid steer loader.The reason, most of those trees won’t fall all the way down because of all the trees surrounding them. So the solution for extracting all those dead trees from all over the woods and to a place where a fella can saw em up and have a wagon right along side is to pull em out of the thick stuff to openings where a tractor or a pickup can drive into. We cut allot of trees today, some barely even moving a little bit off their stump.Hook up the chain which is hooked onto the loader and pull until they fall down, (the opposite way from the skid steer), and drag em out.We then sawed up a huge truckload before calling it quits and doing the late afternoon chores.Now I’m looking forward to this job the next couple of days, talk about easy street! Just drive the flatbed truck alongside of the drug out trees and get to sawing and load em up without working in the deep brush. A fella couldn’t hardly have it any better than that in my books. Besides, its work like this that keeps me lookin so durn young, (well, I can dream can’t I).

26Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they? 27Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life?

That’s from Matthew chapter 6. I think allot of folks have read this or heard it here and there.Of course these are the words of Jesus telling us not to worry, God will provide.Very true and I sure do want to get that deep in my heart too. But sometimes folks get a little over board as they do on so many things of the Word. I’ve read of folks who figure they don’t have to do anything because if they believe in faith that God will just drop everything in their lap.But the Bible sure don’t say that at all. Notice it doesn’t say that God feeds the bird in their nest. Them birds gotta get out and rustle up the food that God provides, not sit in the nest with their mouths open waiting for something to drop in! Ever think about that?

I think sometimes folks go overboard on the spiritual and can’t see the reality God has provided for them. Our needs are met, but it ain’t a handout. We are expected to do something about it too. Take getting firewood for the winter here on this outfit.God provided the wood, God provided the good weather, God provided the strength and the time to get out there and do the job, and haul it home putting it on a good big stack for the winter. Now I don’t think I’m off when I say, God has provided! Cause He sure did! That firewood wouldn’t have gotten very far if I’da sat in my nest here and spoken that I had faith that the firewood would be provided. God provides, in every aspect and expects us to do our part in the deal.

Besides, if a person really gets right down to it, there’s few jobs in the world where a person can talk to God better than stacking firewood. There’s just something about the job, getting a good healthy workout, out in the outdoors in the fresh, cool air. In these northern climates its a great time to spend hours with our Creator and Lord!

Soon winter will hit, when I don’t know but one thing for sure, it will come. Out here in the countryside with the cattle here and there all around us, the firewood pile getting bigger by the day, the work getting done job after job. This cattleman is a happy and thankful fella. Next week with Thanksgiving coming around there is allot to be thankful for. In fact most everything. This winter there won’t be no skinny cattle, the house will be warm, the days will be short for a few months so a person can regain strength for the work months. Get into the Word a bit more, get out and go from beef raiser to beef raiser,with a few horse folks thrown into the equation and preach the Good News to families that don’t even set foot in a church building, but might if a fella brings them the Good News right to their farm or ranch. Allot to be thankful for is right. God is good, all the time.If we follow Him,it will be good no matter what the world throws at us. Through ever joy, through every trial, God is good and with us all the way!

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  1. it was a good day here,
    we heat with wood too. if we ever get the roof on the shop , that’s where were we will have to get going on our winterwood
    well have a good weekend

  2. You have a great weekend too Jan!

    I hope to get back out the next couple of days and keep making that wood while the weather holds.Its so nice out lately!!

    God Bless!

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