Standing Behind His Word

Around the cattle yards here are heavy duty corrals. Eight foot rail road ties sunk into the hard clay ground about three feet, firmly packed every six to seven foot apart. Then there are some oak plank nailed onto them with pole barn nails. Anybody who knows what pole barn nails are knows that you can’t pull em back out. Mostly four inch long ones are used unless we run out of them and have to go with longer ones than that. The gates are steel gates, heavy duty boughten ones that don’t bend all that easy. Of course I said all that easy cause once in a while there get’s to be one bent when a cow really presses into it or smashes into it depending on the crazy thing happening at the moment.

In the summer time we take used motor oil and “paint” the oak planks. The wood soaks the oil right up and this really helps preserve the planks. Even though the oak lasts a long,long time, I like having them oiled. Plus its a good kid’s job, oiling them planks. To me a corral is a work of art, in fact any fence building with the exception of a one wire temporary electric is a work of art. Those one wires are usually put up quick and I ain’t all to worried about it. It’s the electricity that holds em in, not the wire. Even on five and six wire barb fence the work put into the detail is allot to say the least. I’m a firm believer in having a “legal” fence. Something that will hold the animals in so I don’t have lawyer worries in the future. The corner post system is strong,very strong. Again all corner posts are rail road ties, with an angle brace which is also a rail road tie that is fit in by chain sawing notches into the upright posts, sawing the perfect angle onto the brace and fitting it in there like a piece of a puzzle.

There’s nothing quite like riding around and looking at the corral systems and fences, miles of fences, and seeing the herds grazing in the grazing months. In the off season its good to have heavy duty corrals that take the worry out of raising a large bunch over winter. Its also good when there’s a spooked critter that really wants to crash through anything and it can’t. That’s satisfaction in a work of art! Over the years I’ve seen so many dysfunctional fences and corral systems that I truly wonder how anyone could attempt to raise beef like they do. Have we had wrecks over the years? The answer is yes. I’ve seen fighting bulls tear down the strongest corral! Luckily that doesn’t happen all to often!

Corral fences are also a great place to sit on! Especially if there’s another cattleman around or even a pile of kids. Its just natural for folks to climb up and sit their butt down and josh a while as they look over the cattle. Now there’s something about a bunch of beef cattle that really sinks in deep with allot of folks, and they don’t have to be cattle raisers either. There’s a relaxing thing that happens in folks. Through the years I noticed allot of folks like to watch the beef cattle while they’re talking. Of course I’m kinda used to watching them, seven days a week, year round, but they even relax me daily. They know my voice, the know the way I walk. They barely bat an eye when I’m around but if there’s a stranger they know it instantly and are on full alert for a while. Gradually they calm down but keep at least one wary eye out on things.

Today, Sunday, Sunday evening to be exact, I’m just thinking about the day to day life. Today at church the case of cowboy Bibles was waiting for me. And this afternoon while I was waiting around pumping water in the fall pasture across the county road to a bunch of thirsty cows I had myself around forty five minutes to look over those Bibles. Well, to be exact I only took one with me in the three quarter ton pickup, but I was paging through and was pleasantly surprised I could read them without my reading glasses! Of course I didn’t hold them all that close, more like pretty extended! I learned that these Bibles were exactly what I was looking for, perfect! Small, but not to small, easy to read, and with a bunch of testimonies and other stuff that strikes interest in the average cattle or horse people. Even the picture of the kids sitting by a corral fence musta struck something in me!

Yep, they passed the test! These are great! These are a good tool! Something many folks can identify with. Here’s a couple of quotes from the first few full color pages;

“The word cowboy has stood for independence, honesty and freedom for more than a hundred years. Its a return to a simpler time where the rich smell of fresh dirt behind the plow or the aroma of a new batch of grain at the feed store was all you needed. A time when a man’s life stood behind his handshake and his word was as good as money in the bank.”

I don’t know about anyone else, but this is different! This is pretty different inside of a pocket Bible! I like it and it stirs me, allot! In this business, in this way of life, just about everything we do is done on our word! I do believe there is allot of that yet in the American cattle business, in fact I know there is. I was thinking about that the other day too. About the deals struck while leaning or sitting on a corral fence. To me this is life and I know it sure ain’t the normal way of living in this day and age.

I see a difference, in ministry too. When approached from this angle. Just the dead on, at my word way of doing things. In the countryside, with beef people and horse people this is the way it mostly is yet. A man stands behind his word. Whether it’s talking about cattle, dealing over cattle or talking about the Word of God, a man stands behind it!


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  1. I like this post!
    got me to thinking about when i was little and Dad had his cows! it was good! thanks 🙂

    what is a Cowboy Bible?

    oh DH got a 8 pointer yesterday!

  2. Evening Jan!

    Thanks! I liked writing this post too! An easy one!

    These Cowboy Bibles are New Testament, with Psalms and Proverbs, they have cowboy testimonies with full color photos, the way to salvation, poetry, etc. Neat!

    Here’s a link to them:

    Hey! Great to hear about the eight pointer!! Tell him good job from me!

    God Bless!

  3. those sound awesome! and what a great reminder that GOD stands behind His Word (the ultimate cowboy/gentleman)! 🙂 Is it in Psalm 138 that He says He honors His Word even above His Name? (another translation puts it that all His words are backed by the honor/character of His Name).

  4. for your promises are backed
    by all the honor of your name. NLT

    for thou hast magnified thy word above all thy name. KJV

    For You have magnified Your word above all Your name. NKJV

    for You have exalted above all else Your name and Your word and You have magnified Your word above all Your name! AMP

    I like playing around at Bible Gateway with all the different translations! 🙂

    Hmm, Nina Ruth, you got me thinking tonight! Now lots of folks know the old ways of standing by your word, just like I wrote in the above post. In the cattle business a fella’s word means allot, (as does some black coffee during the deal 🙂 ).

    Some of them old time cowboy ways were about as biblical as a person can get. To be true to your word, to ride for the brand, etc. Loyalty, someone to ride the river with. There’s lots of sayings that come to mind as I type this.

    You got me thinking now 🙂

    Thanks and God Bless!

  5. Amen & one thing this post prompted me to think about was that GOD stands by HIS Word! If I would get that into my thick skull how little room there’d be for worry!!! 🙂

  6. Same here Nina Ruth, if I could get it in me so that’s all I believe in this whole life I think I’d have ran the race to the Glory of God. But its coming more and more as a person reads the Word daily and continually immerses themselves in it. To believe it all, to make it a part of our very being. The Word is truth, everything else is not.

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