Heading Outdoors

Friday evening has rolled around and its a dark and drizzly night. Allot got done this week and the week ain’t over yet anyhow. The last few days in any spare moment I’ve been out cleaning up a fence line. Box elder trees mostly. Allot of branches on them things for the amount of wood a fella gets. These are younger trees, maybe less than twenty years old, they grow like weeds, especially on fence lines. Give em an inch and they’ll take the field or certainly attempt to! One thing nice, they cut easy and the wood ain’t half bad when dried down for a season. One winter a few years ago I burnt nothing but box elder and it worked out fine in the outdoor wood boiler. It’d last twelve hours between fire ups and the house was good and warm all winter. Not bad from burning a weed the way I figure it. Tomorrow catch a couple cull cows out of the herd for butchering this coming Monday and then I’ll probably fool around making some more wood if all goes well.

Rumor has it that the Bibles I ordered early in the week have arrived and I will be able to pick em up at church this Sunday, Glory! Them’s them cowboy Bibles I was writing about a post or two ago. Funny how things go sometimes, I’ve had similar things happen this past year also. Things fall into place ministry wise without any help from me. I just gotta remember to follow and do the things I’m supposed to do when they plop at my feet. I never dreamt that this is the way it works but for me things sure seem to work out this way.

Oh, I wish I could write about all of the stuff happening but I really can’t cause some of it shouldn’t be let out just yet. Kinda tough for a big mouth like me to keep quiet but I’m learning. This coming year though might shape up into being an interesting one to say the least out here in the countryside. I don’t know how far it’ll all lead but it looks like there’ll be some outdoor church services coming up. These won’t be regular church services for the regular congregation, more of an outreach at events and so forth. Farm and ranch events, to clarify it a bit. I’m really excited about that but at the same time I gotta do a little planning. Not all that much mind you, but still this is uncharted territory for me. For some reason I’m really drawn to this and I sure don’t feel bad about it.

The one thing I love is the fact that a fella will be speaking to a good percentage of unchurched, or backsliders too, and it’ll be different than being in regular church. More out in reality the way I look at it. The message can be simple, direct and not all that complicated. Kinda like some old recordings I came across of Billy Graham in his younger days. Direct, simple and with power! And all the speaking that I’ve been doing in church this past year has helped like you wouldn’t believe when it comes to speaking in front of folks. Something I never done, ever, in my whole life before coming to a little rural, Bible believing church!

Yep, it’ll be strange this coming year. Looking back over the last few years of writing I can see the hunger build to do this sort of thing. Without every realizing that it could ever come to pass. God works in ways we can’t understand or fathom. I believe with everything I got that when He puts a hunger in a person, if that person starts to follow that hunger, that God will open every single door down the path that He has pre-chosen for a fella. A person just gotta be willing to step out in faith and away we go!

Because God’s plan for us is much greater than any plan we can come up with on our own. Why fight it in life, trying to do what we figure is the best way when God’s way is always the perfect way for us. Plus the fact that when we follow God’s plan for us it does set us up allot better in eternity compared to if we go bullheading through life on our own power and plans. I have a feeling a year from now if I’m still on this earth that the writings will be kinda different than now. The same message yes, but I sit here in wonder as I see God setting up things for this coming year out in the rural area that we live in. What different experiences spreading the Gospel will there be by this time next year? Once the “safety” of the church building is no longer surrounding me. Will things look different? Will a person grow and mature more in Christ being out there?

Oh Lord, this draws me like a magnet! In the evenings a fella reads the Bible and books of faith. During the day working with the cattle and doing all the other things that need doing around this place thinking, dwelling, talking to God and the revelations come!


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  1. Hey Brother! when I started reading this, my eyes got as big as saucers … same thing going on over here! I’ll try to address it at MH later today. But something tells me that God is moving the same direction in more places than one. I guess it’s time for all of us to put on the chaps (armor) and get ready to get busy. Isn’t it exciting?!? Praise God!

    Have a great day, and may the Lord bless you!

  2. Morning Lee Ann!

    I’ll be around to read what ever you wrote about this same vein later today!

    Its exciting and a little strange how God does move so powerfully! All a person has to do is hang on and go with Him! I can’t even imagine life without this anymore. The ultimate adventure, following God!

    You all take care over your way!

    God Bless!

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