The Same

Another beautiful day here in the Northland! Sunny with a light wind from the south. The cattle were grazing and the deer hunting pressure is low during the week. All the field work was finished up today around this place, all the tillage is done. Cleaned off a platform where I have thirty yearling steers later in the afternoon. And I’m planning on cleaning the lower platform and corrals out tomorrow if nothing else comes up. These jobs I have to do weekly cause with so little evaporation in the air because of the coolness things get a little sloppy fast. One of our ways that we get income is by yearlings, besides selling calves. What really happens is that I take the summer born calves that are to small in my book for selling with the main load of calves and I raise em up. So instead of selling some really little summer calves they go out as some beautiful yearlings. I guess you could call it adding value. Or flat out making more money compared to selling a little thing. They do really good once the bigger calves leave. Looking so small it doesn’t take em long to pick up weight and blossom! Plus it gives me an excuse to sit in the salesbarn during the fall run. Ah, salesbarn coffee,lubricates a fella!

Also today was grinding some feed and the unloading auger literally broke off its base that’s connected to the main mixer. Was able to shut er off in time to save the gears that drive it all.Then lookin at it I figured this was a fine mess to get into. A plump full grinder mixer and the unloading auger’s base busted up.  Then after some careful looking I figures it was fixable and I drove it alongside of the shop and in a half an hour the thing worked better than it ever has in our thirty years of owning that old John Deere 400 grinder/mixer. The thing is I found out many years ago its almost impossible to get parts for that model anymore. I guess they made em to good.They last and last till the manufacturer wants to forget about them. Another adventure under the belt! That got me thinking about how many things we can fix on a daily basis! I mean,it has to be pretty complicated for us to have someone else fix something around here. Plus expensive! A fella has to know about every trade that there is to survive on a place like this. Hmm, maybe that’s why going into ministry was not so difficult of a decision.

8 Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. 9 Do not be carried about with various and strange doctrines.

The above verses are from Hebrews, chapter 13. For me that means the Word is the same too! I was listening to a ministry school on the internet, in fact I have it on the sidebar of this blog, it’s labeled Glenn Smith sermons but it’s really ministry training. I sometimes put links on the sidebar so I have em, in case this computer loses it’s mind or something. But this to me is the base of a Christian’s belief. What the Word says, such as in the Book of Acts, the church book I call it, is still the same today.With so many folks saying it was a thing of the past, digging deeper and deeper into man made traditions as they go, I want it known that I believe the Word as being the Word, not some guide that we can accept or discard.

This is why I sometimes do tell a real life testimony on how God works, whether it be healing, financial, whatever.With so many folks going so far into the other ditch with these things, making a formula out of them, especially TV evangelists, all I can say is I believe the Word as it is written. Does God want us healed? Yes, or else the Word is lying. Does God want us to prosper? Yes, over and over it is said in the Bible. Now I know some folks really balk at the healing part, they figure they’re glorifying God saying that God wills them to be sick. Think about this, if God wills for you to be sick then when you take a pill, go to the doctor, when you do anything to try and relieve the pain, to try and cure the sickness it is sin, flat out sin. For if it is the will of God that you are sick, when a person tries to do something about it they are directly defying the will of God!

Do you see this reasoning? If God willed it, what right have we to go against His will and still think we are following Him? But thankfully that is not the case. We live in a fallen world and Christ came to deliver us from all the curses of this world. Saved we say,we are saved. Saved from what I ask? Many folks think its just getting into heaven but Jesus came to set us free from this world system! And by that I don’t mean the government or man’s systems so much but from the curses of this world brought by sin. The government will always be over people as long as man is around and in charge, but as Christians in the countries that persecute Christians know, they have a job to do regardless of the government system in place. I look at the Chinese Christians with awe and respect! They know that Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever.They don’t water it down with man’s traditions! And that church is so Spirit Filled it makes us in the west look dead. They accept the Word as the Word and everything the Word says becomes reality in their lives. Here we limit the Word, denying the Word in many areas. The Spirit does not move with unbelief, and that’s what it simply is in this country, unbelief. So we traditionalize it saying the mighty works of God went out with the death of the original Apostles. I can safely say that that is a lie from the very pits of hell! When someone preaches it, run from them with everything you got and don’t look back. Run to Jesus, not man’s traditions! God loves us, period! Everything they had back then is available now!

This is a message I can never back down from, never! This is reality, this is truth. This is the promise of salvation, that we are set free!


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