A Beautiful Day

A stunningly beautiful day around these parts today. Abundant sunshine and light winds added up to a day to cherish, especially after an October that was almost totally miserable from start to finish around here. With deer hunting going on around here I tend to stay near the yard a bit more than normal to avoid complications in my life, so to speak. It didn’t seem like much hunting pressure today compared to yesterday though,kids have to be back in school and adults mostly have to be back to work. The farmers are slowly harvesting corn around here. Its going very slow with all the moister that’s in it.

I found out that the Bibles I ordered yesterday have multiplied, over 100% multiplication, God is good! Now instead of twenty pocket sized Cowboy Bibles there’s a case of fifty on the way. I know that this is the start of something good in these parts. Every where a person looks there’s beef and horses. Small place or large, don’t matter, and I tell you, I kinda enjoy driving around the countryside nowadays and see all the places with all the beef cows and horses. It does something to the area, and its good. Every once in a while a small beef producer will really get the bug and end up turning into a big beef producer, especially for these parts. A couple miles away a younger fella started out a few years ago, plus over these past few years he’s bought a few bulls from us. Now that guy is almost as big as we are and I can tell, he’s doing most everything right. Doing it cheap! Plus with the blood he’s been buying from us he’s ending up with some sale topping calves. Last winter I was north of here around forty miles to the big beef salesbarn and was surprised to see him there too. I didn’t know he sold there but I guess I musta told him a couple of years ago that I sell there and he’s not one to learn the hard way, he listens, and low and behold his herd was there and got some market topping prices the same as us. And I tell you, there ain’t a much better feeling to a cattleman than to see someone who studied our operation run through a batch of market toppers!

Last Wednesday evening when I did the service at church I spoke about having reputation cattle. Now some might be wondering how that fits into a sermon but it does and not as an example, but just stating facts was all. Having a reputation herd opens doors in rural ministry! How you say? Well, to put it bluntly when a fella with a darn good herd speaks people know its the real thing. People listen, there’s a respect one gets from the hard work and dedication involved. Plus I never said that when I speak in church that its normal!

Those years of getting beat back by droughts really took a toll on me in more ways than one. I can still feel it very much financially, after buying all that hay, after putting in all the crops and not getting much back in return. But the Bible was the driving force for me keeping going. The herd shrunk a little, but is fast on the way to full recovery. When a person raises beef for a living they know that there will be some tough times here and there, so that’s really no surprise when it comes, but it still hurts. In that time, years really, I got born again, (before the droughts started), and I had a hunger that wouldn’t stop and it hasn’t stopped to this day, studying the Word. A strange thing happens when a person totally immerses in the Word, the Word wants to come out!

I’m still in awe at the way things are working out around here. Our little church has bent over backwards recognizing the call on my life. The support will never be taken for granted.You know, its amazing how sometimes it takes a small church for a person to take the reins and grow! There’s opportunity in small Bible believing churches that might be much more difficult to come across in a big church. And I was thinking today after I got the mail and received my minister credentials. Before I was ground level, a licensed exhorter. Well as of today, well its dated November 4th, I’m now a full fledged minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Who’da ever thought! I guess if God could knock old Saul, later to become Paul, off his high horse and make him into the great Apostle He can do the same to a northern cattleman.

I don’t really have any dress code, a suit and tie would probably kill me, but I will wear a bolo tie at formal events such as a hog roast πŸ™‚ Seriously though, this is more like being a country missionary. Working loyally out of our little church, scouring the countryside for Christ. I said in church yesterday there ain’t no farmer or rancher than can out spit me, so I figure I have some good things going for me. I can talk the talk, I can blend in. Plus being a cattleman of reputation cattle gets that respect that’s hard to get any other way to folks that don’t trust preachers in general.I gotta go upstairs and look at that big white envelope again, because I almost fall over when I look at the name and address on it.In big print the address starts off: Reverend Thomas Scepaniak. I’ll bet the mail man, who’s a beef guy a few miles down the road, took a second glance at that πŸ™‚



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  1. So do I call ya Rev NF? πŸ˜‰

  2. Nope πŸ™‚ You can always save that for Josh πŸ™‚

  3. I’m a little slow, but CONGRATULATIONS Rev. Tom!!!

  4. Thanks Lee Ann!

  5. Would preacher Tom be ok , or just NF! πŸ™‚

  6. You can call me anything you want,…..as long as I don’t have to delete it πŸ™‚

  7. now have i every don’t that?

    ya know me, i razz U and Mr. Brad can’t help myself

    hi too the family

  8. it’s late as you can tell, cause i can’t spell

    4 that should say “done that” πŸ˜•


  9. I know how it goes Jan, been there myself, to tired to type at times.

    But the message gets across and I ain’t all that picky πŸ™‚

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