Not Ashamed

What a beautiful day in these parts for once! I think it almost hit sixty above, its been a while since there was a day when a person could be comfortable outside! Tomorrow morning starts Minnesota’s biggest holiday, deer hunting, and I ain’t going. If I did I’d only have to walk a quarter mile to the back forty’s woods, but I haven’t deer hunted since 91 when I got that huge ten point buck in the back woods the first five minutes of deer hunting. I wouldn’t mind going but then I’d have to figure out how to get all the daily chores done and its more bother than its worth so I just enjoy watching the neighbors hunt, asking the church folk how they’re doing and such. Seen what looked like an eight point today on the back forty across the county road. Then another a little later,not the same buck though. They’re moving around! Tomorrow and Sunday I’ll keep the cows penned up across the county road, not because I’m scared of them being shot, but because the first couple of day those deer get spooked and run right through an electric fence and probably with the cow herd in hot pursuit! Naw,I don’t need that, I’ll just give em some hay for a couple of days, easier on my system!

And it looks like I’m back in the saddle around here on the blog as the workload keeps lessening, which is OK with me I tell you! This last week and a half or so was a crusher for me with allot of work, allot of church stuff and some pretty tough weather thrown into the mixture to make life more interesting. But with the workload going down and the church stuff on hold for a week or two I can finally ease back into what I call normal. This evening I gotta get my plans back in order as far as ministry goes now that my head is a little clearer.

For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes…..

The above is from the first chapter of Romans. One of those verses that really hits home with me! “For I am not ashamed of the Gospel”. I was thinking about that today while out watering cattle across the tar road. Are we ashamed of the Gospel sometimes, or even most of the time, that we stay silent more often than not. I have discovered that the one thing I love to do is bring the Gospel out in durn near everything. First of all its really easy to bring it up any time because of the simple fact that it is life itself to those who believe. The power that propels life of a born again, Spirit Filled believer. In reality everything else pales in comparison!

Every direction a person looks there’s folks that need the Gospel. The Good News! I know I write about this quite often and will always continue to do so because it is power! Power to transform lives of those who hear it. Power,not just some different way of thinking but a real power. the Bible says so and I think we should start believing the Bible a little more if we figure we’re Christians! Here’s something I’ve come across allot. Now if a person asks the average person out in the countryside if they are a Christian they will more than likely say yes. They are on some church membership roll someplace. they probably got baptized as a baby somewhere, they probably used to go to church,or might still go but really don’t even know why except that it “lessens” their chances of going to hell the way they figure it. There’s no assurance what so ever. There’s no joy that they belong to the family of God, none.

There’s just this old tradition that says they are a Christian, with not a lick of power in it. No life changing power at all.Live almost exactly the same as the world in every way possible. It is justified in their churches by ministers and clergy that in no way attempt to tell the people the truth. Some are so humdrum that it staggers the imagination! I ain’t lying! I was coming home from a remote pasture a few weeks ago in the 3/4 ton Chev flatbed pickup and I figured being that it was Sunday morning I could catch a church program or something on my favorite country station. Well, I got a church program alright and it shocked me the unbelievable dead religion coming from it. Everything was read, everything. The pastor, the congregations response,everything.It sounded sadder than a tragic funeral and I couldn’t believe my ears than anyone could call that church. Oh Lord, I ain’t church bashing here either so please don’t take it as that. But this was plain terrible!

How could that situation ever, ever reach a lost soul.I know it doesn’t. Another denomination dying, losing all the young people,(and I sure don’t blame em). Reciting meaningless prayers and responses. Droning voices, both pastor and congregation. What about life changing faith?  What about the power from God that the Bible promises?

Looking over the countryside I know of a few churches that teach the Bible, not man’s traditions that have evolved over the centuries eating away at the Word of God like a cancer. There’s a few right around here. And I’m crossing denominational borders talking about these churches cause as any long time reader knows I couldn’t give a hoot about denominations! Why? Cause God don’t! So neither do I! I also know some churches that disregard the Bible, they say its mostly stories that are just to teach us. They have fallen into a religion that worships themselves, their wisdom, or their perceived wisdom. Here’s a test, a simple test to see if a person is leaning towards the more modern religions of man with a little bit of perceived Christianity to make it look dignified. Read this and see if you believe it. And I mean really believe it!

Genesis 1

The History of Creation

1 In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

Do we believe it? I’ve had “Christians” tell me that they believe in evolution! Really! That the early bible is just ancient stories that will probably benefit us some ways, but are just fables.

But I say there is no way a person can have faith, faith to be saved without believing this simple statement, this simple verse! But rather than sounding like I’m condemning I must say that I’m not. I’m just stating a reality is all. Our Lord is awesome, and I believe the Bible as it is written. Life sure does make sense then! No, I’m not ashamed of the Gospel. I’m not ashamed to say I believe the Bible, the Word of God! There’s power in the Word! Power that is so huge man cannot even grasp it in a small way in our small heads.

And there are folks that are hungry for the truth, the truth of the Word, the Gospel, the Good News.




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  1. hey NF,
    another week down in the books ! was almost 70 here today! 🙂

    hope y’all have a good weekend! 😉

  2. Morning Jan!

    Its almost 45 degrees this morning! And that sure is different, and appreciated 🙂

    Gonna lay low today, deer hunting. Gonna be warm out so I figure a good day to wash up some tractors and machinery.

    Take Care and God Bless!

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