Power of the Gospel

Its raining out today and this evening and it looks like tomorrow will be too. Thank the Lord I ain’t a crop farmer cause I sure would hate to be sitting here looking at all them muddy field, crops that ain’t drying down a lick and even soybeans popping out of the pods as the beans expand and bust the shrunk down pods open. Back on September 30th we pretty well finished up chopping silage and that night it rains heavy and its never really dried out since. We got our crop taken off the fields except for around eight acres of picking corn and I get a feeling that stuff will get picked in late March or in April. It’ll be pepper dry then and its a good standing corn, the deer move out of that area in winter so there’s no worries of feeding a deer herd for months. Nope, even as sloppy, slimy, saturated as it is I can’t complain.

Well, last evening at church I did Children’s Church and I had about a five minute warning that I’d be doing it, and it was one of the best night’s I’ve ever had there! Funny how that works, when a person prepares and prepares it never seems to take off, but just let loose and preach the Word and have faith that the Holy Ghost will take over and yes sir, things happen! I just talked about what I’ve been writing about as of late and it sure did go good.You know with kids, if they’re attentive, not yawning and shifting around, things are getting through. They don’t fake it like adults sometimes do.

This past week I received the October issue of The Christian Ranchman from Fort Worth and there’s a little line in there that stuck to me.

D.L.  Moody tells of a man who said he would like to come to Jesus, but he was chained and could not break away. A Christian said to him, “But, man, why don’t you come to Jesus, chain and all?” He replied, “I never thought of that.” He came and Christ broke every fetter.

I tell you, there’s a lesson in that one if there ever was one! One time I was talking to a person, basically the same thing happened. I told him about Jesus and he said he’d have to shape up first. He’d have to get his act together before he could even consider Jesus. Now in my way of looking at things this is the most wrong way of thinking that anyone could ever have. The job of the Christian is to be like Jesus was when He walked on this earth and if I recall Jesus never told anybody to shape up first before they could come to Him. Never.

One of the books that I borrowed last week from our pastor was written by John Osteen. called, “Unraveling the Mystery of the Blood Covenant”. Very good, very simple.  Here’s a quote from there that caught my eye also.

The world is hungry to hear the Good News, but we have preached hell hot, sin black, and judgment sure. Sinners already have enough of that inside them. We are not to preach the problem, we are to preach the solution. Nobody wants to go to church and let you beat them over the head and grind them down to the ground about their problems. They go to church with a desire to hear a solution-His Name is Jesus!

To hear a solution, yes! Now this might fly right in the face of the self righteous, but this is how the Gospels operated, this is how the early church operated, this is when power flowed! The solution! I think back, and Lord I had better think back every day to how life was before jesus took over and look about me now and I know what the unsaved are feeling. It don’t matter if a person puts on a show,that they’re rough and tough, there is that emptiness eating away inside of them. All those years when I was living like I was living I heard countless preachers preaching hellfire and brimstone and it just drove me further away. There was no solution in it, only condemnation. I read around the internet today and come across things all the time, constant condemnation. But I ask, where is the Gospel, the Good News.

I have come to the conclusion that any ministry I do from now on till I’m taken home will be Biblical Christianity. Oh, I’ll have to soul search daily in order to keep myself from falling into the easy to fall into trap of self righteousness.  In the quote above I will change one thing, he says “they go to church”. I’ll change that a bit. I say most will never go to church. I know I did, but I’m a rare one. And most that are deeply troubled way down in their soul go to church to never, ever return because they just didn’t fit in. Like I say, I know the feeling, very well. So to the person that has had it with church, all I can say is church doesn’t save you. Never has, never will. Jesus saves, nothing or no one else. Jesus saves you as you are. Oh, can this fact get self righteous people puffed up ornery!

But its the fact of the universe never the less. Nothing can change that fact. To come as you are. Its not good news to go out and tell the world that God is mad at them. God is not mad. He loved the world so much He sent Jesus to die that they might be at peace with Him. The Blood of Jesus does not say God will forgive you. It says God has already taken the initiative and forgiven you. A simple fact, the gift of peace with God through Jesus’ Blood is a gift God has given to man. It is ready to be taken!

I’ll never forget when I heard a sermon preached on this very subject two years ago this month. That was probably the best sermon I’ve ever heard in my entire life, and I’ve heard allot of sermons! People were literally shaking in church as the power of the Gospel was being spoken forth! There is power in the Gospel, but very little power in old traditions of men that have evolved over the centuries. Power! The Blood. The Gift! The Good News! This is how the original church turned the world upside down!



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  1. it’s rain here so much that we got webbfeet 😕

    and it is bad here for the famers that do have cops!

    hope y’all have a safe weekend!

  2. Morning Jan!

    Same here, and I’m starting to figure this is the case in many parts of the mid west. Talking to a pastor from Nebraska yesterday and the conditions are the same there as they are here, wet. No harvesting being done.

    But I can’t complain one bit, all is well even if its wet! God has provided a bountiful year here and this winter our needs are met feeding the cattle!

    God Bless!

  3. Tom,

    Another great post, and Amen to that. I think sometimes the Fire-and-Brimstone is there to remind people that they NEED a solution. We just have to make sure we remember the solution is the point of the whole thing, the condemnation isn’t.

    Speaking of corn, Gene Logsdon talks about his heirloom corn over on his blog. In case you want to check it out:

    Keep preaching it, and thanks for the warm “welcome back” you gave after my last comment!


  4. Whoops, the link didn’t show up in my comment. Let me try again: Gene Logsdon’s blog about corn

  5. Evening Matt!

    Didn’t have time during the day to tend the blog, even with it raining, (and raining), but there’s a few moments tonight finally, then hope to catch a couple of winks before tomorrows cattle working. Plus figure out this coming Wednesday’s service in the main church plus a small talk Sunday morning too. Oh well, just take er as it comes I figure 🙂

    Thanks for the link. Never knew that existed! The site I mean. I gotta admit, I ain’t no rookie when it comes to OP corn. The biggest problem I had was answering questions from folks, over and over and over. On the old Northern Farmer blog I get around tewnty hits a day yet and many are from OP corn searches and then I still get e-mails asking questions 🙂

    Tonight I’m alone for a few hours here and I’m listening to some CD’s from Bible College a couple years back and it sure is something what a feller can learn listening to them things a few years later, almost like all new stuff!

    Sometimes I think the hell fire and brimstone is more useful getting hammered at church folk, to get them back in line! It sure does have its place and I will never say that it don’t and I know I can preach hell fire allot easier than many folks can 🙂 And so did Jesus, He mentions hell twice as much as heaven in the Gospels. But the striking thing about the Gospel is how Jesus never condemned anyone, He helped where they were at. Then He would say, go and sin no more. Most of the hell fire stuff was directed at the religious leaders of the time, kinda interesting if you ask me!

    I reckon I’d better get my butt back upstairs and get to putting together some stuff for this next week.There ain’t no time during the day at all, although I do carry a notebook in the front pocket cause I get more “divine” revelation when the skidsteer loader is purring away at two thousand rpm’s than anytime else. Anyone watching me in the early morning darkness getting buckets of silage and bales of hay would have to be wondering why the Bobcat is always stopping for a minute and then taking off again. That’s when I jot something down quick cause it’ll leave the mind so fast it durn near makes a feller’s head spin 🙂

    I sure did mean that warm welcome back and thank you again for stopping in and for the link!

    God Bless!

  6. Hi Tom!

    As I’ve said before to you, the Holy Spirt sure has a way of moving me, to come see you. I have been listening to a sermon similiar to what you just wrote about, and I think your writing helped set the peace on this matter.

    We have been experiencing alot rain as well here. And have become wise to watch for heavy rain storms, when we are in the process of bringing in the last of our harvest. We have been in those same conditions of ‘mucky mud’ you mentioned, while trying to harvest in some late vegetables. Miserable. I’m thankful, we are quick to learn the ‘messy situations’ fast, so we don’t have to repeat them again.

    The corn was beautiful this year for us…stalks were well over 12′ tall, and held excellent in the wind. Many of the ‘ears’ were 12 inches in length and at over 4 inches round. They dried beautifully right on the stalk, and no mold this year…due to drought conditions.

    Thank you Tom, for posting your encouraging words, way back on Northern Farmer about the corn.

    Lord’s Blessing,

  7. Evening Kris!

    I thank you for the corn report, just think, your corn is “related” to our corn 🙂 Pretty close relation too! And it sounds like your’s did pretty durn good!

    Talk about a year, from the Pacific to durn near the Atlantic, mud! I will admit without a moment’s hesitation though that it sure beats drought! At least when its a wet year a person get’s something, sometimes quite a bit. Get a drought and a person ends up with pretty much nothing, except expense.

    Thanks for the kind words on what I wrote. I promise I ain’t falling into a ditch writing this. Just writing a foundational truth, a base, where all else rests on. I always was intrigued by the early Christians in the Bible and wondered how come they had so much of God and today there’s so little on the average. God ain’t changed, no, not one bit. So I look to see where man has taken a wrong turn or turns. There’s really quite a few wrong turns and also quite a few times when man has hit the ditch deep!

    I’m to tired to write a post tonight, so I’ll just gab here if that’s OK. Worked calves today and also bred heifers. I’m a tad bit wore out tonight, can feel it all over this old body, but I’m just praising God for His people! I tell you, you want a top notch bunch of cattlemen you just get some of the guys and their kids from our church and also Rev Josh! In all my born years I ain’t never seen cattle work go that good! Just got done telling the wife about how different it is nowadays, how much fun it is to work with born again, Spirit Filled cowmen, (and kids)! And Rev Josh, I just thought, I called you a cattleman! I don’t say that lightly! There’s an old saying, “men you can ride the river with”, and that’s what this crew was and is!

    There, got that in, sorry about how I can go off on a different direction Kris, just gabbing here as I sip a cup of coffee so I can stay awake a few minutes longer!

    Thanks for the corn report, it makes me pretty happy!

    God Bless!

  8. I also had a great time today. I sure do enjoy a day like today. Something about it makes it peaceful and tiring. Sure do miss that kind of fellowship with you guys. Cattleman yea? I like the sound of it!!! Just remember I’m always available to help you out when you need it. Just give me a call or an email. Tell the wife that the meal was unbelievably great. We’ll have to get the corn recipe from her. Never had that before. Very enjoyable. Well better get to bed. Then again it’s day light savings time. I guess it isn’t as late as I thought. Thanks for the fun day. See ya in a little while.

  9. Hey RJ!

    Quite a time eh! Glad that’s under the belt! For anyone that wants to learn more about our Saturday just head to Josh’s blog here:


    I figure on using that day’s adventures in some of my sermon this Wednesday evening. It’s pretty easy to get some good stuff out of a normal day with cattle!

    God Bless!

  10. Tom, I think your livin a grand way of life!

    Sure, some days are hard, and money can be tight, but I believe the trade off of your way of livin out beats a job in town any day.

    For myself, I find the city job destructive on my mind and body. I don’t believe we, as humans are suppose to be surrounded by concrete, loud noises of siren’s, car engines, and masses of people, some of which are down right angry. There becomes a degeneration of the human body amongst the concrete. We loose that connection with our Creator.

    Farming, as I see it, at least for myself and husband, is our ticket to reconnect with our Creator. I believe living ‘with’ the land is a big saving grace for a person’s health also. The benefits of farming can be huge, depending how you farm. (small farm…not big Ag. style) There is just something about working in the dirt, amongst nature.

    Have a great day, Tom!


  11. good morning All,

    have a rainfree weekend, it was nice!

    don’t get me wrong i like the rain,but!
    it was good to see the sun, got a lot of work done
    on the shop, and got a lot of nails pulled. 🙂

    have avery cool day!

  12. Morning Kris!

    It is a grand way of life and i know I wouldn’t trade it even if I do grumble here and there. I just gotta remind myself what life was like years ago when I worked out, and I’m right back to smiling here doing the farm work!

    God Bless!

  13. Morning Jan!

    I seen the moon last night and the dog was howling and I think the critters were wondering what that strange thing was up in the sky 🙂 And no water came out of it either 🙂

    Well, a Monday, ain’t much different than a Sunday,just don’t have to head out to church is all 🙂

    God Bless!

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