A Dark Sunday

The gloomy skies continue around these parts and I can tell its wearing on people, heck its even wearing on me. This afternoon after getting home from church I went out across the county road to where we hauled some cattle last week and before I let them out of the large holding corral out there I always inspect the fence that I have around the meadows and a couple acres of standing silage corn that won’t be chopped for silage anymore because of the wet conditions. The power level on the electric fence tester that I carry with me wasn’t the greatest even with us having that high powered, battery run, electric fencer out there. So on inspection in the wettest area that the fence goes through I discovered the deer ripped the fence out for a couple hundred feet in that muck. So, get everything back in order and release the cows and let em graze for a couple hours. That’s all I’ll let em out there at the moment because there’s places of lush red clover and alfalfa and I’d rather they get used to it before having them eating it full force. Could save a number of cow lives doing this.

Now its pretty dark in the house even in the middle of the day and when I got done doing what I do I had me a hankering to find an old cookbook that I ordered ages ago. Its called, “Original Cowboy Cookbook”, and I always really liked this one. There ain’t nothing modern in it at all and its chuck full of wisdom to boot! This last week we had us a couple of hogs make it to the freezers here and when its cool and gloomy out I think of food! To tell you the truth I’m about the worst person on earth when it comes to fasting from food. And when I say food now I’m talking about all that pork around here, I’m licking my chops! Well, after a considerable amount of digging looking for this old cookbook I finally found it way in back of a closet and its like I struck gold! And I got an idea to put in a recipe or two every once in a while here on the blog. Some of these are hard to find, although I don’t know about the sausage recipe that I’ll put on here now.  And seeing this old cookbook doesn’t even have a copyright and it was penned so long  ago I don’t see much problem with jotting them down here every once in a while.

Homemade Sausage, (this is spicy like the cowboys liked!)

10 pounds ground pork scraps

5 T salt

2 1/2 tsp dry mustard

5 tsp black pepper

2 1/2 tsp ground cloves

5 tsp ground red pepper

6 1/2 T ground sage

Mix the seasonings and then work them thoroughly through the meat. Sausage meat may be packed loose for freezer storage, or it may be stuffed into natural casings,  or cheesecloth and stored in the freezer or smoked. This recipe was given to me by a friend who worked at the King Ranch, Kingsville, TX

Yep, this week I’ll mix us up a batch of that stuff. I kinda like sausage with a kick! That book is loaded with ham and bacon making and a whole pile of stuff a person doesn’t run across all to often. Not that I’m a great cook or anything like that, just a great eater! Well, today was our church’s ten year anniversary service and I must say it was really good hearing about how it all started and all.Never heard most of that stuff before being we are late comers. Now with that under the belt time to keep on going with what we’re doing out here. Plus this coming weekend we gotta work those calves and get er done earlier this year than last year.

Now that the weather is heading south its time to get more on the move around here as far as faith matters go, on spreading the Gospel, the simple Gospel where it really ain’t being spread. There’s allot on my heart as far as going to the unchurched around here and if I can’t do much out in the fields, well neither can they! I get a funny feeling this is going to be a busy season in that department! This will involve separating a tad bit from activities at our church.In many ways we’ve already cut back, because we know that the more we get involved with in church programs the less we’ll be doing for the Lord. Some folks were meant to be behind those walls, that’s their calling, but we know that ain’t the case with us.

Now getting my mind off of food and getting it back to the real food, faith matters, I borrowed some books this past week from our pastor, and one is titled, “The Blood Covenant” by E. W. Kenyon. I’ll end this post with a quote from in that small booklet and will continue with it as time goes by because its is a faith builder if ever there was one!

What is the Gospel?

The Gospel is this: that God, on the ground of the substitutionary sacrifice of Jesus Christ, is able to declare that He is righteous, and that He Himself is our righteousness, the moment we believe on Jesus.

This is the most staggering thing the mind can ever grasp…that God Almighty becomes your righteousness the moment you believe on the Lord Jesus Christ.

When you learn to walk as Jesus walked, without any consciousness of inferiority to God or Satan, you will have faith that will absolutely stagger the world!

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  1. the sausage recipe looks great! And I love the quote at the end, especially the last paragraph, about having faith that staggers the world!

  2. Hi Nina Ruth!

    Yep, we’re going to whip up a few pounds of that sausage any day now so I have some breakfast sausage with snort 🙂 Great for sinuses!

    I tell you, that booklet I’m dwelling on where I got the quote from is a powerhouse of faith building! It might keep me busy posting for a while!

    God Bless!

  3. maybe I should make some sausage for my sinuses! 🙂

    keep quoting from that booklet…I can always use faith building! I praise God for y’all on this blog!

    Nina Ruth 🙂

  4. Hi Nina Ruth!

    Well, since my last writing about sausage we whipped up a batch and I tell you, I like that stuff! It got taste!

    That E W Kenyon book is a winner, a keeper, (even though I’m borrowing it from our pastor). A feller can just about take any page in that thing and preach it!

    So thanks!!

    God Bless!

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