Stuck In The Mud

I remember the sun shining this past Monday for a while and that’s the last I seen of it! Yesterday it rained a bunch, today its really wet out, cloudy, northeast wind, cold, but allot got done again in spite of it all. Moved 54 cows across the county road to the fall grazing area. We load em on a trailer, many loads and take em out with that. Trouble is I don’t have the fence done out there yet, but maybe tomorrow I’ll get it finished and fired up with our super duper, high powered battery fencer. Now that baby shocks let me tell you! Believe me I know! So in the last week, three days were mostly cattle work and I can feel it. Oh, and today’s slip up, I was climbing over the corral fence and as I was coming down into the cattle lot which is cemented but with about an inch of pure manure slop from the rains on it, my ankle buckled and I fell flat on my back. From my shoulders to my boots my backside was pure…uh….sloppy manure. Make my day eh! Well I couldn’t keep working like that so I decided to go to the house which is a considerable distance away and strip down and get some fresh clothes on and also trade in my hooded jacket for a much lighter denim one till the hooded one could get washed and dried in about two hours. I couldn’t go in the truck without totally ruining the drivers side seat and I wasn’t going to walk with my backside drippin …manure, so I hopped on the four wheeler and stood up driving all the way home so I could strip down in the cool garage. favorite wife was just outside the door as I came racing home, she could only see my front side and asked how come I was driving standing up. I turned around and told her, “sorry, I just couldn’t hold it no more”. Well, after a good laugh I stripped down and got my clean set of clothes on to get back out in the swill and get all splattered again. The cattle finally got moved by three in the afternoon and I finished up some morning chores that were put on hold because of all the catching, sorting and moving.

All showered up now and the belly is full, homemade pizza, one of my favorite suppers let me tell you! The excitement a cattleman has is second to none eh! Oh Lord, nice warm house, and I’m all dried off and comfy as I sit here. Sometimes there just ain’t a better feeling in the whole wide world than that. Tired out, legs are heavy, eyes are burning with that tired feeling a person gets from being in the wind all day. Tomorrow’s forecast ain’t looking all that great but at least I shouldn’t be loading the trailer and walking in swill. I should be walking out in the fields and meadows finishing up that fence for those cows. Last evening after church I received five books, on loan, about the Blood of Jesus and I tell you I’m reading them every spare moment that I have and I’m all excited about the rest of this evening and the next few evenings.I’m drawn to that subject like you wouldn’t believe!

Nothing but the Blood of Jesus is in my head and in my heart tonight. Heard that song sung for quite a few years but its really taking on meaning now. The most powerful substance in the universe is what it is! It washes away my sins, nothing else does! I kinda figure that the way it draws me that this might be one of those subjects that sticks with me for life. Another one that’s a sticker is this,

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

That verse from Hebrews 13 is something to plant deep in a person’s heart. Jesus ain’t a “was”. Jesus ain’t a “to be”, Jesus is the same from beginning to end and a fella gotta get that deep down in their heart and believe it! What an awesome God! To come and die for us. To come and take our punishment which we so truly deserve. Thinking about that swill today points me to a little example. Out behind the corrals where the mud is deep a fella can easily get himself stuck with the knee high boots on, (believe me, that happened to me today to but I ain’t gonna write about that too).  You take a calf or a sheep, when they get stuck in deep mud they stop and cry for help, they struggle till they’re exhausted and they need someone to pull em out and if they ain’t to shaken up and disoriented they’ll get out of the area lickidy split! They called for help and got saved.Now you take an old hog, they head for that same deep mud and manure and if you somehow pulled em out they’d head right back into it, enjoying the filth, yes they would! There’s two kinds of folks, some are like that sheep or calf and some are like that old hog. Some get caught in the mudhole of sin and when they realize that they’re stuck and helpless they call out for saving. And they get pulled out like a strayed sheep or calf. But some folk like the muck like that old hog and even if you offered to pull em out they’d head right back into it and lay down in it, even put their snout under the surface and blow some bubbles for the heck of it.

I tell you, I work in the mud and don’t really enjoy it all that much.Kinda like the world’s system is what it is. Swill, sloppy, stinky. We gotta work in it but that don’t mean we gotta stay stuck in it. Can’t let it get ahold of us. And if we do start getting stuck in our walk through it we just have to cry out for help! And that hand will come and grab us and pull us out. That Bloody hand that took our place at the Cross!


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  1. Your wife got to share the joy of your lil slip when she put them duds in the washer.(ewww) To the rest of the post I add a hearty Amen!

  2. Yep, she sure did. I don’t know which I felt worse about, falling into the stuff or coming home in that condition. Hmm, might be a parable in that one eh!

    Thanks Patti and God Bless!

  3. Thanks for the great laugh. Kari and I could just see you dripping in all your glory!!! We’ll keep praying for your wife! Great post once again. Another good sermon there for dating couples!! Just because a person might look good from a distance. It doesn’t mean they are? Don’t go by sight, but what’s on the inside. You might be suprised what they’re covered in when you get closer!! It’s not all what is cracked up to be!! Have a great weekend Tom. Chow.

  4. Hey RJ!

    A tad bit tired this morning, couldn’t sleep last night, durn. Musta been that one cup of coffee I shouldn’t of had 🙂

    Well, I see stars out there, wonder if we’ll see the sun today?? Got work up the ying yang here! If’n your still interested, we work calves next Saturday morning, an open invite to the festivities you loved so much in the past 🙂

    Great sermon for dating couples there.If you ever need a visual lesson I pass though 🙂 Hopefully that’s the only time this year that happens! I’ll get dirty enough on the front side working calves.

    God Bless!

  5. Just let me know the time. I’ll be there. Wouldn’t miss the chance to help you out.

  6. I figure on starting that job around 9, I should be set up by then. And remember, there’s food afterwards! The whole family is invited, just let us know!

  7. It’ll just be me, and yes I’m staying for the food this year. Kari’s sister is in town. Darn, I’m going to miss all that fun!!LOL Thanks for having it this Sat. I oh you.

  8. Praise the Lord for His timing!!!

    Hmm, now I learned what to pray for when I need help, INLAWS 🙂

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