Weaning Time!

” But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be witnesses to Me in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.”

Those are the words of Jesus in the beginning of the Book of Acts. I think that they are our motto here. “You shall receive power.” Power for what I wondered for a long time. But I’ll get to that. Around here its been a cloudy day and its even drizzling a little bit as I write. I was making fence part of the morning and most of the afternoon today. Yesterday we weaned calves and its kinda noisy around this here place at the moment.Gotta sleep with a fan running in the bedroom to drown out the noise or a feller will never get a wink of sleep for the next three days. I kinda like it all though. Sure they make noise bellering non stop for a few days but when its all said and done its for the better. The calves really take off when they start relying on some good feed instead of just following mama around, getting a little warm milk here and there, nibbling on froze out fall grass and just generally not accomplishing anything.

Now in raising cattle there’s a heck of allot of faith lessons, life lessons if a person ain’t blind to them and following the world. You know how they always say, well maybe you don’t know, but they say that a new Christian gets fed on milk. They get nurtured in the faith in the beginning. And working this morning and a little bit this afternoon with the cattle in the corrals, bellering like nuts, all I could think of was faith. And growing in faith. Now you take that verse I put on top of this here post and really read it.It doesn’t say you shall receive power so your church experience is wonderful, no it don’t. It doesn’t say you receive power to witness to all corners of the church building, nope.

Many folks think that the church experience is something a person does “in church”. I must say, from the very beginning I knew it was outside the walls and to tell the truth I get bored stiff sometimes in church. Power it says, you shall receive power! And the Word never lies! And unlike what the spiritually dead figure, that all this went out with the Apostles, it is alive and well today to those who “only believe”!  Just like them calves bellering, many folks think that church is where it will all happen and I must say, church is where the least has ever happened in my experience. Am I bashing church? No! I’m stating a fact! You want to see power flow in faith, just do what the Word says and get out! Them calves want milk and they can’t think of anything else as they beller themselves silly. They get every thing that they need put in front of their noses but they want milk and not have to take any responsibility of their own.

Personally I don’t like milk all that much, or baby food either. I’m a steak man, chew them bones clean! I need power food! Not some slim fast or something.  (UH, I’m talking spiritual here).  And with the power foods once in a while a person even gets a power dessert! Amen! There’s some good stuff when walking the walk! Jesus said you shall receive power, well then how come a person hardly ever sees any power inside the church walls.You even have people in churches begging for God to show up and all the while He’s right outside the doors saying “lets get going!”

I have seen more power,more moves of God in this family, or should I say through this family when we ain’t in church than all the power and moves of God in church put together. The Baptism of the Holy Spirit is for outside the walls as a whole, anyway that’s what the Bible says, so how come we sit in church and cry for it, (power), to show up? Why should it show up if we bottle it for a church service?

Oh Lord, we beller and beller, we just want some warm milk in a nice warm building, with nice warm programs that the outside world couldn’t give a hoot about! We spend our time with this and that and meanwhile there’s no power at all! The praises are empty because we’re not obeying Him. Because He said, “and you shall be witnesses to Me in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.” Well, we ain’t! We can’t hardly witness to ourselves behind the protection of our fortified walls, safely separated from the hungry world, the dying world.

Our Lord publicly suffered and died on a bloody cross. A spectacle for all to see. He gave us the command on the top of this page, but like them calves we’ll hang on to the milk as long as we can. We don’t want to get weaned and start doing what we’re supposed to be doing, nope, not at all. Thus no power, thus no hearing from God, thus we start crawling the fences like those calves are doing till we figure out that the food, (power), is right in front of our noses and the food that’s replacing the milk has allot more power in it. Faster growth, more energy! A new day, no more mama’s milk, just being in the place we’re supposed to be, to do the job we’re supposed to be doing!

Funny what a person can come up with when you raise cattle. There’s allot of lessons in it daily. In fact its rare a day goes by without something directly from God showing me how we act in relation to how the critters act. Jesus used those kind of lessons too. He created them and I guess they follow the rules of life. We can sure learn if we keep our eyes open.


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  1. Morning Tom,

    A very good post my friend. I too find my faith is stronger outside the church walls…. although Inside, I sure do get alot of food from the preachin (along with this page) that recharges me on my tractor sittin times. Us John Deere philosophers need some milk too 🙂

    Well, I’ll tell you, Monday morning About 3:30 I’m mumblin and grumblin about having to drive through the smokey mountains every week… Well three hours later was a sunrise that as beautiful as I had ever seen. Sometimes Gods gifts to us are very small, butt very powerful. If I get to see one again next week, I’m goin to try to get a picture out of the front of the truck window to show around…. Of course that involves electronics and cell phone cameras and all, so I wouldn’t be lookin forward to it if I were you….. 🙂

    Around here we are just cleaning up the farm from another year of cow and hay carnage…. Trees that fell are gettin sawn up, the woods thats tryin to take over my pastures is getting hogged back, and fences are getting mended…. My favorite time of year actually. I love cool weather….

    Well, I’d better git on. I know what you mean about the mud my friend. My barnyard is a swamp….. It makes the daily slog interesting 🙂

    Have a GREAT day,


  2. Morning Brad!

    I must be kinda getting grumpy or something with working in the mud every single day and I think its time for me to pursue another subject after this post. Of course tonight’s church so that slows down posting a tad bit.

    If you get a picture of them old mountains when God’s new day is dawning just zap er over this way.Heck, I might even put it on here 🙂

    It looks like it will rain for a few hours yet this morning. Hoping to get that fence up and get around fifty cows over across the tar road Thursday. Kinda quiet last night around here, funny, the cows ain’t so loud, (maybe they’re thankful).

    Well, finish up this breakfast and down the coffee and head on out there into the mud and do some cattle feeding.

    God Bless!

  3. Hey Tom,
    These are some powerful sermons you’re preaching! You give us alot to think & talk about. But more than that … God is using you to help keep us motivated. God bless you brother! You folks are in my prayers.

    May the Lord bless you as you continue to serve Him.

  4. Hi Lee Ann!

    Looks like the rain stopped in these parts this morning and we should be moving cows to late fall pasture today sometimes.

    I thank you for the encouragement and I hope to get back to some of the threads I was writing about a few weeks back and continue in that vein.

    God Bless!

  5. Morning Tom,

    Well…. Its just a good day to be alive…. Three straight days of sunshine!! :). Thats all supposed to change tonight though… Back to rain and mud for a while.

    Church was really good last night. The devotional really got to me. When those things hit home, they can be real powerful. I like it when that happens. It’s like God saing to me “Brad…. You ain’t as wrong about all this as you think you are…. 🙂 ” . Maybe there is hope for a raggely ol redneck and his family 🙂

    Well…… I’d better get the monster mudders out…. I don’t think the mud and manure have dried from the last time I wore em…. They’re getting so broke in that they are about the most comfortable shoes I own now… 🙂

    More coffee awaits my friend. I sure hope you have a GREAT day,


    Have you seen Jan lately??

  6. Morning Brad!

    Three straight days of sunshine, where do you live, in the desert 🙂 I don’t know if we’ve had three days of sunshine in October! Life is pure mud around here, legs get sore and all of that from trudging in deep cold mud every day.

    We were at church too, although not one person from this family was in the main service, to busy “doing” service. Did Children’s Church again and maybe, just maybe I’ll get next week off. Good news is our pastor borrowed me five different books on the Blood of Jesus, so that should take care of that department for a few days!

    A cow day today, (after the mud chores), and maybe finish up that fence out there in the mud too so they can graze till the snows blow!

    So off I go!

    God Bless!

    Oh, she just commented a few days ago here.

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