Nothing But The Blood!

Rainy and gloomy out today. In fact it’s been gloomy most of October with a couple of snow falls to boot! Kinda strange seeing leaves on the trees yet after having snows and deep freezes this last week. But slowly and surely things are getting done around here. Got field work to do yet if possible this season, it won’t really take much to be able to get into the fields, just a sunny day, then a few in a row.

Last evening was church on a dark, gloomy October evening with rains staring up. I didn’t have a car available to drive the thirteen miles through the hills to church so I decided to take the three quarter ton flatbed pickup, which includes all the corral building tool that were laying on the flatbed, I didn’t have time to take them off and put them away. Those old farm trucks are an adventure in themselves. The bright/dim indicator light don’t work so a fella has to figure out if they got the brights or the dims on as its getting darker. We had to go a different route last evening to church and it was already pretty dark when we hit those winding, narrow gravel roads out that way, through the hills and woods, around the ponds and lakes. A couple of miles the road goes through a woods, a narrow gravel road, and the thing is like driving through a tunnel. There is no open sky above, the trees cover the road completely. Up and down the hills, no ditches at all, many times cut through the hills so it was like going through a chute. And of course ol’  Tom starts telling the story of Sleepy Hollow, well, it felt appropriate! Of course if’n I’da seen a headless horseman I really wouldn’t have worried about my gas consumption driving that three quarter ton hog! There’da been a pedal to the metal!

Well, at least teaching Children’s Church last night I couldn’t complain about the conditions in the double wide trailer that the classes are held in along side the church. Nice and warm and dry in there and it was just flat out comfortable to a fella that had just spent his whole day out in the gloom and mud. Now I didn’t know till about an hour before that I’d be teaching last night so I didn’t prepare one thing. Either prepare and miss supper or the other way around. After trudging with winter clothes and mud rubbers all day I elected to eat a hearty meal and trust in the Lord for some teaching ability when the time came. I have no book that I go by in those classes, I used to, but now I just see where the flow is heading and pick up from there. In fact we even sometimes do “preach it”, which is where a kid closes their eyes and I give em the Bible and the don’t know if its upside down or right side up and the open er up and point their finger to a verse, (remember its with their eyes closed), and I put my finger their and show them the verse and then I preach about it. The kids really love this and its really surprising how sometimes after five or six totally random picks like that, there developes a definite pattern and the kids, (and myself), are amazed!

We didn’t do that last night as the rain was falling under the lonely street light over the gravel street in that small town of 140 people. Like I said, a dark night, very dark and as the class was about to start I still didn’t quite know what I’d teach. As it started it came to me and I asked a question. I said, “What’s the most powerful substance in the universe?” I let the would be answering go on a couple minutes but nobody got it right. Everything from stars to bombs, but not the one I was looking for. Finally I said, “The Blood!” And I tell you it never let up after that. Now a Children’s Church teacher always has a back up plan,which is when all else fails throw in a DVD or a video and sit on you butt and let the kids watch some teaching show that’s more interesting than I am if I ain’t feeling up to snuff.

The Blood is something I discovered the kids are totally interested in! Eyes as wide as saucers, full attention! Now if that don’t make a teacher’s night I don’t know what can! The Blood! The most powerful substance in the universe! I was listening to a teaching tape by Glenn Smith where he’s training up people for ministry, cowboy style, (in other words I love it), and he mentioned that a person should never preach a sermon that didn’t take the people to the Bloody Cross. I agree and I won’t ever forget it! It don’t matter where a person is with God, whether well saved, backsliding, or totally unsaved, the preaching of the Bloody Cross is where it should lead to.

For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power of God.

There’s so much to this subject that I could go on forever, but not tonight. This is central to our faith, to the faith of the believer. A Bloodless faith is no faith at all. Today its not fashionable to keep on preaching the Blood. In other words I think I’ll be doing allot of it! There’s Power in the Blood!

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  1. Amen! Preach it brother! I remember hearing my friend’s father, Matti, tell a story of an elderly Finnish gentleman from their church, who said to Matti & the others gathered around his hospital bedside as he was dying, “Tell the brethren, His Blood is enough! His Blood is enough!!!!”

    Hallelujah! I forget that sometimes! 😦

  2. Hallelujah! Now that’s a testimony of a real believer!

    That just stirs me like you wouldn’t believe!

    God Bless!

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