Dwelling On A Sunday Evening

They say snow again, we’ll see how it goes.At the moment there’s rumors of it slipping to the south of us, and I’m hoping it will. There’s some corral building to do on the south pasture two miles away. Just a few rail road ties to dig in, some oak plank to nail up, two steel gates to hang and that corral will be in the order of our corral across the county road where two guys can easily load up cattle without over working. And I want them cattle home with the craziness of this weather we’re having this early October! I’m planning on putting at least fifty cows across the county road to eat a month or two in the meadows and a couple of acres of standing corn in the lowlands. But what ever happens it’ll all get done sooner or later. I’m also putting on a big push to get this herd back to top status after it slowly dwindled down through the multiple droughts we’ve had in the past few years. Reputation cattle is the word I was looking for. Not bragging cattle cause heaven forbid I don’t want to be a braggart, but cattle that raise the eyebrows of buyers in the sales barn at feeder calf sales every year.

One thing about ministry, especially rural ministry is that there’s an extreme lack of people a fella can go to for advice. The Lord calls a person and then the question is, Now what?? Where does a person begin? And the one thing I know I ain’t called for is regular church. Not saying I don’t do things, sometimes allot of things in regular church, but that’s not the call at all. Try as I might it never works out to do something churchy. But let me talk country and it goes as smooth as silk. So as I have written many, many times before there is a mission field out here that is huge! But where do you start when the ones that are tugging at the heart don’t give a hoot about regular church and many times have a darn good reason. I just look back at myself and there’s quite a bit to learn there. I literally hated church years ago and I ain’t kidding! And I still get allot of red flags when things get to churchy. When things get done in an order that’s set and nothing short of the end of the world can stop it.

Farm and ranch ministry is the calling that I have without a doubt. Sales barns, livestock events and also one on one farm and ranch ministry. The burden on my heart for a long, long time, much longer than I’ve been blogging is to set up some country meetings with music and fellowship and just have a durn good time. Probably not in a church setting either, but that’s flexible. This is to reach folks that don’t feel comfortable in established churches.

This evening as I write this I’m going to do something I rarely do, and that’s ask for readers to keep this all in their prayers. There’s allot to do around here and I’m not talking the cattle operation, even though I’m overloaded at the moment. I’m talking about the needs that there are in all of this. I need Cowboy Bibles and some country folk tracts, but I ain’t asking for any money cause I figger that prayer works wonders and I believe that with all my heart. There’s things to set up, there’s divine appointments to pray for, but this is exciting to say the least!

This is nothing new. I can look back when I got the first ever issue of the “Christian Ranchman” back in 1991 and something sparked! Heck, it was 14 years later when I really got saved! So even as a cussing, drinking, hotheaded cattleman the seed was planted to sprout many years later. These are my people, this is an area I know. The needs are great and the workers are very, very few. But what an adventure there is to be had! I got more stories than a person can shake a fist at, mostly though I can’t put them on here. There’s healings that are incredible, seeing God work miracles through the hands of this family continues to floor me. This spreading the Gospel is real, no different than in the Bible times no matter what the dead religions say! I see it over and over and there’s nobody can indoctrinate me in their human religion that say the times are past for all that stuff, no sir!

God is on the move in the rural areas! Things might be done a little different than traditionally done but they’ll get done! No different than the inner city, you’d have a rough time ministering there if a person wanted to do it in a refined way, all done perfectly, making the people become all proper in our eyes and all. Doesn’t work, a person has to take the Gospel to them in their way of living. It’s biblical too, I wrote about that just a few posts ago.

Tonight I’m excited, happy and a tad bit nervous! We’ve been doing allot around the area as far as spreading the Gospel but this is the direction we were always meant for. As much as possible I’ll keep this site informed as time goes by, but as I wrote, keep us in your prayers.



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  1. Heavenly Father, Make a way!! Provide all that needs be!! Give wisdom, opportunity, financial resources and patience! Give grace!! Thank you that this man’s heart is lined up with you… that he desires to reach out to all those around him!! Thank you for your power, for your love, for your mighty hand!! I ask these things in Jesus’ name!!

  2. Amen!

  3. Hey old buddy….

    Ugh… I’ve been about run ragged here. Seems my day job has picked up a little bit… The problem is I have an 8 hour commute lately if I want to spend anytime at home…. I really LOVE home !! 🙂

    So, between that and a stubborn bull, wayward calves and oh yeah… a little rain… um should I say… alot of RAIN!! I mean almost enough rain that the first year out on a five year drought, I might start complainin just a little about it…. nahhhhh… not yet, but I’m getting really really close… 🙂

    Anyway, its been a busy couple of weeks. I haven’t even got around to reading your fine stuff yet… I will, I promise…. but its a 2:30 am morning again tomorrow as I head to Knoxville. Hopefully Wednesday I’ll get back in the swing of things.

    Anyway just a quick note to let you know my feet are still groundside down…… 🙂

    Have a GREAT day,


  4. Evening Brad!

    I kinda figured that your commute musta extended a bit but at least I know your in North America 🙂 Things are slow here, got more snow today but its melting off. Gotta get that corral tuned up tomorrow so I can get that last herd home one of these days. Should be a big day tomorrow working!

    I tell you, God sure does work! Yesterday I was wondering, I was looking for a breakthrough on some simple country preaching so I can tune up a bit and you know, He supplied. This evening before supper and after a shower, (I cleaned the hog pen finally, by the old fashioned pitch fork method), I did a search on the computer for Glenn Smith, a cowboy preacher who’s small books I ordered back in May or so. Well, seems like He got a page up where he’s training western type ministers and I’ma listening I tell you! Great stuff, simple stuff that we so often overlook! I’ll get it up on my links list so I don’t lose it with this fickle computer and Windows Vista, the freeze up program 🙂 Here’s the link:


    Take care my friend and get back here when you get home more often!

    God Bless!

  5. Good Morning Tom,
    I woke up to rain aroung 4am today. When Ray was leaving about an hour later, he walked out, turned around and BELLOWED back – “I thought you said it was RAINING!!!!” Unfortunately, the snow didn’t drop South of you – it came right to us! I figured it would come early, but we weren’t prepared for this!

    Now on topic – when I read about your calling, I get such a feeling that you are right on track. You folks have been in my prayers for some time now. There’s a huge mission field out there, and folks aren’t wanting religion. They want/need the simple truth of God’s love & the promise of hope. If there’s anything we can do, just holler! We’re standing with you in prayer.

    Have a great day and May the Lord bless you!

  6. Evening Lee Ann!

    A little early for snow but we’ve already got a couple snow falls under the belt and it looks like its possible the rest of the week here. One of these days it should warm up, hit a whopping 39 above this afternoon, could barely take the heat 🙂

    There’s nothing better than folks standing with us in prayer, things happen when that’s the case. And I sure do appreciate it too! Yup, its been with me a long, long time, knowing which direction to go but never quite doing it whole hog. This fall and winter it’ll be on the front burner and where or what the Lord has planned for us is unknown to us now, but we’ll walk in faith!

    God Bless and stay warm and dry 🙂

  7. Morning Sir,

    Well, its raining here… Its been a mixed year on how the rain helped or hurt us. Right now, I’ve got 30 acres of hay where it got wet and we’ve never recovered. I’ve got to bush hog those windrows so some new stuff will come up….. ahh well… its not disasterous though… we’ve got enough in the barn.

    On top of my other excuses for not being here, I lost a fencerow buddy last week. Didn’t know him much except for our talkin along the fenceline every week… or chasin each other’s cattle to whichever side needed to be chased to…. Anyway, he went like I want to go….. quick and with Jesus in his heart…. I sure will miss him though…..

    Now about this sale barn ministry… Let me know about lessons learned there would ya….. I’m trying the “quiet hands” 1st Thessolonians ministry with mixed results…. when ever talk turns toward churchin, I’m there to make sure they don’t start spewin bull….. bull….. well… spewin what we’re standing in at the time 🙂 Anyway, the only hard hittin thing I’ve said so far was one guy said “I’m not sure if I’m goin to hell or not…” and I told him he was….. He looked suprised and said “I am??” ell it kinda ended there, but we’ll see how this months sale goes. I try not to push…. enough people push…. 🙂

    Alright, I’d better head out in this rain and see what the day brings… after my second cup of coffee…….

    Have a GREAT day,


  8. Morning Brad!

    Cooler than normal in this neck of the woods. Looks like I’ll be able to work most of the day without getting wet which is a plus. Gotta haul a cow to the co-op and get er weighed in for butchering. Than take out the silage chopper and clean a few fields up, outside rows and stuff like that, feed is feed and it makes it easier to disk down the field too.

    Was going to write here last evening but this fella was tired! Sat at the computer and just went duh! But the sleep was good for once and this morning is a new day!

    Church tonight so that should keep me out of trouble, or else get me in trouble, whatever, such is life 🙂 Saturday looks like the official cow hunting day here, that’s when we attempt to bring the south herd home 🙂 Then after that, wean all the herds so if you hear the noise from the northwest you know what it is 🙂

    Durn, so much to write and so little time, gotta git while the gittin’s good 🙂

    God Bless!

  9. Good Morning Sir….

    How are you doing this fine morning. We went to a revival last night. The preacher was great!! He came about as close to anyone could as to describing why Jesus had to die on the cross for us. I was so excited listenin to him that the band I was in started playing and I didn’t even have my horn. It was just a great night!!

    Well, its starting to get a touch cool around these parts. Its supposed to frost saturday night. I do like this weather. MY wife though doesn’t. I’ve lived with a woodstove for years and tried to keep that ol temp right around 68 degrees (40’s some mornings when the stove would go out….. 🙂 ). Well now I’m peeling covers off like you wouldn’t believe. I got up and looked and the thermostat is set for 77…. and Laura is still cold….. This should be an interesting winter….. I’m thinkin I might be having a tropical vacation right here in my own living room…..

    Well, the farm is being the farm. I’m hoping the weather will turn for the better around here. I’m geting trench foot from all this rain. Its looking like this weekend might be a good working weekend. I sure am hoping so….

    I guess I’d better get back to it. I hope you have a GREAT day,


  10. Morning Brad!

    Well,I hate to have it appear that I’m taking sides on an issue between man and wife but I here by state that I’m on Laura’s side, (hopefully this will give me some pointers with her 🙂 cause sometimes wives get a little ornery with fellers like me). Of course this comes from a guy that’s half frozen 9 months of the year. And I always say, I ain’t making all that firewood and tending them outdoor boilers so I can be cold in the house 🙂

    Last evening at Children’s Church I was teaching/preaching on the Blood. I don’t know why but I”m drawn to this subject. The Blood, the Cross, etc. I figure that I know blood somewhat with all the butchering that gets done around this place. So blood isn’t something that offends me as it would to some self appointed high class, dirt free, germ free, modern day bigshot. Yep, them kids were at full attention let me tell you! Hmm, this would make a good post!

    Raining here this morning but that’s OK. What can a fella do about it anyhow?! Saturday is thee day on my calendar, time to bring the south herd home. Cattle hunting! Yee Haw! That should get me all worked up! Then “if” we are successful I figure on weaning the whole durn bunch and let the noise begin! Gotta do it sometime!

    Well, I hope all the cattle have been good overnight and I can just have a chores type of morning, not a morning when I wished I had the rifle with me to unload on the cattle herd. (Most cattle people understand this 🙂 ) I need a stress free day for once 🙂

    God Bless!

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