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Its raining again today and I believe that we almost received three and a half inches this last couple of days! The calves around here are getting in the mood to be weaned cause they keep causing me problems, five were out right in the farm yard around seven this evening and that’s OK cause at least they were easy to corral there! I don’t know but this weather might continue for a few more days which should have some folks happy in this state with duck hunting opening this weekend so I hear. Our family’s ducks sure do seem to be enjoying this weather too! In fact they’re down right happy about it. They kinda pick up the pace and if a feller can tell a happy duck it sure was today!


Cattle work will be the main thing on the agenda the next couple of week. Bringing herds home, weaning the calves. Putting out lots of one wire electric fence to pasture the cows out in the meadows and one corn field that I didn’t quite finish chopping and I figure it’ll be next year before I can get in there with a tractor again, so might as well let them eat that couple acres of corn. Don’t waste fuel or time I figure.  Just another fall out here in the country!

silage 2

Earlier this evening I was just browsing on the computer and I was looking up some videos of some cowboy churches, at least that’s what they are called and I gotta admit that the way they do things is kinda on the order of the way I think in this faith walk. Come as you are and hear the simple Gospel of Jesus Christ. You don’t have to get phonied up, just come as you are.Now some folks might think that this kind of thinking doesn’t have the respect for the Lord that a person seemingly should have. But I beg to differ cause if there’s anything, and I mean anything that can ruin a fella for life when it comes to religion is to read the Gospels.

Remember how Jesus would get right in there with the sinners and how the sinners loved the Lord and remember the Pharisees, how they would get all uppity and be snorting because those “sinners” weren’t righteous like they were, or so they thought.  My Bible is a treasure cause if a person actually reads it the one thing that really shows up is how we as people sure can get uppity about church and such! We get so it has to be done this way or no way. In fact for years and years this might have been the major cause of me staying a step away from getting involved with any church. When a person is in the reality of farming or ranching its kinda hard to fool them with fake stuff. Why even waste a person’s time going to church if its all a show anyhow, at least when a person stays home he or she can get something important done!

Nope, I never was one for a show, never! And I truly wonder how many folks feel the same as me and wil probably never know Jesus truly died for them on the Cross? This is always on my mind, for years and years. I’ve written about it allot in the past. Now this evening I wanted to share a video that I ran across and I really like it. It won’t be for some, and that’s OK, but if it causes a judgement to rise up in you my advice is to do some soul searching as to why there’s a rise of judgement. This video isn’t your normal “church”, but I believe with all my heart that the Lord loves this stuff! Why? Because this is how the modern day Gospel would be if Jesus would be walking on this earth today in some parts of this fair land! Not everywhere, but here in the heartland. Not in every town or anything like that but where it was welcomed I believe this is how the Gospel would be spread. These are my kinda folks, just regular people, sinners, folks that don’t try and put on a show, folks that don’t accept dry, dead religion! I believe that the Lord smiles when He sees His children coming together like this!

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  1. Now that’s my kinda church! Praise God, it looks like folks are starting to catch on!

    We’re getting your rain. I suspect we may start needing to get busy on that Ark. It’s a good thing we live on the side of a hill or we’d be floating by now.

    Have a great night, and may the Lord bless you!

  2. Praise the Lord that we’re through with the silage,(or almost, the cattle can graze down the last two acres of corn left down there in the mud), cause the forecast ain’t lookin dry 🙂

    Those kind of churches have a draw on me, for regular folk that love Jesus. Last evening I was studying the Gospels, in the vein of an outcast. This stirs me as nothing else does! More on that to come soon I hope!

    God Bless!

  3. Morning Folks,

    Well Rain down here in the south too…. I didn’t end up getting all the hay in.. In fact, I didn’t get any in!! Those weathermen can change the chance of rain from 10% to 100% faster than I can tape the stalks back up on my freshly mown fescue 🙂 . Ahhh well…. I’m a really good flipper with the rolobar…. I’ve had years of practice. I guess this year will be no different. My raggely ol cows don’t seem to mind…

    Lost a second time heifer this week. She was giving birth and needed a pull I guess. I was so busy with that hay, I didn’t check on her when she needed me. Oh well…. I’d been doing pretty good as of late… The thing that worries me is these things come in bunches to me…. I sure hope not.

    Now Tom…. I’m sure those people all were wearin three piece suits there on that mountain listening to Jesus….. Why can’t we???? 🙂 I am with you my friend….. It is the word that is important… Nothing else!!

    Every once in a while ( actually…. more often than not…) I run across something in the bible that is completely new to me… Well this weekend was no different. That ol Roman officers slave….. Well, I always read the version without Jesus mentionin that he was including us Gentiles in all this good stuff… Not just the Jews. I guess I always read the other book where the author just kind of breezed right through that part (God is telling me I’d better not quote book and verse because I’d get it wrong and get a severe slapdown from you… 🙂 ). Anyway… I do like finding things like that. Kinda like the parable of the lost coin…… Its just like unwrappin a birthday gift….

    Anyway, I’d better git on… I was going to get started on your blog post because I do believe that you and I feel about the same on this ( with a couple of minor exceptions through the years if I remember right 🙂 )….. Anyway… there is always tuesday……

    Have a GREAT day,


  4. Morning Brad!

    An oldtimer vet once told the young rancher who was having a bad run of luck keeping some of his cows alive, “don’t worry, its hard to kill em all”, and that’s what I say too. I hate when a person loses a critter like that but it happens and the only way to avoid it is to get out of the business.

    Lookin like rain heading this way again too! Gotta hurry this morning and move one herd of cattle home.Just gotta move em across the gravel road is all. The durn bulls come right near our house every night and look at each other from across the road and beller all night giving me visions of freezers full of bologna 🙂 So time for them to come home and quiet the place down a bit 🙂

    I sure am glad that I don’t have to wear a three piece suit for church cause if I did I’d probably be a heathen yet 🙂 Yep, same here, I’ll continue this either in the comments or in a new post this evening.I looked at the radar and I had better start my day pronto 🙂

    God Bless!

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