People Who Know Their God

A hot day around these parts and I sure am waiting for the temps to take a step down. Thinking silage. And I don’t really feel like chopping when it’s in the eighties. I’d rather have it cooler so I could live a few more years! Gets hot in that tractor that does the chopping and if it’s in the sixties for a high I’ll be in a good place. If not, well…..

Get that silage under the belt in a week or two and I’ll be one happy man! Well, I am happy now, that’s for sure but one more hurdle done for the year and a fella can settle in for the approaching winter. Glory to God! I’ll be one happy guy when that happens! Until then things keep on pluggin and I can’t complain about nothing. All is well, in fact better than well. Both at home and at our little country church. There’s a feeling in the air, a good feeling and I’m all excited! The Word is being preached and it’s getting soaked up by the folks at church. Change is coming,for the better. God is preparing His people for the days ahead.

Ministry opportunities keep plopping down right in front of a fella’s nose.I can’t believe it sometimes how that works but I know that’s God’s way sometimes and I just gotta try and keep up with it all. And keep up a person can cause when it’s really God’s work, not our own work trying to build our own ministry, things go allot smoother. Our God is not a God of disorder but a God of order and He ain’t about to screw up the family, the farm, and everything else in order to have us do our duties. No, when a person is following His will things go allot smoother. How can that be? Well, I tell you, more often than not things are of our own design, and I’m really good at that! But by giving it all to God, that’s when things happen that just blow a person away!

A verse, or should I say part of a verse caught my eye the other day. It’s in the Book of Daniel, chapter 11, verse 32.

but the people who know their God shall be strong, and carry out great exploits.

That’s a lifter upper if ever there was one! Amen! This is one of the verses I was dwelling on this past week while working around the farm.Oh, there’s allot more verses that catch my attention during the week too but this one kinda stuck this evening. Notice it says, “the people who know their God”. It doesn’t say church people, it doesn’t say people that know how to make all the right moves in a public church setting. It says the people who know their God! I’ve spent considerable time in the Old Testament stories reading about David and lately Moses. I’ve wrote about them, how they chased God with everything they had. They didn’t give a hoot what anyone thought about it!

So how do some simple country folk go about something like this? Well,looking back at David, he was about as simple of a country boy as it gets.Old Moses was a tad bit different cause he spent forty years in pure luxury in Pharaoh’s palace and estates. But when he had to go on the run and head out into the wilderness and meet a good lookin shepherd gal at a well, get married,settle down and just run a bunch of livestock for forty years without the worry about urban sprawl I figure old Moses became about as country as it gets!

Now,neither David or Moses was a bigshot in the world’s eyes when they started out doing the ministry that God had them do! But both of these men loved God, more than likely in a simple way.They had no bigtime school training in the area of our God.Nope. They were out on the land,doing what they had to do.More than likely just dwelling on God things most of the time. More than likely having those country boy conversations out there in the wide open range where no one else was except themselves and the animals. Day in and day out just doing what they had to do and walking and talking with God. And the more they did that the more they got to know God. I highly doubt if they were sitting around reading book after book quite simply cause there probably weren’t no books. They didn’t really get to go to most of the organized religious services, in Moses case there probably wasn’t nothing like that in the area and in David’s case, well he was at the bottom of the totem pole and got stuck with the sheep while every one else in the family looked good in the local eyes.

I would say that both Moses and David really fit that verse above to a tee! They knew their God! But that verse above is part of an end time prophecy that is more for our days. And I believe with all my heart in these last days of creation as we know it there are going to be greater exploits than anything recorded in the entire Bible! It ain’t over, its just beginning! When reading the Book of Revelation I used to get a bit nervous, but nowadays I get excited! These times a coming are going to be the times of the greatest exploits ever to be done in the history of creation! Instead of being fearful its the greatest honor to be placed here by God in these times! And who will be strong and carry out these great exploits? The answer according to the Word of God is, those who know their God! That’s why I’m after God’s own heart!

Psalm 71
17 O God, You have taught me from my youth;
And to this day I declare Your wondrous works.
18 Now also when I am old and grayheaded,
O God, do not forsake me,
Until I declare Your strength to this generation,
Your power to everyone who is to come.

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  1. And I tell you what, these are the days of Elijah, the days God’s people will do exploits, as we turn away from the world, the world’s wisdom, the mixed “breed” of psychology & human thinking that permeates the churches & just get back to the BIBLE & the power of the Holy Spirit!

    It’s Rosh Hoshannah now & Yom Kippur coming up & there’s some interesting things going on in this world that all point to the fact that these are the last days & not the time to be goofing off, because the Lord needs laborers in His fields…!!! Even so, come, Lord Jesus!!!

  2. I couldn’t agree with you more Nina! And so many folks want to play “church”. These are the days that God created us for, a great honor, and like i just wrote in the post I did tonight, we will be asked “what did we do with what He gave us?”

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