“Nothing”, They Answered

It sure was warm and humid today. I was splitting some firewood, red oak, and this was the second day in a row where I became a little tipsy from the heat and humidity. I don’t know why, but there’s something about September warmth and humidity that is different than summer type of humidity and a feller just can’t wait for some fresh western air to blow away this stuff. Oh to feel a fresh westerly breeze again! But through it all a lot of hard work got done and I am thankful as always to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ!

Last evening at church I was amazed! Now I don’t amaze very easy but let me tell you, we are getting some of the best messages I have ever heard in all my born day! The kind of messages that cut deep to the heart and place the truth of the Word permanently into our spirits! I often wonder what other churches would think of such straight forward preaching and teaching such as this. Not off to the right nor to the left but down the straight and narrow, with everything totally backed up by the Word of God, several times. And these teachings are on CD so a fella can listen to them over and over!

Then when that is all said and done there’s the reading of the Word at home every evening, plus a good book on faith matters to top it all off. Now currently I’m re-reading the book called the Midas Touch, by Kenneth Hagin. Its one of the most interesting books I’ve ever read on giving and tithes. And the purpose of its writing was to set the record straight, to avoid the ditches on either side of the path on this journey we Christian’s have. It’s so loaded with Bible verses to keep a person straight that it’s truly a treasure. Plus it don’t hurt to brush up on some of this when doing the tithing and offering part of the church service every once in a while.

Last evening a verse hit me, I’ve read it many, many times before but that’s how it is, all of a sudden a verse or two just seems to come alive and speak to a person! This is from Luke 22:35,

Then Jesus asked them, “When I sent you without purse, bag or sandals, did you lack anything?”
“Nothing,” they answered.

They answered, “Nothing!” Funny, I never noticed that before! And then another couple of verse in Matthew 6,

32For the pagans run after all these things, and your heavenly Father knows that you need them.

33But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.

Now I don’t know about anyone else but durn it, these are some pretty good words coming from our Saviour! Amen? And I got to thinking about it, how much do I hand it over to God and trust Him in all matters and a fella gotta admit that if you can trust Him with our needs than we have pretty good faith in Him. That’s always been a rough one for me, a person that has to do everything by myself cause I figure I’m thee only one who can do it right.Anyone else ever had that problem??

Nowadays its fashionable in Christian circles to think that God is a heavenly vending machine who’s only purpose is to give us everything our hearts desire. I ain’t talking like that here cause it sure is not the case. What I am writing is that God knows our needs before we even do. And His way of thinking is a whole lot different than the carnal nature of man’s way of thinking. His way of thinking is for the best possible life possible for us in fulfilling our eternal destiny. So will He provide absolutely everything we need to be the person God has ordained us to be before the beginning of time? The answer is a big YES! Everything! When we hand over our lives and problems and joys and sorrows to God, allowing Him to do the work that we will miserably fail at, the out come will always be the greatest!

Now this is where we miss it most of the time. We want what we think is the best for us, and many times it just plain ain’t. Last night’s teaching was an absolute life changer for me I tell you, the teaching in church that is. And it fit perfectly with what I’ve been reading on different subjects. When we give God our all, He will always take it and the outcome will always be what He desires for us, not to mentioned those around us. I durn near started shaking in the pew last night when those words were coming forth! Lately I’ve wrote about going after the heart of God and when a person gives it all to God that’s when God can do His work in us, unhindered! Glory to God!

Some of the oldtimers had this figured out, but I had never really thought of it much before! I even used to give the advice, “give it all to God”, but never quite understood what I was saying. Now I do, more and more! This is exciting, this subject of going after God’s own heart and it sets the stage for many wonderful things coming from God because quite simply, we’re allowing Him to do a work in us, and a greater work cannot be imagined than letting God form us into what He desired from before the beginning of time!

This is getting more and more into my heart! It will continue in one form or another as the days go by. This is a faith builder if ever there was one! Hallelujah!!

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  1. Amen to that. I also like in Acts. Where the husband and wife didn’t give all there money to there land to God. They didn’t give God everything. When they held back God killed them. The thing is. They didn’t even blink at it. It’s like they had already seen it happen before. Ok getting off here. We do have to give all of us to God. It sure ain’t easy though!! When you do though. WOW!!! Sure like His desires more than mine. Our desires are to simple and easy compared to His.

    Saw some pictures from the wedding you went to. Saw one of you. Actually it was the back side of your head. Funny how I picked it out right away!!

    Things are sure coming together for what’s coming up for us. It’s soooooooo fun to watch God put things together. A person wonders how things are going to work out. Just to watch God had already figured that problem out. God is great. Looks like cooler temps are coming next week. High’s in the 60’s. Almost perfect weahter. Have a great one.

  2. Years ago, this wouldn’t have made sense to me. But the longer I walk with the Lord, the truer those words become! Praise God!

  3. Morning Tom!!
    I truly appreciate your meat in the mornings that you so consistently provide. A true blessing and edifier in times of need you are!! 🙂

    Funny thing you mention this topic as I have been having some discussions with Father along these same lines. Correction, my wife and I have been having discussions about it and Father has spoke His thoughts. Short story:

    I am a people manager and each year we have a 360 survey done. It asks questions from our employees, peers (fellow managers) and our supervisor about our performance, leadership skills etc etc etc. Well my people enjoy working for me, servant leadership is how I lead. Thing is my ‘peers’ have been throwing me under the bus. They have sabotaged (sp) my career and have no qualms about it. My wife and I were speaking about ‘next steps’ and came up with a few ideas. I went outside to check on the animals before bed and it was a beautiful moonlit night and I just praised God for it. The next morning I read one of my devotionals and it hit be square between the eyes.

    September 10 – God or Mammon?

    You must be ready to stand apart from the world. Do you want the full and complete satisfaction that you find in Me, and the satisfaction of the world too? Then you are trying to serve God and Mammon, or if not trying to serve, then claiming the wages of both God and Mammon.

    If you work for Me, you have your reward. But then you turn to the world, to human beings, and expect that reward too. This is not right.

    Do not expect love or gratitude or acknowledgement from any. All reward necessary I will give you.

    No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and
    love the other; … Ye cannot serve God and mammon. Matthew 6:24

    Long story short, I KNEW this minor persecution was a result of my walk with Father but still wanted to be successfull to provide for my family and such. Ah well, I thank Father for His ‘nuggets’ of inspiration!!

    Lastly, your message about giving it all to God was echoed recently by Lee Grady. (side note: I do not subscribe to nor believe all the Charisma magazine publishes) However, Lee has been ‘coming around’ if you will and this latest article is another gem. Here is the link.


    Blessings my brethren,
    Peace and Joy in the Holy Ghost!!

  4. Hey RJ!

    Seen the photos eh! After you mentioned them I checked them out too! Had daughter Rachel go there on Face Book. Of course I ain’t on Face Book, got more than enough to worry about on this here computer without that 🙂

    One of these days we gotta get together so I can lat least catch up on all these things that are happening in your family’s lives 🙂

    God Bless!

    Morning Lee Ann!

    Agreed! And those words will never stop getting truer and truer! And that’s what makes walking the walk so durn exciting, there will always be more and more things a person learns!

    God Bless!

    Morning Brian!

    I didn’t see the Lee Grady thingy yet, although I do get the e-mails. I sure do agree that Lee has been coming around. In a very,very good way!

    “If you work for Me, you have your reward. But then you turn to the world, to human beings, and expect that reward too. This is not right.

    Do not expect love or gratitude or acknowledgement from any. All reward necessary I will give you.

    No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and
    love the other; … Ye cannot serve God and mammon. Matthew 6:24”

    Thanks for passing this along cause its a keeper! Over the last month and a half this whole area of thought has been very much on my heart and on my mind and anything added to it sure is a huge blessing! More than likely it’ll keep going this direction because when a person heads this direction it covers about every area there is in the Christian walk.

    Thanks for the kind words also! Always a blessing!

    God Bless!

  5. morning all

    hope the weekend was good for all!

    have a good day! 😉

  6. Morning Morning….

    Ahhh Tom…. you hit on something the new bride and I were talking about this weekend. We were talking from a different angle though… about what is involved in the titheing…. She was saying it was giving it to the church. I was saying it was for doing Gods work in whatever way (orphanages, PTBI…..etc….) It sure can get all complicated trying to figure it out on your own…. Then I went and did what ol Brian did and just kind of went outside and had a talk with our Lord about it… You know what… It was God just shakin his head at me and sayin like “You know Brad…. I go and give you this simple rule and all you want to do is complicate things…” I’ll be doggoned if it didn’t come to me what I should do. Then I look at this on Monday mornin and what do you know….. Ol’ God sure has a way of straightening out the simple minded 🙂

    Well, things are moving right along at this raggely ol place. I wish I could say I can hardly wait till we finish gettin settled in here, but I really don’t…. Settlin in is the way two people get to really know each other… and Laura and I are REALLY gettin to know each other 🙂 . You know its funny… when your married for a while, you know your wifes mood and all… I gotta tell you…. I have no Idea!!! Neither does she…..It makes for some interestin conversations when we think we know how each other are feelin and we really don’t….

    Ahhh well… The farming is slowly gettin back to the front of the line. I need to get the pasture at our new house ready for sowing. Still burning brush and all I’m hoping to be done soon….. Other than that things are ticking right along.

    Read some more in that ol PC book….. Do you still have that copy that I sent you?? I wanted my stepson to read about him and that one copy is easier than ol PC’s autobiography…. Maybe we can arrainge a book swap sometime…

    Alright, I’m wearin down these fingers to nubs talkin so much… I’d better get a cup of leaded and get on with the day…

    Have a GREAT day,


  7. Morning Jan!

    Here’s hoping all was great this past weekend!

    God Bless!

    Morning Brad!

    Monday morning and my Internet seems to be working. This TWI, (Third World Internet), sure is a fickle thing. Come’s a weekend and chances are the thing won’t be working half the time. This weekend was worse, it barely worked at all. I reckon the fellers holding the whole works together were out partying and just let er run on cruise and this is what usually happens. So anyone waiting for me to respond to e-mails, well, I’ll get to them tonight I’m hoping 🙂

    This is a good subject, about giving it all to God and will continue here and there. Glad it helped! Oh, I got that simpler PC book upstairs and can send it back down, no trades necessary.

    Uh, it ain’t in my ministry to figure out the moods of women 🙂 I’d go stark raving mad in the attempt 🙂 Which is a good thing for the women that read this blog too. I’d hate to see the mess I’d create 🙂 So I’ll stick with simple stuff like the God of the universe or something 🙂

    Another warm day here in the northland, I’m hoping for some half way easy jobs today and tomorrow so I don’t get too tired out!

    God bless!

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