Sunday Evening Preaching

Feeling pretty good today after last night’s ten hour sleep.Longest sleep I’ve had in years after the shortest sleep in years the night before. Reckon I’m pretty well recovered now! The weather is just good up here in this neck of the woods the last few days which is moving the corn along nicely. It won’t be too much longer and we’ll hit the corn fields chopping.Don’t know when yet but it will come.In fact I hope when we chop its a little cooler out.Gets pretty durn hot in that old tractor cab with the engine running full throttle all day long chopping corn.

Its been a good summer here now that Labor Day weekend is here and a fella can look back. It started pretty iffy but straightened out and it never stopped being perfect for the pastures and crops, Praise the Lord! And the abundance does make for allot more work than during the droughts and I ain’t complaining either! Through it all there’s been church work coming more and more frequently. I guess now I’m up front every other week which is fine with me cause its starting to get easier and easier.Which isn’t to say a person can’t have a complete stall out up in front but at least there is much less nervousness the hours before a service.I tell you, there were some times in the past when I wondered what the heck was wrong with me for getting myself into this all! I had never talked in front of folks in my life so this was a life change of the highest degree.

But the Lord works in mysterious ways they say and I guess He sure does in this case. It’ll get better and better cause after every time I know where I screwed up and will try to eliminate those as I go. This past weekend I had that little voice tell me something in the big city. As I looked at the buildings around us, which was mainly looking up, Matthew 24 came into my thoughts.

1 Then Jesus went out and departed from the temple, and His disciples came up to show Him the buildings of the temple. 2 And Jesus said to them, “Do you not see all these things? Assuredly, I say to you, not one stone shall be left here upon another, that shall not be thrown down.”

Now,Jesus was talking to the disciples about the temple in Jerusalem, I understand that, but this verse came to me in the big city as I have mentioned. The towering sky scrapers, monuments to man’s engineering and wisdom, will they out last everything? I think the answer is no.Then when I got back home to the farm I was dwelling on this. How man works and makes these things and how creation works away at them. Take the big city for example. How long would it truly stay intact without constant maintenance to keep everything from falling apart? In a year or two there’d be plant life where there is no plant life now. It would start in cracks in the concrete and what ever and gradually take ahold. The man made structures and pavements would gradually get busted up and creation would gradually take over. Concrete would crack and crumble, steel would rust. Things would gradually fall apart. Over decades and hundred of years it would get to the point where a person would have a hard time even finding evidence of a city because of over growth and crumbling. How fragile things are that we make, thinking it is something great. Thinking that we are so smart and powerful.

I looked on the city and thought these thoughts and I took them home with me. The farm is no different. There would be very little sign of it after a long time without man battling the creation to keep things the way we like it. And after a few years or decades we leave this life and its all done with as far as this life is concerned. This just tells me that the most important things are the eternal things. But this is no excuse to stop working and give up, cause we toil by the sweat of our brows on this earth to make a life for ourselves and our families. Its just that we must realize its temporary. The real value of it all is what is it doing for the kingdom of God. Whether it be farm or city, the kingdom is all that matters, the kingdom is all that is eternal and everlasting!

What I got now, no one will give a hoot about in fifty years. As far as worldy things go, no one will even remember me in a hundred years. And in this society today folks aren’t very interested in their ancestors as they were in times past. Its always racing ahead, not looking back. Its not so much trying to learn from the mistakes of the past anymore. Its seeing what I can get for myself tomorrow that seems to matter now. But those cornerstones in faith that we plant in the folks around us will have lasting effects, eternally. Not only by spreading God’s Word but by our very life, how we act and live every day of the week, not only Sunday mornings. People around us are watching, watching much closer than a person sometimes realizes. The world, I am convinced, is hungry for eternal truth, but is turned off by the average Christian for many,many reasons. And I truly can’t blame the world for rejecting Jesus Christ when the only way they have of learning about the truth is through the church folk. Whether it be from getting turned off from some grumpy legalists to getting turned away from church folks that live absolutely the same as the world. No different what so ever.

There is nothing more important than Jesus Christ, nothing! There is nothing more important than His followers actually following Him, not just putting on a show. There is no better life on earth than following God, going after the heart of God. To give every problem to God, to give every praise to God. To make God our everything! This is when eternity truly begins. It doesn’t begin after death. It is NOW! And the one guarantee when going after God’s own heart is, a person will find it! Imagine, getting to know the Creator of the universe and everything in it! Something the scientists will never accomplish in this life time I tell you!

How could I want anything less than the greatest thing there ever will be.You can have your toys, you can have your big vacations, you can have your recreation, TV, games, retirements, investments, etc. They are all going to crumble away, many in this lifetime yet. I want something bigger, in fact I want the biggest, the greatest thing in the whole universe. I want the heart of God! And He promises to meet anyone sincerely seeking Him! This, yes, this is the ultimate in this life! Where everything else is of no lasting value. God is ever lasting and those that seek Him will find Him, and a better life is impossible on this earth. If your church doesn’t teach this, find one which does. Throw away the religion and go after God.

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  1. was going to razz ya about getting 10 hours sleep, 😉

    but this was your best post let!

  2. I always enjoy your writing but, since you started this new blog I enjoy it all the more. It really ministers to me. Thanks!

  3. Amen!

  4. Amen! Just seek Him 1st & everything else will fall into place…!

  5. Jan, Russ, Patti and Nina,

    Thanks! I really loved writing this one. Its what’s on my heart and I just wanted to jot it down last evening 🙂

    On a more serious note, I just put a You-Tube video on my old Northern Farmer blog. Anyone can see it at this link:

    I don’t plan on re-opening that blog seriously, just figured the video would be better over there.

    Oh, and by the way, in the opening of the video is a shot of Minneapolis. We stayed right next to the tall skyscraper that has like a round dish on the top. Pretty high building if I must say so 🙂

    Again, thanks and God Bless!

  6. Morning Tom,

    Hows it going this morning friend? Well, I’m about all tired out. This moving has got to be about the worst thing in the world. Finally got all the big stuff done. I figure I got a problem with pride and ol’ God is making me pay for it now. You’d think a feller our age would let his 21 and 19 year old sons do all the work wouldn’t you. All that it takes though is one of em to start jokin with me about being lazy or weak or something and I’m on the business end of the furniture. I’m payin for it now with this ol bent back.

    Now its the countless little things. all the clothes and dishes and all. At least we;re in the new house though. We are getting there slowly but surely….

    I’m glad the wedding went alright. I was thinkin about you this weekend and wonderin how you were surviving…. Those city folks end up doing alot of wavin with one of their fingers up in the air whenever I’m driving through. I can’t figure out why though…. 🙂

    It is kind of nice for a change of pace. To see how the other folks live. We were talking about that yesterday while we were bent over some hamburgers on the grill. We figured that someone in Birmingham or Nashville was bent over a grill talking about us rednecks in the country as bad as we were talking about them 🙂

    Alright… I’m off to nurse these aches and get another cup of coffee…..

    Have a GREAT day,


  7. Morning Brad!

    I’m all settled in back home, doing pasture work and a host of other stuff! It sure is good to be back out here and better knowing that the holiday weekend is over and all the tourists are gone. Allot of traffic yesterday on the county road, boats, campers and what ever, going back to the Twin Cities. Well, that’s over with and now this will be just plain old farming country again!

    Talkin rain here this evening and that’s OK with me. Getting dusty here this last week, but the crops are all set so no worries there!

    First day of school in these parts so the big yeller buses will be traveling the countryside this morning. A good summer is what it was and now for a good fall!

    I had better get too. See what I can accomplish today on the old farm 🙂

    God Bless!

  8. Morning Tom,

    I am beat!! I’ll tell you, moving this little stuff is about as bad as the big stuff 🙂 . Plus we’re a month into school, so her kids got football and band and running, and everything else that goes along with it. Now for a guy who used to get to bed at 8, I’m not making it until 11. Its a little hard on this old body…..

    I am looking forward to this weekend. I think it starts the new normal. Which means I can tart tending to the farm again. I love this life that I’m in and thank God for it everyday, but there sure is something about just being out and about and piddling that makes my day. Plus the chores keep piling up and if I don’t get busy soon, I’m goin to need to call in ol Little Joe, Hoss, and Adam to help. I ain’t going to be able to do it myself!! 🙂

    Next week, it looks like I have to get those calfs to the sale barn…. They ain’t lookin a whole lot like calfs anymore. First I gotta tame em though…. Thats a this week thing….

    Alright, time to get to it…. I got some stories for you about furniture huntin though for someday…. If you’d a ever told me I’d have a living room full of wicker rattan stuff to sit in or rock in… I’d a told you you had a screw loose…. I sure am payin for tellin her the house was hers and the barn was mine…. 🙂

    Have a GREAT day,


  9. Morning Brad!

    I can understand the moving experience. That can really wear a feller down. Nothing like a load of farm work to straighten a guy back out again eh 🙂

    Last evening I guess I could’a posted, I was on the computer almost all evening, but instead I figured out how to make slide shows and movie productions on this here thing! I kinda put together one about the Honduras trip and I started my first hillbilly one too along with the appropriate music and all. This could really help me out here and also be some what interesting for readers too.

    Got just a tad bit of rain here yesterday afternoon and the dust got settled so I’m happy. Church tonight and I ain’t got nothing to do that I know of, a butt sittin night 🙂

    Running late here as always so I had better finish up this bacon and sausage and hash browns and eggs and toast and coffee and get outside and greet the day! This is the day that the Lord has made and I don’t want to miss it!

    God Bless!

  10. Morning Tom,

    How are you doing today? I’m doing pretty good…. We had church last night and band practice. I do miss those bible studies on Wednesday night, but music is a big part of this church and I feel I need to do my part. Its mostly contemporary music… I guess it makes me feel younger or something 🙂

    The one thing I enjoy about it is there is this good ol boy I can talk farmin with. He’s just as busy as I am, so we get together and moan about how nothing is getting done and all. Its kind of nice to have someone else in the same boat. Our lists are long and they just seem to be getting longer.

    Well, in this ol study bible we are around 500 years BC now. This is a good thing!! Thats about time the Old Testament ends. It picks up again around 8 or so BC. with ol MML&J…. I am so looking forward in getting into the gospels…. I won’t try to figure God out, but I can sure see why Jesus needed to come. I mean I can see God beatin his head against the wall sayin… why won’t these people listen??? Alright…. let me let ol Daniel survive them lions and then let the other ones get ate up… Then they’ll see…. What?? Man these fellers are hard headed… I gotta do something else…..

    Anyway, I sure do like the merciful God of the new testament better than the vengeful God of the old…. I can hardly wait to see him someday and ask him about all this 🙂

    Well… I ‘d better get at it. I need a gallon of coffee and a kick in the butt here this morning. I’m at least hopin for the coffee…. all though being married again does offer a whole lot more chance of me gettin the kickin thing… 🙂

    HAve a GREAT day,


  11. Morning Brad!

    Not bad! Not bad! A good sleep and that’s rare after Wednesday evening services. I feel refreshed today! Of course I was sitting on my butt in church and wasn’t teaching in Children’s Church. Now let me tell you, that teaching we had last evening was one of the best I ever heard in all my born days. It was about “giving it all to God” and I gotta get that CD on the computer and keep it around for folks in need of such things in the future. While we’re at it, why don’t you e-mail me your new mailing address and I’ll get a CD sent off to you this next week or so cause I know this one will hit home with you too!

    More going on around here in both the faith department and the farming department than I can shake a stick at 🙂 All good! But I gotta just give it all to God or I’ll be more confused than some of my cows when I want them to at least think a little bit 🙂

    So that’s about it from up this way. More work to do than I know how to do so I’ll just pick a job today and to er good. Don’t pay to worry about a dozen things at once 🙂

    I’d better go and start this wonderful day that our Lord has made for us!

    God Bless!

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