Big City Weekend

Amen! We got back home a bit after noon today from right smack dab down town Minneapolis! Of course we were only gone 24 hours but it seemed longer than that. In reality though it was one of the best times we had this year without a doubt. Went almost dead center, down town, where the big tall buildings roam and were at a wedding in a high class hotel. Never was to anything like that before! Got the meal served to a person and everything! Around here most traditional weddings are just line up at the trough and fill your plates with traditional wedding food like some fried chicken and some real good ham with all the fixins to go with the meal. Those city folks don’t do it like us simple folks though.Its more high class which means I won’t get fat out of the deal! Had a fiddle player there that didn’t play real fiddle music but that’s OK cause I must remember that folks down there ain’t as exposed to real music as us folks out on dirt roads are. All in all it was a really great time though! And the best part is, we get to come home, back out to the country where we belong! No pressures here, I’m talking traffic and such, I counted three cars go by on our road this afternoon, well two were pickup trucks.

Ah yes, there’s no place like home! So I figure that this is the last official weekend of summer and now the season of hunting season is almost upon us. That’s when the weather gets cooler, the trees turn color and there’s some farm harvesting to get done too! A change of direction as far as work goes. The hay is pretty well done made and now the only major harvest left is silage and that is much more intense. Once a person starts there’s really nothing else done on the place, barring emergencies, till the job gets done. Also there’s what a person could call “calf harvesting”. Gotta wean them things from their mothers sometime in the fall season. Then get them going on their own, barring the milk!

Tomorrow’s church of course, Sunday, and I’ll be doing a little bit there during the service. Kinda nice to be able to do so much here and there in the services and there ain’t the longer prep time that it takes for an hour or more sermon. And now that we were gone to the big city and got reminded of how the majority of people live its time to count our blessings out here in fly over land. One thing that got to me yesterday at the wedding. It was a roof top wedding on top of one of them big buildings in down town Minneapolis with a garden on top of it, although I couldn’t locate no tomaters or sweet corn. Never the less they call it a garden, but the size of the trees that were up there is what we call brush on the farm. About every two and a half minutes during the wedding service and the refreshments before the meal there would be a big jet coming ion for a landing at the airport a few miles away. A feller could hardly hear himself think! And I thought our JD 4320 was noisy! Always noise, and more noise. Plus my eyes started to water and I wasn’t crying for the bride or anything like that. It was the city air burning these country eyes that ain’t used to burning chemicals in the air around me. Amazing how a body that ain’t exposed to the big city very often can really be affected by it when immersed into it!

And I wonder why I love the life of the country and small towns! Why I love our little rural church and all the people in it. Now that’s the point I’m trying to get to in this post. The folks of our little church. Many,many of our church folks were at that wedding yesterday and I tell you, it really opened my eyes. What a joyful bunch! And when we’d get together it wasn’t like some church folks just meeting, it was a tight knit family and that really includes the kids too! What a joy to see! And a person notices it when surrounded by a sea of humanity. Its almost like I didn’t even see the city around me. We were set apart from it all. We were there but separate even when not trying to be. God’s simple children having joy in the Lord! There was no one drinking liquor, there was no cussing or swearing from our church bunch, but let me tell you, the wildest and funnest folks were from the little country church and that includes the kids that had me laughing so hard I ain’t recovered yet. Simple joy in the Lord. Now the world can look at us kinda strange cause we ain’t acting like we’re supposed to be acting in their eyes, but it don’t matter none to me! There’s something way better than the best society can dare to offer a person. Get some simple born again, fire baptized believers together, and it ain’t something the world can offer and the world can never compete with the down right fun and honest love these folks have for each other and for their Lord!

It ain’t complicated, it ain’t some hum drum religion, it ain’t like what the world and religion offers. Its life. An abundant life of friendship, love for one another, and down right fun! Lord, how I remember years ago when I thought church people were boring, or were a bunch of hypocrates. In reality many, many were. Including me. But these last few years I’ve seen the difference between religion and real faith. Religion is boring, its painful. It never, ever satisfies the heart like Jesus does. There’s no joy, there’s no child like fun that we live now. There’s no “can hardly wait to get to church” in religion. Yep, I think about what I wrote about these last few years in different posts on different blogs. About that old time faith returning, about the joy returning to church. I’m seeing it happen right before my eyes! Oh Glory to God, thank you Jesus!

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  1. glad to hear that y’all made it back home!

    we got some more do on the shop today , when it wasn’t raining, but the rain did make it easyer to digging the holes 😉

  2. Sounds like you guys had a great time!! We just went to my cousins wedding last weekend. It was the craziest wedding ever. The pastor talked how they were doomed in there marriage. No lieing. Said that they need to be ready for problems and if they aren’t then they marriage was doomed. Then went to the reception after. It was nothing but showing off all the money they had. It was at a million dollar lake house. We couldn’t wait to leave the wedding. Stayed there only an hour and that was pushing it. Nothing better than country people. They are always simple, willing to help everyone, and never showie. Well better call it the day here. Can’t wait for church tomorrow. Chow.

  3. Morning Jan!

    Ahh, just woke up from my longest sleep in years,….ten hours 🙂 Boy was I tired out from that city trip and no sleep! But things are getting back to normal now and in a few hours is church and the regular country day! Amen!!

    God Bless!

    Morning RJ!

    I can just see the wedding your describing 🙂 I’d be out of there two the first chance I got! Its sad when a feller sees people so immersed into the world that they are totally blind to reality. And we ain’t immune either! Gotta be on guard all the time and trusting in Jesus, not stuff and ourselves. Well, gotta finish up this here country breakfast, do some chores and get ready for church!

    God Bless!

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